For first-timers, a visit to the bustling metropolis of Tokyo can be overwhelming, to say the least. The city that rewards tourists with some of the best dining in the world, attractions at every turn and endless amount of intrigue can also be tough to tackle due to sheer sensory overload. At times, Tokyo can feel like multiple cities jammed into one, which makes finding the right accommodation that much more important for maximising your trip and checking off an endless list of things to see, eat and do in this city that never sleeps.

With a population of 37 million people, the sprawling capital is divided into neighbourhoods that each boast their own unique character, from the swanky shopping district of Ginza to the nightlife centre of Roppongi, and a dizzying array of restaurants and bars found at transportation hubs such as Shinjuku and Shibuya. Wherever you’re staying, you’ll want a convenient home base to comfortably prop your feet up after what’s sure to be a long day of exploring the city’s maze of streets and alleyways. For some of the best hotels to stay at in Tokyo right now, follow our handy guide below.

Leslie Yeh
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