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The power of positive thinking: How to manifest your dream holiday

Do you often find yourself browsing through a travel magazine or binge-watching a travel series? Do you make a travel bucket list every year only to say “I’ll definitely visit it next year”? Let’s face it. While our imagination can pretty much get us packing our bags, our bank account or hectic work schedule might not encourage that plan sometimes. Well, here’s the good news — once you set your sight on something, it is just a matter of time (and some manifestation) to make a beeline to your dream holiday destination.

Manifestation is believed to be an act of turning a goal or idea into ‘reality’ by using the power of our subconscious, beliefs and feelings. Think of it as a way to manifest certain desires in your life—such as your dream holiday—by simply aligning your subconscious mind to the frequency of that desire.

As Buddha puts it,

“What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create.”

The underlying principle of manifestation is the Law of Attraction. It dictates that like attracts like. The best-selling self-help book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne talks about this philosophy at length. The idea behind manifestation is to generate positive thoughts by truly believing that we can achieve something. Positive thoughts propel us into action, which leads us to the desired outcome.

The effect of positive thinking was measured by Korean researcher Ji Young Yung et al. in Yonsei Medical Journal (2007). The research points out that there was a strong connection between positive thinking and life satisfaction among Koreans.

Now that you have a fair idea of how manifestations work, let us get back to the main question — how to manifest your dream holiday?

Our step-by-step guide will help you open your mind to endless possibilities and turn your dream holiday into reality.

Step 1 to manifest your dream holiday:
Set intentions and start planning your holiday

manifest your dream holiday
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First things first: set your intent on the place you want to visit and be as specific as possible. Develop a clear and concise idea about your dream holiday. Plan it exactly as you would. The more details, the better.

Where do you want to stay? What places do you want to visit? What do you want to explore, eat or shop?

Acknowledge that you will go on your dream holiday and start believing in the universe.

Step 2 to manifest your dream holiday:
Use visualisation techniques to get into a positive mindset

visualisation technique
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Rhonda Byrne quotes the French author Geneviève Behrend in The Secret: “Everyone visualises whether he knows it or not. Visualising is the great secret of success.”

Once you have got all the details right in your head about your dream holiday, the next step is to start visualising the desired outcome. While visualising, be specific about what you want to align with what you want to attract.

Visualise and have fun imitating the scenario where you are living your dream.

You can choose the visualisation technique you resonate the most with. Gratitude journaling is one of them. Take at least 15 to 20 minutes to visualise the moment you are on holiday. You can play the holiday playlist if you like to set the mood.

You can also write about your intentions in a journal, make a box full of items (such as maps and guide books) related to your dream destination, or you can also use the viral 369 method. This method is inspired by inventor Nikola Tesla’s obsession with numbers three, six, and nine. Using this method, you can manifest your dream holiday by simply writing down about it three times in the morning, six times through the day and nine times in the evening.

Step 3 to manifest your dream holiday:
Positive affirmations

manifest your dream holiday
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Positive affirmations help to develop a mindset that aligns and reinforces your goal. They generate positive emotions that boost the mood, anticipate planning and remove negative bias. Psychologists explain negative bias as our tendency to be fixated or dwell on negative emotions which can pose as an obstruction to fulfilling our goals. They help you let go of any limiting beliefs you hold that can be a hurdle to getting closer to your dream holiday. Here are examples of some positive affirmations to manifest your dream holiday.

I deserve my dream holiday.

I am excited to explore the world.

I’m thankful for the travel opportunities coming my way.

I have an adventure-filled and exciting life.

Step 4 to manifest your dream holiday:
Create a vision board

manifest your dream holiday
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To vibrate at a level of the frequency of your desire, allow your subconscious mind to create a conscious reality. A great way to achieve this is by creating a vision board. An easy way to do so is by pasting images of your dream destination onto a poster board or the powerful keywords related to that place like adventure, surfing and hiking.

Alternatively, you can create your dream holiday vision board on Pinterest as well. Make it as visual and appealing as it can be. While doing so, envision yourself enjoying your dream holiday.

Step 5 to manifest your dream holiday:
Act on it

manifest your dream holiday
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With visualisation done, it’s time to act on what you want. The kind of energy you put into your goals is the energy you attract. Consider following these steps to garner momentum and grab travel opportunities.

Do in-depth research about your dream holiday destination — the culture, food, must-see sites and more.

Dust off your passport and keep it ready.

Ensure that you have appropriate luggage, required documents and sufficient funds among other things.

Try learning about the culture or language of the place you want to visit.

Stay physically active and get ready to explore.

Step 6 to manifest your dream holiday:
Trust the process

manifest your dream holiday
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Belief is everything. Have faith in the universe and trust your visions. Let go of negative or limiting thoughts and affirm that you deserve what you visualise or aspire for. Positive thinking induces a positive response which eventually leads to positive action that defines our life-path or destiny, as you call it.

The idea is to get acquainted with your dream destination well and stay receptive. Let the universe unfold its magic and before you know it, you will be sipping cocktails or watching sunsets on your dream holiday.