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9 helpful and functional gifts for your friends who love cooking

I once told a joke about cooking, but no one laughed. I guess it didn’t pan out!

If there’s one skill that everyone’s collectively honed during the pandemic, it would probably be cooking. In fact, within my own friend group, I can definitively say that this has been true. We’ve shared soup recipes, noodle tales, and even witnessed sub-groups on WhatsApp created for the specific purpose of sharing tips on sourdough starters. Yeah, we knead all the help we can get sometimes.  

Now that the weather’s getting colder, it’s time to start looking up recipes for hearty stews and perfect roasts. Here are some of our favourite tools and more for you to consider. 

The best gifts for your friend who loves cooking

Cover image courtesy of Chinh Le Duc via Unsplash.

How can anyone look at this sunshine yellow and not feel happy? There are other colours in the collection too, of course, but this is by far our favourite.  

This bundle includes a pair of oven mitts and two pot holders; non-slip, heat resistant and, best of all, machine washable. There’re also super convenient hanging loops on all of them for easy access and drying. Nifty! 

USD$11.98 (Approx. HK$94)

“I’m incredibly proud to have a cookbook that’s not just about cooking good food or Instagrammable dishes, but something that can bring us together by bridging gaps between cultures,” says foodie darling and author Jen Balisi when we interviewed her earlier this year. 

As with all high-tech, millennial-driven products, the cookbook also includes QR codes for every recipe that leads to a webpage with video content and a comments section. Interactive and educational.  

USD$21.99 (Approx. HK$172)

It’s been voted the World’s No. 1 Airfryer, so you already know delicious results will follow. Having owned the family-sized version for a few years now, I can very honestly sing its praises; it grills, roasts, bakes and even reheats. All in practically no time at all!  

With the super-cute compact version, you may have to do a few rounds to prepare enough food, sure, but it’s a great size for singles or couples. And, more importantly, it’ll fit into any Hong Kong-sized kitchen easily.  

USD$149.95 (Approx. HK$1,168)

Glamourous socialite Helen Ma founded her brand almost on a whim; a question of food pairing and a sudden inspiration — why not create a one-stop destination for quality product curation?  

Her self-picked Christmas hamper includes condiments from vomFass, coffee beans from Cupping Room, a mini sustainably-grown Christmas pine tree and more, all housed in a reusable cylindrical box. Excellent for the friend who loves just a little bit of everything.  


DeBeers got it wrong — condiments are a girl’s best friend; or, more accurately, everyone’s best friend.  

Created by cookbook author and F&B consultant Simran Savlani, this trio of palate awakeners will suit almost all your cooking needs. Fully vegan and preservative-free, you’ll be treating your body right while also supporting a local business. Win-win.  


If your friend’s the type who enjoys binge watching cooking shows, we can guarantee there would’ve been several instances where they’d admired the blades being whipped out of chef’s aprons and deftly handled. My my, what sharp blades you have… Or should have.  

Razor sharp and made with a unique sloped bolster to encourage a proper grip, these Japanese-style knifes also feature a special waved pattern on the blade. Beautiful and functional, as all things should be.  

USD$129.99 (Approx. HK$1,012)

Named after the Himalayan mountain Nanga Parbat, the company’s philosophy the last 74 years has been to produce products that can overcome the most drastic of challenges; one of them being, well, cooking.  

Oil splash backs! Flour flutter! Sauce splatters! Getting your cook on in the kitchen can be a truly messy experience, and if you’re a klutz like me, honestly… you’ll need a heavy-duty apron like this bad boy. Unisex and fashionable; we dig it.  

£120.83 (Approx. HK$1,270)

Is it an immersion blender? A food processor? A whisk? Trick question — it’s all of them! This 3-in-1 gadget is the most intuitive and space-saving tool you could have in apartments like the ones in Hong Kong. We’re obsessed with ours, and we guarantee your friend will love it too.  

USD$99.95 (Approx. HK$779)

Who doesn’t love a little retro addition to their kitchen? Available in 7 colours, this Smeg stand mixer looks super cute and is a lifesaver for your poor tired arms. Their new coating is non-stick and dishwasher safe — if you’re lucky enough to own one in Hong Kong — to reduce clean up time.  

This is one of those gifts where you should definitely ask or check in advance if your friend has enough counter space to even accommodate this gadget as it’s  a little hefty.  

USD$499.95 (Approx. HK$3,895)
9 helpful and functional gifts for your friends who love cooking

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