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A Freaking Dumpling can make a big difference this Mid-Autumn Festival

The charitable (and highly Instagrammable) initiative has a new gift set to help people in need.

Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for celebration. We light and display lanterns to illuminate the path to prosperity, and we also give each other mooncakes, in traditional and not-so-traditional flavours — there’s a reason many refer to it as the “Mooncake Festival”. 

But between coworkers, family members and every mall, hotel and brand rushing to get in on the gifting, those boxes of mooncakes really start to add up, don’t they? And after spending the past month staring at all those Olympic medalists, putting away those thick, tender pastries by the dozen just doesn’t sound as appealing anymore.

When F&B professional Kingsley Wong started his charitable initiative, A Freaking Dumpling, the goal was simple: In partnership with Feeding Hong Kong, for every charming ceramic chopstick holder sold, six real, edible dumplings would be donated to people in need.

The project has been feeding hungry Hongkongers since this past Chinese New Year, and with a new gift set, Wong is taking on a new culprit: mooncake waste.

“Instead of throwing the excessive mooncakes into the bins, why don’t we gift something a lot more sustainable, practical and with a good cause?” says Wong.

A Freaking Dumpling’s Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Set is a box of six ceramic dumpling-shaped chopstick holders, each featuring a custom-made stamp from Sheung Wan chop shop, 半閒山館. In continued partnership with Feeding Hong Kong, each gift set will ensure 36 dumplings will get in the hands of those who need it.

Each box sells for HK$858, but early bird (offer valid until 23/8) and returning customers can get their hands on the set for HK$808.

Orders can be placed by Instagram DM at @afreakingdumpling.

Nathan Erickson
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