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10 novelty decorations to deck out any Christmas tree

No more mundane spherical gold and silver colour-coordinated baubles. Let your tree have some fun!

Fingers crossed that you managed to wrangle a tree just in time for December –– we heard there’s been a shortage. If so, lucky you will be partaking in what I believe is the best part of putting up a tree: Decorating! Tinsel time with all kinds of pretty baubles and adorable decor.

There are always lots to choose from: Some may be treasured keepsakes that have seen many a holiday. Others, special collectables for any Christmas theme. But these below? Thoughtfully chosen to bring the right sort of festive cheer for all your holiday gatherings, especially if you tuck them within the pine for a fun “if-you-see-it” moment.

Christmas is the moment for the greatest, grandest feast you’ve had all year. Some of us long for this moment. And they’re the ones that know that the best of hampers come from the Fortnum & Mason archive. They’ve named themselves the Home of Christmas, with an assortments for all kinds of celebrators. This one is made especially for your tree.


Have you pulled out your stash of ugly Christmas sweaters yet? If not, it’s about time: December begins today! If you’ve got a good collection that’s been religiously added to through the years you’d like to proudly flaunt, here’s a fun challenge: one for every day until Christmas. And don’t forget to dress your tree with one, too.


Look, this gingerbread man has seen better days. Sure, they’re delicious for the holidays and Christmas is really the only fitting time to munch on them but… just look at this poor guy. Offer it some solace and hang it up on your tree — far, far away from hungry mouths.


4 /10

Maybe something happened to Rudolph. Or maybe the sleigh wasn’t done. For whatever reason, Santa happens to be delivering gifts while rowing a boat this year without his faithful pack of reindeer, but with a furry puppy instead. Very relatable. Santa for the people!


5 /10

Before it was a hit single by BTS, butter was more commonly known as the very humble household ingredient. It’s also an essential of the holidays: slathered generously over turkey roasts and whipped into cookie dough or the buttery crust of homemade pumpkin pie. Butter is a necessity. Just like how this piece, hand-embroidered by Kate Gwillian, is such a necessity for your tree.


This little dachsund gets it. Here he is sitting very patiently in a sequinned Christmas hat, bell-embellished collar, and a body full of sprinkles ready to take his place very high above the tree. A welcomed change from always being so low to the ground. The wonders of Holiday Magic.


So you’ve taken our your best china and adorned the table with utmost decadence. That’s the holiday spirit. Go further with these delicate pieces from esteemed homeware Villeroy & Boch, who miniaturises their classic afternoon teas selection for a trio of porcelain decoration for the tree: a sugar bowl, a milk pitcher and a teapot. Peer in close to admire detailed handiwork of glowing stars and extravagantly decked out tree — as yours should be.


As per tradition, you should leave out milk and cookies for Santa. How he makes his way though each apartment to every tray, that’s a different question. But if you wanted to take part in the custom without wasting a very delicious cookie and warm glass of milk, I get you. Here’s the solution: this milk and cookie ornament set for your tree.


Whatever warm, gushing words for the holiday sealed away in this letter may be, it’s For Santa’s Eyes Only. Also it’s telling of your true motive: You can’t wait to be pen-pals! Throw in a mention of your top two holiday wish-list and it might just come true.



10 /10

This is a not your typical nutcracker. It’s has character: a bushy-tailed, very cute-looking squirrel. Nut in hand, ready for its personal enjoyment and not yours, this squirrel wears a matching wooly hat of a similar shade. It might not be your typical Christmas tree decor, but its fun! It’s also made entirely out of bristles which makes it very fitting for the winter season, too.

10 novelty decorations to deck out any Christmas tree

After two years writing in luxury retail, Lorria now covers food and drink happenings in Hong Kong. When not taste-testing for the best fries in the city (shoestring, always!), find her at home obsessing over tableware and attempting a fruit garden on her tiny bay window. She is happiest by the ocean with a giant fishbowl-glass of Aperol Spritz.

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