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14 purr-fect gifts for the pampered pups and cool kittens  in your life

Did they ask for a new collar? A new bed? Probably not. But you love them, and you’re going to treat them anyway. Here’s how.

But it’s Christmas! And if you’re not going all out for the best little companion that’s been there for you this past year, even after enduring full days of “Shhs” and “No!” as you were working from home, then, well, shame on you. You should be packing them the grandest hamper ever seen.

If we’re being honest, Christmas for your pet is more like Christmas for you. The thrill of shopping for yet another gift. And you know what, even after all that they’ll probably prefer the cardboard box it arrives in anyway. But do it for a happy tail wag or approving meow. It’s worth it.

Header image courtesy of @KarstenWinegeart/Unsplash

These three wise sloths bring a different kind gift this Christmas: endless hours of fun.

They’re as lazy as can be, but not lazy enough to not don their best holiday wear. Holiday traditions! Spot the one in its very own ugly Christmas sweater. They’ll probably lay — eyes still peacefully closed — on your living room floor well past the holidays.

AUD$29.95 (approx. HK$171)

They won’t understand the make of very good pottery (these are hand-made individually in Los Angeles), nor can they read the pretty penmanship that spells out their name at the front. But they do understand dinnertime and will sprint excitedly, then, sit patiently at wherever this bowl is. It’s crafted deep enough to also avoid spills from over-zealous eaters. Purpose fulfilled.

US$108 (approx. HK$841)

For voracious chewers. Wild One’s Bolt Bite is a puppy favourite, and counts teeny-tiny Westies to Great Danes as fervent fans. It’s essentially a three-in-one design: An angular shape for perfect fetching and paw-play, reinforced centre for hours for big, enthusiastic bites and open ends to stuff away treats within.

Made from 100% BPA-free plastic, dishwasher safe and comes in all sorts of sorbet shades.

US$13 (approx. HK$101)

So you picked up a Ralph Lauren Polo Bear jumper of your own — you must! It’s prime cold-weather wear. Get one for your pup, too. Not the one with the bear, though — it might generate a tiny bit of resentment. So, this white cable cashmere knit is a one very safe option made for a very suave dog.


Aesop labels this product suited for “Pampered Pets”; you know those that get carried for hikes, go for a bi-weekly spa or only drink specifically out of their own bowl — no sharing! This skin and fur wash is made just for them.

It smells a delicious minty fresh with lemon rind, tea tree leaf and spearmint and is suited for the most sensitive of skin. Just massage it in gently (and make sure you’re using both hands) before rising with warm 25°C waters. Towel-dry afterwards, none of those monster-size blow dries.


Glamour pet parents will say, “I must get this accessory for my pooch.” And they will. After all, it goes perfectly with their latest purchase.

Louis Vuitton’s Baxter collar has all the classic emblems of the luxury brand: The Monogram canvas. The ‘LV’ logo-stamped luggage tag. The very luxurious looking gold hardware. It’s made for glamour pups, obviously. Those that definitely know they’re sporting a fancy collar worth the equivalent of a staycation, and will proudly prance around to show it off. In that case, get them the matching leash too.





Look, this is one they will really love. Like mouth-drooling, tail ferociously wagging and jumping up-and-down love. It’s a treat! A whole bag of ’em!

Buddy Bites’ bone-shaped treats are very tasty, so I’ve heard. They’re a poultry-rich mix with probiotics to support intestinal health with added vitamins and minerals. The good stuff! They’ll sit before you even ask and even, if you’re lucky, throw out a shaking paw.


There’s just something about the human’s duvet that’s always better than the bed. Not this one, hopefully. Maybe this is finally the one they stay sound asleep on without jolting you awake when leaping on top of you in the middle of the night — not that we mind a snuggle.

Barbour’s soft, plushy bed is lined with a cosy cotton fleece in a classic tartan pattern (very apropos for Christmas), sidled against the brand’s iconic quilting in waxed cotton for easy wipe-downs. Very, very comfy.


“What’s your sun, moon and rising?” The perennial first-meet question that’s led many conversations in the human world. But for your dog? Probably not as much. But if you wanted to know why your dog rips only the head off its all its toys and why they only like walking on the inside of the pavement, this canine astrology book, sworn to “decode your pet’s personality”, might have the answer.

You can even find out what’s their lucky day of the week —extra walkies on those days!


This collar is not just your average pet tag. It’s smarter. It’ll give you answers to the questions you’re currently thinking of as you’re watch lovingly at them from across the room: Did they get enough sleep? Do they want to go for a walk? Are they hungry? And each time they do go out and they end up chasing a bird into a densely packed bush, you’ll see wherever they go and know exactly whenever it’s time to go home.

USD 149.95 (approx. HK$1,168)

So you’ve brought home a furry friend this year. You’ve had fun, created new memories and tried new experiences. Now you’re looking to get to know them a little better. Where their family’s from? Where are they now? Any underlying conditions you should know about?

Embark’s Dog DNA Test answers all questions from breed identification to ancestry and health screening, sifting through over 350 dog breeds and over 210 genetic diseases so that you can always be prepared. Or organise doggy dates with nearby relatives, if they so please.

US$149 (approx. HK$1,160)

Are they chasing a rabbit down a burrow? Catching a bird? Scrambling over to the neighbours for a cheeky extra treat? This GoPro Fetch harness will tell you. With two mount locations to slot in HERO cameras for all angle,  you now can watch every adventure your pet encounters every time you go out.

Maybe after, you can get cosy on the couch and watch the playback in TV, treats and all. No promises on catching who’s broke that pretty vase in the living room though.


Excuse me, over there. Please lower your voices. This kitty is trying to take a very important call.

Maybe you’ve found your cat curled up into a very perfect doughnut on your laptop; used the excuse “My cat walked over my keyboard”. Caught them pushing around your mouse until it eventually clunks on the ground. The message is clear: They want a laptop of their own! This cat scratch laptop is a great for fish-watching on YouTube and sending out messages of the best sun spots (you can slip in new images to slot in at the screen).

Tiddles (pictured here) is said to “love getting her claws stuck in the scratch keyboard” and flicking around the fluffy toy “mouse”.


As a devoted pet owner, you probably already own a pet carrier. It might be one they hate getting into or one they love. This Phillip Harris Lish carrier belongs to one of the latter. They love, love this carrier. Not for its very sleek, very stylish shape — they don’t understand these things! — but for the woolen interior and the little peek-a-boo hole for their heads to stick out while on-the-go. Better yet, it zips open into a cosy bed with a quick maneuver of the hardware. Promise this is the best carrier yet.

14 purr-fect gifts for the pampered pups and cool kittens  in your life

Lorria Sahmet


After two years writing in luxury retail, Lorria now covers food and drink happenings in Hong Kong. When not taste-testing for the best fries in the city (shoestring, always!), find her at home obsessing over tableware and attempting a fruit garden on her tiny bay window. She is happiest by the ocean with a giant fishbowl-glass of Aperol Spritz.

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