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Let’s Roll: Bun’s 2020 is Hong Kong’s largest indoor roller rink

Everybody do the conga!

Question for you, dear readers: What would your chosen dance track be on a disco-themed night? Maybe a bit of ABBA’s “Dancing Queen“, or for some interactive fun: “Y.M.C.A.“! That’s always a good time. If you’re teetering on the edge on uncertainty and thinking very hard for your go-to bop, make the trip to Bun’s 2020, Hong Kong’s largest indoor roller rink that just opened at Quarry Bay’s Kodak House (the same block as Ryze Trampoline Park), and find out for yourself.

An expansive interior of 20,000 sq.ft (with a steady stream of air-conditioning, thankfully!), Bun’s 2020, named as a homage to the ’80s-era rink at Bun’s Amusement Centre in the basement of Sha Tin’s New Town Plaza, is designed to replica much of the original atmosphere of yesteryear –– a bopping ’80s soundtrack to popular Cantonese and English hits, fluorescent tubes that frame, circle and illuminate the interiors with the electric glow of pinks, greens, yellows and blues. And perhaps most telling, the diffused flare of a slow spinning disco ball scattered on the slick, lacquered-wood floors. It’s a space created especially for fans of the nostalgic pastime –– and for those harbouring a smidge of roller intrigue.

Bun’s 2020 was founded by a group of like-minded roller-skate enthusiasts that met at the outdoor rinks in Victoria Park. Now keen to share the experience with the wider, mainstream population, especially of the younger generation, the rink has been carefully designed to fit rollers of all skill levels and ages. The arena is split into two sections: a main skating rink, and a smaller training pool for learners and group classes led by resident instructor and local roller champion, Katherine Choi. The venue also offers on-site skate rentals, lockers, with food and drink stands to accommodate the shiny red-leathered diner booths due to open in later months.

For now though, Bun’s 2020 is still working out the kinks. Should you schedule in a slot, don’t forget to dress the part in whatever you fancy –– bandanas, space buns, sparkles and flared trousers –– and bring along gnarly tricks and good roller friends that’ll repeatedly remind you to “bend your knees” and help you up when you eventually slip and slide. Happy Rolling!

Bun’s 2020 prices shift between HK$140 to HK$280, depending on day or night sessions on weekdays or weekends. October bookings can be made here.

Bun’s 2020, 7/F, Kodak House 1, 321 Java Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

Header image courtesy of Kylie Chung

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