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Inside Job: Dockside Dairy’s retro Hong Kong-style ice cream kiosk by Joyce Wang Studio

A stunning terrazzo ice cream pavilion that pays homage to old Hong Kong details.

Ice cream stalls in Hong Kong have developed far beyond the familiar jingle of the Mobile Softee (雪糕車) truck or cerulean-blue pull-carts, immediately recongisable from their Nestlé umbrella flapping in the wind. They’re now comfortably homed in glitzy air-conditioned malls with flashy signs –– a passing fancy, rather than the destination. A premise which interior designer Joyce Wang hits a hard reset on with her latest brick-and-mortar location, Dockside Dairy, seated smack-bang on a patch of green in the middle of Victoria Dockside.

“We wanted to bring to life the historic waterfront site of Victoria Dockside, as it holds so many memories and talks to the Hong Kong nostalgia that is urban landscape,” Wang explains.

The Structure

In visuals alone, Dockside Diary’s looming octagonal edifice is substantial. It’s three month expiry (until January 2022), created as part of K11 Musea’s Muse Rooms, almost seems like a mistake and blends seamlessly into its temporary harbour-front home. The structure is considerably familiar, almost like the stone pavilions peppered upon hiking trails or traditional “mushroom”-sheltered food centre. Instead, Dockside Diary is an inspired design which take cues from old amusement parks in Hong Kong, with simple and striking, yet functional shapes.

It’s moulded completely from terrazzo, a thoughtful material that is not only a connecting thread through Wang’s design portfolio, but also a humble testament to the tiles laid in old tenement houses, walls of the underground pedestrian tunnels and benches in public parks. If you peer in close, you’d even spot colourful flecks of green, coral and yellow, a colour combination that gesture towards the workaday staircases of yesteryear.

The Menu

Most importantly, chilled within is a delicious range of ice cream cookie sandwiches (created by Cookie DPT!) that complete this endearing journey of nostalgia. Beloved old Hong Kong-flavours of cookies — Milo, milk tea and Yuan Yang –– bookend creamy ice creams in sentimental flavours: “White Rabbit” candy, peanut butter condensed milk, coconut and red bean. A very happy walk down memory lane indeed. Catch it while you can.

dockside dairy joyce wang studio
dockside dairy joyce wang studio
dockside dairy joyce wang studio
dockside dairy joyce wang studio

Dockside Dairy K11 Musea pop-up will feature limited-edition ice cream cookie sandwiches from Cookie DPT until January 2022.

Dockside Dairy, G/F, Promenade, K11 Musea, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, +852 3892 3890

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