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With the summer heat hitting hard, now’s the perfect time to cool off with furry friends in tow. Although our pups aren’t allowed on public gazetted beaches (those with a lifeguard on duty), there are plenty of other stretches of sand perfect for sea swims, digging holes and chasing crabs. Here is our pick of the best dog friendly beaches in Hong Kong.

Note: Although it goes without saying, the risk of your dog getting heat stroke is high in Hong Kong. Avoid the hottest hours of the day, and make sure your pup has access to plenty of shade and water.

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Dog friendly beaches in Hong Kong:


Tai Long Wan

Highlights: Several beaches make up the picturesque Tai Long Wan, with plenty of them perfect for games of fetch and cooling off in the waves. An oasis for beach-goers and dog owners alike, get in a little pre-lounging exercise with a hike through Sai Kung East Country Park before reaching its white sand beaches. Bring supplies with you and pitch tent for a night under the stars, no dog-sitter required.

(Image courtesy of Wikipedia user TK under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license)
Lamma Power Station Beach

Highlights: About as dog friendly as we can hope for in Hong Kong, Lamma Island is packed full of trails, beaches and restaurants that are perfect for taking pup along for the ride. Take the ferry over to Yung Shue Wan (as required by law, don’t forget to bring a muzzle with you for the journey) and walk through the town and over to Power Station Beach, a sizable stretch of sand that is perfect for ‘zoomies’ and a quick dip before lunch.

(Image courtesy of Wikipedia user Chaadimongs under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license)
Shek O Back Beach

Highlights: Though the main beach doesn’t allow dog, just a few minutes from the town centre lies Shek O Back Beach, a stretch of sand that sees dogs of all kinds trotting along the water’s edge, swimming lazily amongst the waves and even heading out on kayaks with their owners. Usually far less crowded, you will still be able to rent deck chairs and umbrellas for extra shade; plus – you’re steps away from Ben’s Beach Bar serving icy bowls of water for the pooch, and plenty of cool beers for you.

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Silvermine Beach

Highlights: Hop on the ferry to Mui Wo (again, don’t forget a muzzle!) and explore Lantau’s Silvermine Beach. Walk along the promenade to the beach and set up for the day at the far end, away from the netted swimming area. With plenty of dog friendly cafes and restaurants nearby, stop off for a seafood lunch before making the trip home for a well-deserved nap in the air-conditioning.

(Image courtesy of Wikipedia user edwin.11 under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license)

Stanley Back Beach

Highlights: Aside from the main beach, Stanley and Stanley Plaza welcomes dogs of all shapes and sizes. With not much going on in the market that your pups will enjoy, head straight for a meal along the promenade, or make your way to Stanley Back Beach (near to the water sport centre) for a dip.

(Image courtesy of Wikipedia user Chong Fat under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license)
Seaview Promenade

Highlights: Nestled between Deep Water Bay and Repulse Bay, a walk along Seaview Promenade offers exactly as it says on the tin – sea views. About half way lies a pebbly beach which, albeit small, is the perfect pit-stop for a quick splash. Opposite Middle Island, the waters are calm with very minimal boat traffic, making it a great place for water-loving dogs to do their thing.

Note: Sadly, in the past few months there have been reported cases of poisonous bate left towards the Repulse Bay end of this walk. Although there are a few signs up as warning, to be safe, keep a close eye on your dog. Consider a Baskerville muzzle (which still allows your dog to pant and drink, but not eat) or leash your dog when walking along the promenade area. 

(Image credited to @lexdav92)
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