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4 tips to recover from an intense full moon

A full moon occurs every 29 days, affecting the tides, the atmosphere and our human behaviours. In this waning moon phase, or anytime honestly, take time to replenish, recharge and recover… at least until the next moon cycle. Here are four self-care tips for anyone who needs a little pick-me-up to get on with your days.

If you’ve been feeling restless, insomnia, overwhelmed, not yourself, so to speak, I feel ya. With Mercury Retrograde ending at the beginning of the month, followed by an intense full moon in Aries (and Jupiter reaching its closest distance to the Earth in more than 50 years!), it’s no wonder why we might feel a little strange lately.

Before you exit the page and think this is another article to explain what a full moon is or a horoscope reading, you’re wrong. So stay till the end for self-care tips on how to bounce back from some very restless days (or if, like me, you’re an astrology person, from the full moon).

4 tips for some post-full moon self-care

Have a heart-to-heart

Emotions are often intensified during the full moon — anything you feel, add ten times on top. It is easy to get into heated arguments or say things you don’t mean during that time, and some people tend to overthink and become more sensitive to social interactions. In other words, you and your friends might have thrown hurtful words around casually or misunderstood each other. So to prevent further miscommunications, have an honest conversation, be open to express and listen.

Don’t drown in sad songs

The emotions are big, past traumas may have resurfaced; maybe you got a text from your ex. While it is healthy and encouraged to be in tune and express your feelings, don’t bury your head in your “heartbreak playlist” for days. Yes, listen to it for a day or two, watch a K-drama and have a good cry. Remember, your thoughts become your reality. The more you believe that you are the sad protagonist of your own story, the more likely the heartbroken plot will play out.

Redecorate your space

If you suffer from a few sleepless nights, it is helpful to make some simple changes to your room to create a new and improved ambience that doesn’t remind you of insomnia. Freshly cut flowers, fluffed pillows, scented candles, pressed sheets or a happy playlist mix can be a real mood booster to help you relax and ease back into a healthy sleep routine.

Rest, rest, rest

Lastly, take a lot of rest. I’m talking about real rest. Not the kind when you play a TV show in the background while replying to DMs. Sit with yourself, meditate, watch the sunset, get a massage, draw yourself a bubble bath. Whether or not you feel drained by this astronomical event, give yourself the pampering you deserve. You don’t need a reason to feel good.

4 tips to recover from an intense full moon

Leanne Lam

After planning luxury events for more than 5 years, Leanne now shares lifestyle content, self-care tips and motivational quotes on Instagram. She is passionate in mental health awareness, female empowerment and the colour blue. She spends her downtime sitting by the beach with a book in hand.


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