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Brush your teeth, people! Fresh breath tops Hongkongers’ dating wish-list

Single? Don’t want to be? Coffee Meets Bagel’s #DitchTheList survey might be the wingman you’ve needed all this time.

The ideal man in Hong Kong, if the #DitchTheList survey is to be believed, is a tall, tidy doctor with fresh breath, good teeth and clean fingernails. He’s fit but not gym-obsessed — and a home chef to boot. Oh, he also has a nice voice. For those whispered sweet nothings, of course.

And the ideal woman? She’s an artist with long hair.

For the vertically and follically challenged, fret not. Study goes, 97% of Hongkongers in relationships are with someone who’s different from what they were originally searching for. So read Coffee Meets Bagel’s survey with a grain of salt — your One True Love will love you; crooked teeth, winning smile and all. Probably. Fingers crossed. In fact, four out of five surveyed women are with a partner who only matches half (or less!) of their original wish-list, so we’d say your luck is pretty good.

Hongkongers’ Dating Do’s and Don’ts:

Let’s Get Into The Physical

  1. Fresh breath tops all other physical traits for women in Hong Kong, and ranks #2 for men
  2. Everyone likes a strong brow
  3. Women think good teeth and tidy nails are sexier than a six-pack, but height remains a sought-after trait as the second most important physical check-box for Millennial women aged 26 to 39
  4. Long hair, a natural look and a cheeky smile topped men’s lists of desirable physical attributes

So, What Do You Do?

  1. Hongkongers, collectively, consider doctors and CEOs the most desirable careers, followed by bankers and lawyers
  2. Women also like entrepreneurs, architects and engineers
  3. Men liked non-profit workers and creative types, like artists and musicians
  4. Roughly a quarter of Hongkongers would reject a potential date based on their occupation
  5. Millennial men valued financial security in a partner more than their older counterparts, whilst Millennial women were the most likely to be attracted to a partner with a successful career in comparison to all other age groups

Sorry, No Deal

  1. Nothing about neat freaks, but 1 in 2 Hongkongers would reject a potential romantic interest for being too messy
  2. A pleasant voice was also a big plus, as Hong Kong’s singles hate a whiny voice — as well as talking too loudly in public
  3. Nail-biting, clipping nails in public, long nose hairs and chewing loudly were popular dealbreakers
  4. Can’t cook? Unfortunately, this is a big deal-breaker for Millennials (nearly twice as high compared with 50 to 65 year olds)
  5. Millennials found gym selfies and texting too much far more annoying than older people

The Generational Gap

  1. Good looks, confidence and being good in bed matters more to Hong Kong Millennial daters compared to their older counterparts
  2. Millennial daters are into partners who are well-groomed, like animals, play a musical instrument and give good massages
  3. Don’t get jealous if you’re to date a Baby Boomer! Compared to other generations, Baby Boomers cared the most about having a partner who is low maintenance
  4. Getting along with family is important to 40-65 year olds
  5. Being boring, though, is Baby Boomers’ biggest turn-off

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