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Everything you need to know about the K11 MUSEA Art Karnival

Until 11 September, visitors can head over to K11 MUSEA to see the works of some of the biggest names in the global art and design scene. Here’s what you need to know.

Art doesn’t have to be confined to the four walls of a gallery, and K11 MUSEA proves just that with the return of its annual Art Karnival.

Scattered throughout multiple levels of the mall, this year’s Karnival showcases over 20 artworks by renowned artists and designers, both local and international. The goal of the large-scale art event is to challenge the visitor’s perspective and invite them to question what’s real and tangible through art. Here’s what to expect.

Highlights at the K11 MUSEA Art Karnival

Alexvi: Three Distances

Alexvi, “Back to Black”

Making his debut in Hong Kong, Beijing photographer Alexvi presents his solo exhibition Alexvi: Three Distances. As its name suggests, the show is split into three parts, each highlighting a set of works from a certain period in the artist’s life.

The first series, ‘Back to Black’, features celebrities and well-known personalities in a collection of black and white portraits. This is followed by ‘Peking Apartments’, which provides an insight of the lives of foreign models in their apartments in Beijing, in an examination of the humans behind the glamour and glitz. Finally, ‘Lonely Planet’ is a collection of shots of isolated individuals from across the world, all staring at phone screens.

Cake Illusions

Dear Harley Bakery, “Cake Illusions”

The playful and quirky Cake Illusions exhibition brings a touch of humour to the Art Karnival. Presented by Alison Chan, Cake Artist and Founder of Dear Harley Bakery, the showcase comprises 20 replicas of everyday objects made with confectionary. Visitors can join in on the fun by singling out the cakes-in-disguise, which are hidden on a six-metre-long table alongside real objects.

The weekends, meanwhile, are reserved for cake-cutting ceremonies, where Chan herself will reveal a cake hidden in plain sight.

I hope…

Chiharu Shiota,
Chiharu Shiota, “I hope…”

Osaka-born artist Chiharu Shiota brings a 12-metre long marquee installation to K11 MUSEA. Suspended 10 metres in the air, the installation — made of rope, paper, and steel — presents six boats containing thousands of handwritten letters with words of hope.

The Eve

David Altmejd, “The Eve”

Seen at the entrance of K11 MUSEA, David Altmejd’s sculpture sits upside down, suspended in space, as an exploration of the relationship between body and architecture. It invites visitors to ponder the boundaries between inside and out; surface and structure; and reality and abstraction.

Beethoven’s Trumpet (With Ear), Opus 127

John Baldessari, “Beethoven’s Trumpet (With Ear), Opus 127″

A 2007 piece by late American conceptual artist John Baldessari, “Beethoven’s Trumpet (With Ear), Opus 127″ is a large sculpture ressembling a fiberglass ear and a bronze trumpet. A melody from the string quartet No. 12 in E♭ Major, op. 127 plays when visitors speak into the art piece.


Zhang Enli, “Studio”

Zhang Enli’s “Studio” is a true-to-size recreation of the painter’s nine-square-metre studio in Shanghai. The replica was constructed during his 2018 artist-in-residency programme co-presented by K11 Art Foundation and The Royal Academy of Arts, London.

Red Nails Model

Martin Margiela,
Martin Margiela, “Red Nails Model”

“Red Nails Model” by fashion designer Martin Margiela is a sculptural piece of a set of fingernails in crimson red. It comtemplates the notion of artificial female beauty in the 1990s.

One Minute Sculptures

Erwin Wurm, “One Minute Sculptures”

A performance piece by Erwin Wurm, “One Minute Sculptures” encourages visitors to pose with everyday objects — such as tennis balls, milk cartons and stuffed animals — for one minute. In this way, Wurm challenges the objects’ long-standing function by showing that anyone and anything can become a work of art.

K11 MUSEA, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, +852 3892 3890

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