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You can thank Keung To fans for free Hong Kong tram rides on 30 April

The devil works hard, but Keung To fans work harder. With Hong Kong’s most beloved boy band member’s birthday just around the corner, Keung Candies present: the “Keung To’s Birthday” Free Tram Ride Day.

Happy early birthday to Keung To, the biggest, shiniest star of the moment in Hong Kong’s entertainment scene. Some would argue this soon-to-be 23-year-old and his pop music group MIRROR single-handedly revitalised local idol culture. In fact, fans adore him so much that money — or marriage, as they’re famously nicknamed “ex-wives” after MIRROR stole their hearts and wrecked their families (figuratively) — is not a concern. Anything for sweet, charming Keung To on his birthday.

This year, Keung Show Hong Kong Fan Club decided to turn things up a notch by prepaying your tram fare on the big day, 30 April. Yes, free tram rides, on the club’s dime. If there’s a competition for holding a lavish birthday celebration for your idol while keeping it socially responsible — yay, public transit! — Keung To fans will take the cake, for sure.

P.S. Hey Keung Candies, if you’re reading this, next year please do Star Ferry — based on this alarming New York Times story — or maybe slowly work towards making 30 April a national holiday? Because judging by the scale of things (kudos to all of you for your hard work), it might as well already be one.

How the “Keung To’s Birthday” Free Tram Ride Day Works:

Easy, hop on any tram striding across Hong Kong Island on April 30. Done.

But of course, true fans will also chase after the new and revamped 2022 “Tram Keung To”: dressed in aqua blue with the star’s pictures splashed across both sides. Catch a glimpse of this moving billboard from today until 16 May.

What else to do on Keung To’s birthday:

If the generous act of Keung Show Hong Kong Fan Club got you itching to also give the gift of charity, or if you’re simply in it for the fun, here are some places you can visit the coming weekends. For Keung To, and for the greater good.

22+1=Keung To Charity Pop-up Stores

Keung To called for his fans to give back to society, and they answered: two 22+1=Keung To Charity Pop-up Stores will see their grand openings on 22 April, providing perfectly decorated, Keung To-themed (I know, someone start the counter) backdrops for your selfies all the way until 22 May.

Every Friday through Sunday (plus public holidays), an offering of special edition merchandise will be up for grabs — totes, cushions, umbrellas, mugs, you name it — now’s the time to start planning, since quota allocation starts at 8am and they go fast. In true Samaritan fashion, all profits from the sale will go to charity, amplifying Keung To’s appeal to make the world a better place.

22+1=Keung To Charity Pop-up Stores (multiple locations):

  • UG2, The ONE, 100 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui; Charity sale open every Friday through Sunday and on public holidays, 11am – 9pm (limited quota)
  • G/F, 311 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay; Charity sale open every Friday through Sunday and on public holidays, 12pm – 6pm (limited quota)

Birthday Billboards

The honour of having a birthday or anniversary billboard used to be reserved for K-pop personalities only. Not anymore, not since Keung To (and MIRROR, by extension) shot to super stardom. Fans’ first order of business: spending top dollar on ad spaces across the city. You’ve seen the birthday boy’s mug in MTR stations, on buses and buildings on your way to work, and this year is no exception.

Visit three totally Instagrammable Keung To birthday billboards throughout Causeway Bay, and send your best wishes using the hashtag #HAPPYKT430DAY2022.

Keung To birthday billboards (multiple locations):

  • Island Beverley Shopping Mall, 1 Great George Street, Causeway Bay (from April 22 to May 1)
  • V POINT, 18 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay (from April 19 to May 2)
  • Causeway Place, 2-10 Great George Street, Causeway Bay (from April 20 to May 22)

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