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12 lavish gifts for your daringly spectacular, sensationally “extra” friend

Think Fallon Carrington meets Richie Rich meets Blair Waldorf. Extra, extra, read all about it! 

You know exactly who I’m talking about: Flouncing into casual dinners dripping in ice and a fur coat; casual trips to Zermatt, decked head-to-toe in Moncler; stacked Love bracelets and Lotus rings; sky-high heels and an even higher ponytail, a Birkin in tow; biyearly Botox touch-ups. I’m sure, without even pausing to consider, there’s someone who jumps to mind. And why not? Life is fabulous. And living extravagantly is, tragically, a luxury afforded to few. So, for those who can, in this very spectacular and most festive of seasons, perhaps something listed below would be to their very “extra” liking. 

The best gifts for “that” friend

Hero image courtesy of Amy Shamblen and @Antenna via Unsplash

If you know the Grand Maison, you’ll appreciate what a steal this is: An authenticated vintage yellow-gold Reverso Classic that echoes the Art Deco epoch. The gorgeous blue buckle is a lesser seen hue that would make anyone, horophile or not, stop and stare.  


If your gifting this year should lean towards the more thoughtful, contemplative side for your friend-who-has-everything, perhaps consider one of The New Moon’s curated festive sets. Times are a-changing and we’re all learning and growing together in this rather odd period in time. The Transformation Set includes a luxe coconut bath oil, a self-reflection pad, and a bundle of Palo Santo (“holy wood”) to purify your energy for the upcoming year. 


For your super-extra-beauty-lover friend, this is a full head-to-toe situation encased in the cutest, pinkest trunk you can imagine. You’ve got all of Drunk Elephant’s star products including the T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial, Lala Retro Whipped Cream, A-Passioni Retinol Cream and more. You’ll be able to indulge in a full home-spa day with all the products in the pack. Bonus: While travel is not necessarily in the cards right now, this carry-on suitcase is the perfect size for staycations. 


For the first time, a clinical grade laser is available to purchase and use at home. Originally designed to treat various musculoskeletal conditions, this low-level laser was refreshed in an ergonomic style and size for personal use to target wrinkles, scars, acne and pigmentation. While most at-home lasers typically range from just five to 20MW in strength, Lyma’s laser packs a powerful 500 level laser in this sleek tool. Is this the single most expensive beauty gadget that I’ve ever trialled in my life? Yes. Does it also live up to its claims? My review will be up soon, but, spoiler alert — yes 


Crafted from delicate panels of gilded embroidered tulle and a shimmering organic silk satin, this robe is a dream to behold. I’ve been in love with it since the moment I swept my hand across Sheer’s display rack and, suffice to say, it’s on my personal wish-list as well. The gold! The elegance! The mid-thigh cut! If queen-energy could be encapsulated into an item, this would be it. 


You know the friend. The one with surveillance cameras aimed at their Hermès bags or their art room or even just their pets. Home security is a thing! And no one does it better than award-winning Arlo. Super sleek with wireless connectivity and AI capabilities for a full smart home experience, pop a couple of these bad boys into their stocking stuffers for a failsafe (haha, get it?) gifting opportunity.  

USD$219.99 (Approx. HK$1,715)

This is the last they have in stock for now — so, you heard it here first. The horophile in your life probably already owns something similar, but is it this gorgeous? Is it this luxurious? Made in Germany with a fine velour interior, crystal glass case and high-gloss lacquered exterior with gold-tone metal accents, this watch winder stands as a showstopping piece for any time keeper in town. And, it’s on sale.


This is, they say, the “Greatest Skincare of All Time” — and I tested the claims, too. With 30 years of research under his belt, Augustinus Bader developed the Trigger Factor Complex (TFC8®), a formula comprised of natural amino acids, high-grade vitamins and synthesised molecules. TFC8® promotes healthy skin by reactivating and supporting cell mitophagy — a natural, detoxifying process to naturally rejuvenate skin cells, preventing the signs of skin aging. Ideal.


What heralds awe more than exquisite tableware for one’s private abode? Theresa Mak and Desmond Chang’s collaborative vision was born amidst gentle swaths of dusty pink, Chinese peonies and hand-drawn fluttering butterflies; a 49-piece collection that encapsulates and pays tribute to Cantonese fine cuisine and both parties’ dedication to their respective craft. A marriage of talents.

Pricing upon request

10 /12

Can one put a price on pleasure? Lelo certainly does with the world’s most exclusive and luxurious massager, crafted in lavish 24-karat gold plate. Thrill, tease and treat yo’self in the most intimate way possible — made to order and delivered with complimentary discreet shipping. 

USD$15,000 (Approx. HK$116,996)

Since we’re talking extra, what could be more luxurious and iconic than a Herman Miller? Hand-assembled with plush leather cushions and walnut veneers, this set features a permanently tilted seat to ease the pressure off your lower spine, providing the most supportive and cushy lounging experience.  


Robert Tateossian is nicknamed the “King of Cufflinks” for a reason. His designs are contemporary with a recognisable aesthetic. A little jazzier than your standard cufflinks, this marine-themed pair reimagines the timeless essential with a whimsical touch.

12 lavish gifts for your daringly spectacular, sensationally “extra” friend

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