Leave your passports at home. This culinary trip to Seoul and Taipei needs only your hungry, salivating presence and your favourite Little Bao and Draft Land order. Bon voyage!

little bao draft land May Chow Antonio Lai

Introducing: Little Draft Land

Between Little Draft Land and the Zuma x Quinary tit-for-tat partnership, Antonio Lai has been having exciting months. Little Draft Land stands to be a three-month pop-up situated in Causeway Bay’s buzzy Fashion Walk, combining the talents of Lai and Alex Ko of Draft Land, and chef-patron May Chow of Little Bao. Modelled after the success of the latter’s Montreal series, this #TravelwithLittleBao edition journeys a touch closer to home with two of Hong Kong’s favourite — and, dare we say, some of the first vacation spots post-pandemic; mark our words — travel destinations: Seoul and Taipei.

little bao draft land goryeo highball

8 Cocktails On Tap

Draft Land stalwarts; fear not. Your favourites, including Guk Bou (HK$90), Oolong Tea Collins (HK$100) and Whiskey Cocktail (HK$120), have made it safe and sound from Wyndham Street to Fashion Walk. Fresh on the menu with flavours inspired by Korea are the Goryeo Highball (HK$100), a refreshing whiskey-based tipple tempered with maesil-ju, ginger and soda, and the Baek-Hwa Collins (HK$90), a rum, pear, rice liquor and elderflower concoction.

Yuzu Gochujang Pork Belly Bao

Ultra-tender slices of pork belly — lathered in a beautiful dressing bringing on the heat with Gochujang and a kick of citrus with yuzu — slides between twin Little Bao buns; if you’re getting anything from Little Draft Land, it’s this.

little bao draft land Lu-Rou_-Scotch-Egg_Oolong-Tea-Collins-golden_Rose-Paloma-pink_2

Taiwanese ‘Lu Rou’ Scotch Egg

No trip to Taiwan is complete without a heaping bowl of lu-rou rice. So satisfying. This Taiwanese ‘Lu Rou’ Scotch Egg (HK$98) — splicing open Japanese taiyouran eggs, molten and perfectly golden orange, and crusted with five-spiced shiitake pork sausage — is a loving tribute.

little bao draft land ried-Chicken-Lettuce-Wrap

LB Fried Chicken Lettuce Wrap

The LB Fried Chicken Lettuce Wrap (HK$138) recreates that salivating moment when a beautifully seared cut of meat meets a fresh lettuce leaf at Korean barbecues; then, promptly dipped, wrapped and devoured. Choose between home-made Thai basil mayo and Gochujang red chilli sauce. Or, as we’d do it, alternate between each delicious bite.

little bao draft land Doenjang Ice-cream Bao_1

Little Ice-Cream Bao

And finally, the grace note to a perfect meal. Dessert. In the form of a Little Ice-Cream Bao (HK$50). This limited-run edition tops malted milk ice-cream with oolong tea caramel — inspired by the complementary oolong tea collins — and flaky sea salt.

Little Draft Land, Shop H1, 9 Kingston Street, Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, +852 2555 0600

Joey Wong
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