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Blood Moon: Everything you need to know about the lunar eclipse tomorrow

A major astronomical event, Blood Moon or a lunar eclipse is something astronomy enthusiasts keep looking forward to. Here’s everything you need to know about the Blood Moon.

After almost six months, the moon will visibly slide into the shadows of the earth this year on 8 November. This will be the second and last lunar eclipse of 2022, making it even more special. The last lunar eclipse happened on 15 and 16 May and was visible from different parts of the world. Will you be able to see the Blood Moon this time? How long will it last? We have all the answers. Here’s everything you need to know and more.

Everything you need to know about Blood Moon

Before we delve deeper into the details, let us first understand what this phenomenon is.

What is a Blood Moon?

In simple words, Blood Moon is the phenomenon of a total lunar eclipse, where the moon appears with a reddish hue. The moon is illuminated and acquires colour from the sunlight that is filtered and refracted by the Earth.

blood moon
Representative image: Courtesy Yu Kato/Unsplash

During a full lunar eclipse, the moon comes in the Earth’s shadow completely. This is when a little light from the sunrises and sunsets on Earth falls on the moon. Since light waves are stretched, they appear red. When these stretched waves hit the moon’s surface, the moon appears red as well.

Blood Moon 2022

The Blood Moon taking place on 8 November will be a partial lunar eclipse at first, followed by a total eclipse. The phenomenon will take place over a period of 84 minutes, 58 seconds. This is also going to be the last lunar eclipse for the next three years, making this even more special.

blood moon
Representative image: Courtesy Niranjan _ Photographs/Unsplash

The Blood Moon will begin on 8 November at 05:17 am EST (6.17 pm SGT) and end at 6:42 am EST (7:42 pm SGT). The partial eclipse will then be visible until 8:05 am EST (9.05 pm SGT).

The Blood Moon will be visible in parts of North America, Central America, Iceland, the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand, Australia and Asia. A penumbral lunar eclipse will also be visible from eastern Brazil and Argentina, northern Scandinavia and the Middle East. A penumbral lunar eclipse is where the moon is in the lighter penumbral shadow of the Earth.

Hero Image: Courtesy Yu Kato/Unsplash; Featured Image: Courtesy KT/Unsplash

Blood Moon: Everything you need to know about the lunar eclipse tomorrow

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