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Deconstructing pilk, the sweet new fad that has the internet in a flurry

Pepsi is attempting to embark on the TikTok trend of “dirty soda,” and they’ve hired Lindsay Lohan in the hopes of making “pilk” a thing this holiday season. Here’s everything you need to know.

After starring in the seasonal Netflix rom-com Falling for Christmas, Lindsay Lohan is spreading holiday cheer in a new Pepsi campaign encouraging people to put a questionable spin on the soft drink.


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On Thursday, Pepsi launched a Christmas-themed campaign “pilk” with the hashtag #PilkandCookies.

The commercial features Lohan, who made her Hollywood comeback with her Netflix rom-com Falling for Christmas, in which she plays the lead for the first time in nearly ten years. Giving a nod to the old Mean Girls talent show fit, her latest ad spot for the brand sees her putting a “naughty” spin on Pepsi by mixing it with milk to create “Pilk.”  To say the least, it’s an unexpected (borderline fever dream-ish) pairing, with Lohan marvelling “that is one dirty soda!” as she takes a sip. Pepsi’s attempt to enter the milk and cookie markets appears to be a sincere pitch, even if it may be difficult to sell.

She also tapped into her Mean Girls roots with a tweet that read, “Pepsi, let’s make #PilkandCookies happen.”

Pepsi Chief Marketing Officer Todd Kaplan said in a statement Thursday morning that the ad campaign was inspired by the “dirty soda” TikTok trend, which was repopularised last year by GenZ singer Olivia Rodrigo, who posted herself drinking the concoction.

The drink, on the other hand, is not new—Laverne on Laverne & Shirley drinks milk. During the show’s run in the 1980s, some restaurants and ice cream stands referred to the combination of Coke and vanilla ice cream as a “brown cow.”

The reactions on social media were as mixed as a glass of Pepsi and milk. Several people simply tweeted “WHYYYYY” or posted puking emojis, while others said they would give it a shot.

All Images: Courtesy Pepsi

Deconstructing pilk, the sweet new fad that has the internet in a flurry

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