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The first-class dinner menu from the Titanic was just sold at $102,000

The only copy of the dinner menu from the Titanic has just been sold for USD 102,000 at Henry Aldridge & Son on November 11, 2023.

We know that life on Titanic must have been superbly glamorous, but how glamorous was it in terms of the food?

One of the most famous voyages in history, the Titanic left England on April 10, 1912 and tragically sank on April 15, 1912. Over the years, items that were found on the ship have been auctioned off by their descendants and auction houses. The only copy of the first-class dinner menu on April 11, 1912 is another item that just went under the hammer at Henry Aldridge & Son.

The First-Class Dinner Menu From the Titanic was Just Sold at $102,000

Image credit: Henry Aldridge & Son

Some other menus have already been auctioned in the past, whether it be the last first-class lunch which was sold at $120,000 or the last first-class dinner at $118,000. Considering the past records, this dinner menu was initially expected to fetch up to $86,000. As it turns out, the bidding ended much higher at $102,000.

Three days before the tragedy, the dinner menu reveals the lavish meal enjoyed by first-class passengers, including salmon with Hollandaise, sirloin beef with horseradish cream, and mallard duck with port wine sauce. The desserts were Victoria pudding, apricots bordaloue, and French ice cream.

Other artefacts from the ship were also sold at the auction, such as a tartan blanket from a lifeboat, and a pocket watch owned by a victim.

These items are the only few depictions of what life on the ship must have been like, and therefore prove highly valuable for those interested in the story of one of the worst nightmares in maritime history.

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The first-class dinner menu from the Titanic was just sold at $102,000

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