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Here’s what Nicole Kidman is up to in Hong Kong

Apparently, shopping for her own costume at COS! 

A pregnant hum of excitement follows any Hollywood face that finds their way from first-class cabins and private jets onto our fragrant harbour. It was the same when The Dark Knight was on location in 2007 with fans clambering for a fleeting glimpse of Christian Bale; when Chris Hemsworth kicked off the 2016 Rugby Sevens at Harbour City. Nicole Kidman — currently, filming Amazon Prime Video series “Expats” in Hong Kong, for which she also executive produces for with her production company Blossom Films — is the newest face in town; in tow, a barrage of controversy surrounding questions of double standards, quarantine exemptions and, cue eyeroll, mounting, festering privilege. 

Kidman, whose presence in Hong Kong is deemed “necessary for purposes relating to manufacturing operations, business activities or the provision of professional services in the interests of Hong Kong’s economic development” is exempt from the city’s quarantine edicts; the same measures that were not even spared for Hong Kong’s returning Olympians

But back to privilege. As Kidman returns to her gilded Peak residence in between shuttling around the city — last seen on set along Mong Kok’s Fa Yuen Street — it’s hard not to draw parallels with the very show she’s here to create. Below, a handy cheat sheet about the show, the source and the stars.


“Expats” is based off of the novel “The Expatriates” by Janice Y. K. Lee

The series is said to weave through the lives of three women; all American, all living expatriate lives in Hong Kong and all existing within the grasp of grief — be it through the context of friendships, marriage, motherhood and death.

Lulu Wang of The Farewell fame is set to write, executive produce and direct

Interestingly, Wang was not exempt from the city’s quarantine rules.

Sarayu Blue stars as Hillary Starr, a housewife caught in a floundering marriage; Ji-young Yoo as Mercy, a fresh grad from Columbia who believes she’s cursed

Nicole Kidman’s role has not yet been released. Coincidentally, the third starring role of Margaret, a mother at the heels of a personal tragedy does not yet have a name attached, too.

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