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Prada’s new collection preview at the Prada Symbols ifc pop-up

First touch and first glimpses of Prada’s latest Spring/Summer 2021 collection in a new series of pop-ups: Prada Symbols

Virtual showcases may be the more popular choice in current times, yet Prada embraces quite the opposite with the introduction of Prada Symbols, a new series of pop-ups dedicated to displaying the latest pieces from the men’s and women’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection. 

A glass structure that envelops the 120 square-meter space, ‘Prada Symbols‘ is indicative of the traditional storefront with a lick of mint-green paint, checkered floors, lain in alternating gold and white for this series, and the prevalence of the iconic triangular emblem — plastered across the transparent structures and lit-up in a diffused yellow glow hung over the space. 

The ifc mall’s location is not its only one. With a schedule of simultaneous previews slated across the globe, Paris’s Galeries Lafayette included, ‘Prada Symbols’ is a concept especially thrilling during a time where events and launches are consistently pushed online, experienced only through the accepting and clicking of Zoom links. Promises of new and inventive interactive formats do intrigue, but perhaps none are able to match the level of excitement as running fingertips along the crisp surfaces of freshly designed silhouettes.

Prada Symbols is, then, the honouring of such simple habits so missed and longed for. A collection showcase with a physical presence — a relic from a pre-pandemic world — to brings back the joy of selection through sensory sight, touch and feel. The softness of a fabric. How it falls and drapes. The gleam of a treated leather surface. How a crossbody sits against silhouettes. Tiny nuances that are fundamental in differentiating one particular piece from the next — from unshakable confidence to a comforting presence, if you will.

Note-worthy stars include the Prada Cleo — the so sleek and so refined sibling of the Re-edition Nylon —  in delicious gelato-adjacent shades (the pastel pink wash is among top favourites), and the Prada Signaux nylon backpack cast as a blank canvas for Belgium artist Peter de Potter’s digitised prints.

While you’re there, take a gander at the newly introduced accessories for the season: The Prada System and a spazzolato crossbody bag. The former, a pillowy, nappa leather construction with the iconic triangle perforated, stitched and repeated across the flap-covered exterior; while the latter, a boxy, brushed calfskin top-handle bag in two available colours of black and white. 

The Prada Symbols pop-up will remain at the ifc oval atrium until 14 March.

Prada Symbols, Oval Atrium, Podium Level 1, ifc mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong, +2295 3308

Prada’s new collection preview at the Prada Symbols ifc pop-up

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