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Pink diamond linked to Queen Elizabeth to go on auction in Hong Kong

An exceptionally rare pink diamond, whose name takes inspiration from two other historic diamonds, goes on sale this Friday, 7 October, at Sotheby’s Hong Kong with an estimated $21m. Pinks are among the most valuable of all the coloured diamonds, and the Williamson Pink Star constitute an even smaller subset. At 11.15 carats, the Williamson Pink Star diamond is the second largest flawless, vivid pink diamond to appear at auction. 

Williamson Pink Star Takes Inspiration From Historic Diamonds

The Williamson Pink Star pays homage to two legendary pink diamonds. The first is the famous and celebrated Williamson stone. Williamson diamond, a 23.60 carat stone was presented to Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip for their wedding in 1947 by Canadian geologist Dr John Thorburn Williamson. Dr John owned the mine in Tanzania, where the Queen’s Williamson diamond and the Williamson Pink Star were discovered. One of Queen’s favourites, the Williamson diamond originated from the same historic diamond mine, which was named after the owner, the Canadian geologist Dr John Thorburn Williamson. 

The Williamson Pink Star also takes its name from the smashing CTF Pink Star, a 59.60-carat diamond sold in 2017 for a record-breaking $71.2m, the most expensive diamond to have sold at auction.

Williamson Pink Star

The Second Largest, Vivid Pink Diamond Is All Set To Break Records

Managing director of Europe’s largest online jeweller 77 Diamonds, says: “When you consider that the Williamson Pink Star comes from the same mine as the Williamson diamond which the late Queen owned, alongside rising prices for pink diamonds thanks to their increasing rarity, and the backdrop of an unstable global economy, this diamond could prove to be a very compelling proposal. It might even break the record for the price paid per carat for a pink diamond at auction. It is the second largest internally flawless fancy vivid pink diamond to appear at auction. Hard assets such as world-class diamonds have a history of performing well. However, some of the world’s highest quality diamonds have doubled prices over the last ten years.”

Pink diamond linked to Queen Elizabeth to go on auction in Hong Kong

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