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November horoscope: What does the transit of planets mean for all zodiac signs

Astrology is an ancient method that utilises planetary bodies, zodiac signs, and houses to communicate guidance correlated to human behaviour and events. The Sun and Moon are also considered as planets in astrology besides Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Mercury. The nodes Rahu and Ketu are considered as shadowy planets. Your star sign is your sun sign. However, there are two other signs which form your identity; these are known as your rising sign(ascendant) and your moon sign (rashi). For accurate predictions, all three signs are considered. Let’s take a look at the November horoscope.

The November horoscope predictions here are related to the sun signs, and transit of the other planets in relation to the Sun.

November horoscope: What’s in store for all the Sun signs

Aries November horoscope
Aries November horoscope

This month is likely to improve family life and your interaction with everyone will increase further. If you are having differences or old disputes with any member of the family then that too will end once Sun enters the Water sign Scorpio on 16th November. People in jobs will get full support of their co-workers, but they should stay away from unnecessary confrontations, arguments and office politics. Government officials may have a difficult time. After 16th November, students awaiting results are expected to get success this month. Your partner might be a bit under the weather and may require extra attention from you. If in a relationship, it is the right time to propose. From 16th November onwards, people wanting to get married might find the right partners.

Taurus November horoscope

Taurus November horoscope

This month, relationships with your family members will improve as Sun enters Scorpio zodiac sign on 16th November. If looking for a job or wanting a change this is the right time. Some celebration in the family is indicated. You will get support from colleagues and friends and you will receive favours from the bosses. This month will bring many opportunities leading to financial progress. Your investments will yield good results. If wanting to buy a house/ land the placement of planets is favourable. Students need to work hard, and concentrate on their goals for success. This month is good for strengthening the bonds of partnership and love. Health might cause some concern when Sun changes house.

Gemini November horoscope

Gemini November horoscope

When Sun enters the water sign Scorpio, an atmosphere of happiness and peace in the house will prevail.  Misunderstandings if any, will clear and mutual cooperation among all will increase. Religious events are likely to take place in the middle of the month. You might be inclined to do some social work. It is a good month for marriage proposals to get finalised. Avoid taking any big decision in the first two weeks of the month and do not make any risky investments. You will be at your creative best, after 16th November. Students will get new opportunities. In relationships keep your communication clear and avoid arguments. Spend your money carefully and avoid extravagance. Health will be good.

Cancer November horoscope

Cancer November horoscope

The beginning of the month will be good career wise. You might get more inclined towards spirituality. When Sun enters Scorpio on 16th November you will get many opportunities to expand your business. People in service will also benefit in position and financially. Students will be less interested in their studies and will need to focus more. You might be overburdened with work, but your family members will be very supportive. It is a good time for marriage and romance. On the health front, you might need to remain cautious and alert in the middle of the month.

Leo November horoscope

Leo November horoscope

Every transit of the Sun is significant as Sun is the lord of this zodiac sign. The sun’s transit in Libra till 16th November will be a beneficial one for you, Leo. Good opportunities, financial gains, increase in valour and lots of growth opportunities await for you. The health of elders of the family may be a cause concern. Financially, this month will be beneficial for you. There are strong chances of increase in status. Students should be patient and work hard towards achieving their goals. Married people will have some differences with their partner, and in general you might not be at your best. Some misunderstandings and strife might dampen your spirits later in the month. You need to pay attention to your mental health during the latter half of the month.

Virgo November horoscope

Virgo November horoscope

This month will be auspicious for your family life, Virgo. Strife and disputes will get resolved and when Sun enters Scorpio there will be happiness and peace in the house. Work wise it will be good yet hectic. Finances might fluctuate a bit but will stabilise by middle of the month. New job opportunities will come your way. Students might face some dilemma which is likely to settle on its own by 16th November. Love and romance will be satisfactory.

Libra November horoscope

Libra November horoscope

In the beginning of the month some work related travel is expected which will be fruitful. Some strife and misunderstanding with people around you specially your spouse is indicated. Exert caution in your speech avoid harsh words and unnecessary confrontations. In the middle of the month, when Sun enters the water sign Scorpio closeness with your family and friends might increase, good times and emotional satisfaction indicated. On the financial front exercise caution before signing documents, and also avoid unnecessary expenses. Students will be conscientious and work towards achieving their goals. If wanting to get married, there is a strong possibility. Meanwhile, married couples will enjoy time together. This month Librans will enjoy good health.

Scorpio November horoscope

Scorpio zodiac sign

In the beginning of the month, there will be happiness and peace in the house, misunderstandings if any, will clear. Be careful of with your money. It will be a satisfying month professionally. When Sun enters the water sign Scorpio and transits over the natal Sun it might escalate your ego and cause some relationship issues with friends and family. Maintain your mental balance and try not to be egoistic. Financially, this month will be auspicious for you and there might be big gains. Students will have to work harder to achieve their goals. Some memorable moments will be spent between couples. Unmarried people will get marriage proposals. Your health will remain good.

Sagittarius November horoscope


This month will start with advancement in your career. You will achieve your goals and targets and your family will be supportive. On 16th November when Sun transits in the water sign Scorpio, some financial losses are indicated. You need to be careful and avoid wasteful expenses at that time. If travelling, be careful with your documents and papers. Financially, expect a few ups and downs and avoid making any new deal and commitments. Students might not get the desired results. The situation is likely to get better after the 16th. Your love life will be good, and your partner will help you in every field. Mutual love and understanding between partners will increase.

Capricorn November horoscope


This is a good transit for you, Capricorn. You will excel in all spheres of life especially professionally. You will be successful in all your endeavours; you will get name, fame and prosperity. On 16th November when sun enters the water sign Scorpio, you will get unexpected financial gains. Love and romance will be average. It is not a good time to propose. Health will remain average and small issues might crop up.

Aquarius November horoscope


There will be an atmosphere of happiness and peace in the house after 16th November when Sun moves to water sign Scorpio. The uncertainty of the first half of the month will end and the natives of this Sun sign can look forward to an emotionally and professionally satisfying time. Family members will be supportive. Luck will favour you. Finances will improve and you will be comfortable. For students, the beginning of the month will prove to be a task. You will have to work hard but ultimately you will get success in your examination. It is not a very good time for love and romance. Common diseases like cold, cough, flu etc. might bother you.

Pisces November horoscope


It is a good time for investments. You will get lots of importance at work. If planning to expand business, this is a good time. Students must consult with their elders for choices they make. Good results are expected in the later part of the month. This month will be good for love and romance. You will get full support of your partner. Unmarried people desirous to get married will be able to tie the knot. You shall enjoy good health.

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