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Weekly Horoscope: A tarot reading of December 27 – January 2, 2022

The Tarot is the mirror of our soul. Each card reflects what’s not only going on within us but also, symbolises our divine connection to the forces of the Universe – those which we can see and those which we cannot. The images printed on the cards are symbols that contain the keys to unravel all the mysteries of our existence. However, these images have a life of their own, and thus, they change whenever the cards are shuffled. Every shuffle infuses them with magic. Every shuffle infuses us with magic. And so it does for the December 2021 horoscope.

The following are divinely guided messages from The Universe through the medium of the Tarot. Though divided through the twelve signs of the zodiac, the message is highly personalised for you. The same force that guided me to pull the cards is the very same force that’s guiding you to read the message. I encourage you to keep an open heart and an open mind – that way, you’ll be more receptive to magic, and find the guidance you need for the week.

The year 2021 is now in its final chapter. However, the ending of that chapter marks the beginning of a brand new chapter of the brand new year of 2022. The stars have a beautiful final message for us to end the year on a high note and begin the new year with a powerful first step. These messages have been lovingly divined through the Tarot to add that special sparkle to your life.

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Aries December 2021 Horoscope

Aries December 2021 Horoscope

Rise above the darkness that’s around you and move towards the light that awaits you. This is the time to ascend over all the negative influences that bring you down and become aware of the brilliance that is your true self. ‘The Universe’ is supporting your journey towards discovering your true power and uncapping your true potential. Open your heart towards all the divine wisdom that’s being showered upon you abundantly.

The year has come to an end, signifying that it is a beautiful time to start afresh. Gone is the past that once burdened you. Now is the time to open yourself up to a future full of possibilities by embracing the beauty of the present. You don’t need to search outwards for anything to validate you – you possess it all within the depths of your heart. Be brave enough to look within and marvel at the treasure trove that’s waiting to be found.

Taurus December 2021 Horoscope

July 2021 Horoscope

Share with grace and an open heart. Allow yourself to become receptive to waves of inspiration that are coming to you. Give yourself the permission to not only accept the love that’s around you already but also to embrace the love that’s on its way. Only when we’re able to give and share without any expectation, ‘The Universe’ will fill our lives abundantly with all the love, joy, and blessings that it has to offer.

Your talents, gifts, abilities, and all forms of creative expressions are gifts from ‘The Universe’. How you utilise them, and what you choose to do with them is your way of thanking and honouring these gifts. When the divine forces see you wielding your power from a place of love and grace, not only do they replenish the energies, but they also help you evolve and ascend to greater heights – further than you can even imagine.

Gemini December 2021 Horoscope

December 2021 Gemini

There is so much you have to offer to the world – do not diminish the knowledge you possess nor the wisdom you have acquired over the year. You’ll be surprised how many you’ll have the power to inspire just by sharing all that you’ve learned. Follow the inner call that’s asking you to remove all inhibitions and take that major leap towards unexplored horizons that bring with them the promise of great bountiful rewards.

Your greatest vulnerability is your greatest strength, for that is when you’re allowing your heart and soul to communicate from a place of absolute honesty, without any guilt, fear, shame, or any illusionary veils. Allow yourself to discover that powerful part of your essence that can never be broken. It’s the same power that has not only helped you survive through the toughest times but also thrive with every success earned.

Cancer December 2021 Horoscope

Cancer December 2021

Recognise the true power that you possess. It’s buried deep within your heart and can only be unearthed once you decide to let go of the diminishing and debilitating belief systems and move back to wholeness. As intense as the pain of the past has been, it’s important for you to remember that you’ve survived it because you’re so much stronger than even the greatest trauma you’ve experienced. That strength is still within you – tap into it.

It’s through this incredible divine force within your heart that you’ll have the power to not only create positive changes and transformations in the world around you but also in the world within you. Instead of giving energy to all crippling thoughts, honour your powerful ability to move on and evolve. Release all fear that binds you and allow yourself to bravely pursue all the opportunities that are coming your way. Grab them!

Leo December 2021 Horoscope

Leo 2021 Horoscope

Fear is just an expression. Death is just a doorway. The year may have ended, but a new one has appeared filled with new possibilities and opportunities. As major spiritual changes begin unfolding, this is your chance to soar to greater heights – further than even your (third) eye can see. To rise up to the challenge, it’s important that you face your fears head-on and remind them who’s the true boss of your life. It’s you!

All the scars left by the wounds of the past are your spiritual medals of honour and bravery. No one has ever accomplished anything by giving into fear and hesitation. You know this – because you’ve managed to achieve so much because you refused to give in to negativity and give up on your dreams. Why stop now? There are new worlds to conquer with your magnanimous grace. Face your fears – and make them fear you!

Virgo December 2021 Horoscope


Let go of doubt and all sorts of scepticism to not only the divine but also your special connection with it. As the old adage goes – “expect a miracle and a miracle shall occur”. Miracles are happening all around us – in subtle and even in incredibly obvious ways. Don’t diminish them and their power with negatively reinforced ‘rationality’. Doing so will only blind you to their grace and divinity. Open your mind and heart to them.

Remember that ‘The Universe’ truly has your back, and there are divine forces working behind the scenes to help you not only overcome every hurdle in your path – no matter how insurmountable they appear to be. Your spirit squad consisting of angels, ancestors, guides, and masters are cheering you along each and every step of the way. Accept their love and blessings wholesomely and experience their magical miracles with grace.

Libra December 2021 Horoscope


Allow your heart to awaken so that you can accept divine love. Remember that when love is pure there is no sense of expectation nor is there a need to force yourself in any which way that throws you off balance. Love in its purest form empowers you to give freely, knowing that all that you’ve shared is accounted for, and ‘The Universe’ will return it back to you in ways you cannot even begin to imagine.

‘The Universe’ has made space for you to heal and move beyond the pain, trauma, and heartbreaks of the past. This is a powerful time to heal yourself and begin your journey into creating a life that’s abundantly filled with love that shall shine brightly within every moment. It’s not easy to love. It’s an act of bravery to be able to love again after one’s heart has been shattered. There’s a reason why fortune favours the brave!

Scorpio December 2021 Horoscope


The year is coming to an end – forgive it. Forgive all those who have hurt you. Forgive yourself for all the pain and grief you’ve caused to others and especially to yourself. Doing so will not only bring closure to chapters that have dragged on for an unbearably long time but also enable you to experience peace that you never thought could ever be possible. There’s a reason why they say that to forgive is divine.

Once you’ve been able to forgive with the purity of your heart, you’ll be able to start the new year on a powerful note. No longer shall you be chained by the darkness of a haunting past. You’ll be able to experience life in a way that’s not only empowering, but also live in a way that’s incredibly rewarding. The only thing blocking this is all the dregs you’re holding onto. Let them go. They’re not worth it. You are worthy of love!

Sagittarius December 2021 Horoscope

Sagittarius November 2021 Horoscope

Choose to take the loving and compassionate route whenever life brings you at its various crossroads. Understand that it’s not all about you and that there are many others involved and their needs are just as valid as yours. Thus, it’s so important for you to do what is right for everyone. Yes, win-win situations are not only incredibly real, but they can happen easily. Just let go of the need to always be right, and choose love instead.

Compassion doesn’t mean you have to be a doormat. To care doesn’t mean that you ignore your own personal needs. It’s all about creating balance and harmony within and around us, as well as, learning to tolerate and accept the differences that not only make us unique and special but also unify us mysteriously. Instead of talking and spouting unsolicited advice, just listen. You’ll be surprised by what you learn just by listening.

Capricorn December 2021 Horoscope


With every end, there is a new beginning. Life is never finite – it’s an infinite cycle that gives us the opportunities to release all illusions that blind us to the divine truth of our existence, as well as, the power and ability to reveal the true beauty and strength that we possess. Every cycle can either lead us back to square one, or spiral upwards to a greater evolved state of being. Where we go depends on the choices we make.

Follow the natural cycles and rhythms of the world – the sun, the moon, the tides, the seasons, and even the stars. Through them, not only will you find the answers that you seek, but you’ll discover the ability to flow through life gracefully without any fear or hesitation. Doing so will not only harmonise you with the divine forces of ‘The Universe’, but will enable you to experience all the beauty, joy, love, and abundance that life has to offer you.

Aquarius December 2021 Horoscope

Aquarius December 2021 Horoscope

‘The Universe’ wants you to be aware of the truths that shall be revealed to you in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Be aware of all the signs and omens that shall come your way, for that’s how the divine communicates with us – in both dream-state and in our waking moments. Deep insights are being delivered to you from the heavens above and realms beyond. Open your mind and your heart to receive them gracefully.

Sometimes these truths can be quite harsh – possibly bitter. However, we must remember that the holy neem through its bitterness heals us in powerful ways. After all, sugar-coating never truly help anyone. Too many spoonfuls of sugar give us diabetes instead of making the medicine go down. Accept the truth for what it is. Make peace with it and move on to living your life to its full potential with love and joy.

Pisces December 2021 Horoscope

Pisces December 2021 Horoscope

As the year comes to an end, release it with love. For it brings with it a new year filled with hope. Accept not only what has happened as part of your evolutionary journey, but also the wisdom that’s come in the process. Remember that love is never wasted. ‘The Universe’ knows all that your heart has given away, and it will find beautiful ways to replenish it in an empowering and fulfilling way. Trust the process.

Never give up hope, because hope is what helps us gracefully float through even the direst moments. Being hopeful is a super-power indeed, for a weaker individual will easily give in to dismay and surrender to a doom-and-gloom mentality that’ll blind them to all the beauty and joy that life has to offer. Your hope is your ability to not only manifest your greatest possible life but also your ability to bravely live such a life with love.

Weekly Horoscope: A tarot reading of December 27 – January 2, 2022

Zorian Cross specialises in eastern and western schools of mysticism and philosophy, and over the past 15 years, has established himself as a respected tarot reader, astrologer, numerologist, and psychic channel. Also a certified ashtanga/vinyasa yoga instructor and a multi-award-winning theatre artiste, Cross’ 2019 TEDX Talk focused on how the transformative power of pain, when channelled through art, can make the world a better place. Follow him on Instagram: @ajnajog

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