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Weekly Horoscope: A tarot reading of January 10 – January 16, 2022

The Tarot is the mirror of our soul. Each card reflects what’s not only going on within us but also, symbolises our divine connection to the forces of the Universe – those which we can see and those which we cannot. The images printed on the cards are symbols that contain the keys to unravel all the mysteries of our existence. However, these images have a life of their own, and thus, they change whenever the cards are shuffled. Every shuffle infuses them with magic. Every shuffle infuses us with magic. So it goes for January 2022 horoscope.

The year has barely begun, and already there’s so much that’s happening. Not to mention the fact that in less than a week, Mercury shall turn retrograde, adding its special flare to the already existing chaos within the world. Thus, the stars have lovingly sent beautiful messages – that have been divined by the Tarot – to help you not only help you start the week with the best foot forward, but also inspire you to make powerful new beginnings that’ll further propel you along your spiritual evolutionary journey. Let’s look at what they have to say.

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Aries January 2022 Horoscope

Aries 2022 Horoscope

Make sure you check the fine print before signing on the dotted line – literally and metaphorically. It’s important that you don’t skim through the details and miss out on hidden clauses or subtexts that might cause you to make regrettable choices. Even though you are excited to carry on with whatever the undertaking in question is – it’s important to not get swayed by the rush of it all. Take a moment – breath – and evaluate carefully.

Beyond the professional realm, this is also a week where a simple conversation may escalate all because of a careless turn of phrase or an ill-timed Freudian slip. Not that you need to be paranoid about making a mistake, for that’ll only heighten the chances of it happening. Instead, just be mindful, and remember that just as your needs and feelings are valid, so are those others. Thus, it’s important to choose peace and move on.

Taurus January 2022 Horoscope

Taurus December 2021

It’s important for you to remember that even though your personal ethics and principles are important, sometimes life brings about unexpected twists and turns that force us to bend and compromise. True, having a steadfast moral and ethical compass is essential, but when the moment arrives, it’s important to question them, and ask whether we’re being rigid and dogmatic – or whether we need to double down and hold the fort.

If it’s the latter, then that’s great, carry on. However, if it’s the former, then it’s important for you to remember that rigidity stifles our growth, while dogmatism narrows our worldview – confining us into a toxic bubble where escape becomes all the more improbable with each passing moment. Yes, it can be really difficult to alter one’s principles, but that’s part of life – learning to make adjustments based on the circumstances.

Gemini January 2022 Horoscope

Gemini horoscope for 2022

This is a powerful week for you to grab onto various opportunities, even life itself, and charge full speed ahead. After all, your ruling planet, Mercury, shall go retrograde on the fifteenth of this month, for the first time this year. So consider this the little ‘grace period’ for you to quickly hustle away and do the needful before – well, you kinda know how life gets oh so messy during mercury retrogrades in more ways than one.

It’s important for you to understand the value of having an ‘early start’. This way, you can not only be one step ahead of the competition – professionally, and personally – but you can also be prepared for whatever life throws your way (especially during the retrograde). Channel your natural ‘nervous energy’ towards being super productive, making the most of all the opportunities headed your way before the retrograde.

Cancer January 2022 Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope for 2022

Sometimes it may feel as though you’re fighting an uphill battle all alone against an entire army of external foes and internal demons. When this feeling occurs, it’s so important for you to understand that nothing and no one can really defeat you, nor bring you down, until and unless you give it permission to do so. As long as your will remains strong, and you’re able to bravely stand tall in spite of how hard it is, you’ll power through.

What you must remember is that not everything must be a personal battle till the end. Even if the situation at hand seems dire, there is always a peaceful and safe way out – perhaps even a victorious one. Furthermore, you are not alone in this. There are many out there willing to help you out – personally and professionally – and even in the spirit realm. All you have to do is ask. Doing so will bring powerful help from surprising sources.

Leo January 2022 Horoscope

Leo Horoscope for 2022

This week is all about receptivity. This is a time for you to open your arms (and your heart) to receive with grace. There is so much that’s being handed to you – especially in terms of opportunities, and perhaps even higher levels of responsibilities. It’s a sign from ‘The Universe’ that you’re not only ready to take them on, but you’re also powerful enough to succeed at completing them, whilst thriving on the thrill of it all.

It’s also an important time for you to be open to feedback. Remember that not all criticism is a personal attack on you. On the contrary, criticism (when constructive) is the means through which one can find ways to improve. Even the greatest masters of the past needed it to become better versions of themselves. When the criticism is anything but constructive – then it’s a hater that’s hating. It means you’re definitely growing in influence. Own it!

Virgo January 2022 Horoscope


Sometimes, not everything needs to be revealed. This is a week where ‘The Universe’ wants you to learn to truly live in the present, without dwelling in the past that’s never going to return, nor anxiously anticipating a future that hasn’t even manifested. Easier said than done, perhaps, but being present in the moment at hand is a virtue that’ll not only help you become emotionally stronger but will also keep you grounded.

We must also understand that we can’t control, nor can we foretell everything down to the smallest details. There are powerful forces that are beyond even the third eye’s scope of vision, who make things happen behind the scenes. Rather than drive oneself crazy by trying to figure out their every move – thus, only creating unnecessary chaos and confusion – sometimes it’s better to just surrender and trust the process. It’s a far more peaceful path to take.

Libra January 2022 Horoscope


This week, don’t hesitate from charging full speed ahead towards accomplishing whatever you set out to do. Rather than wasting time hemming-and-hawing and dilly-dallying about the smallest of details, take that first step forwards and keep on moving on without looking back. True, that can be incredibly risky – but life is a risk. Living life is even riskier, for there’s no guarantee whether an inhale will follow our current exhale.

Yes, it is important to clad ourselves in whatever armour we need in order to feel protected. Carry whatever lucky charm or spiritual token you need in order to sail through safely. With time, however, it’ll get too heavy, and you’ll need to let go of it in order to progress ahead. Don’t be afraid of letting it go. When that time arrives, it’s a sign that you’ve become stronger than before, and thus the armour and charm have done their purpose. So release them with love and move on.

Scorpio January 2022 Horoscope

Scorpio horoscopr for 2022

There’s no honour in carrying pain. There’s no reward for holding onto the memories of past wounds and traumas. There’s especially nothing romantic in nursing a broken heart no matter how beautiful the sepia filtered memories are. Holding onto all this will not help you evolve. It’ll just entrap you further within toxic vicious cycles where escape seems all the more improbable with each passing moment. It’s time to let go.

It’s so important for you to heal. Even the act of deciding that it’s time to heal is powerful in itself, for it’s your way of signalling, ‘The Universe’, that you’re ready for better things to enter your life. Only when we heal and release the past, can we allow a future of incredible potential and happiness to manifest in our present state. Of course, it goes without saying, work with a qualified professional to heal. It’ll make the journey smoother.

Sagittarius January 2022 Horoscope

Sagittarius November 2021 Horoscope

As bleak as things may seem, ‘The Universe’ wants you to know that even the darkest of all nights comes with the promise of an eventual sunrise. As stressful and complicated things may seem, remember that it’s all temporary. Eventually, the tough times will end, and joyful times will begin. How we survive them depends on how much we’re able to remain calm and patient – especially when we’re right in the thick of the storm.

Sometimes we place way too much emphasis on the emotions we attach to so-called ‘good times’ and ‘bad times’. What we must remember is that ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are all a matter of personal perception. Time in itself is neutral and moves on irrespective of the qualities we attach to it. This doesn’t mean we close ourselves off emotionally. Not at all! All we need to do is cherish the moment for what it was, and then release it with love. Easier said than done, but definitely not impossible.

Capricorn January 2022 Horoscope

Capricorn Horoscope for 2022

Sometimes, the greatest lessons come via a wave of disappointment and sorrow. These very lessons also bring with them some of the greatest wisdom that helps evolve in ways most people can’t even fathom. However, as much as we try to see the light in such times, the depth of the darkness is a reality we can’t escape from. Thus, rather than fight it, or turn a blind eye to it – face it! See it and accept it for what it is, and embrace it.

Only when you do that will you be able to actually find peace within the chaos, and thus creating space for not just closure, but also to allow healing to begin. Don’t be afraid to ask for help during this time – especially from a qualified professional, if needed. When we ask for help, we’re indirectly signalling to the divine realm that we’re ready for them to intervene in their mysterious ways. Express gratitude and move on ahead. It’ll all be taken care of.

Aquarius January 2022 Horoscope

Aquarius December 2021 Horoscope

Now is the time to set the foundation for the life you wish to build. Take all the time you need, and ensure that there are no cracks and scars – no matter how minor – as even the most minuscule flaw in the foundation can bring an entire castle down. There’s absolutely no rush to do so – none whatsoever! After all, we know very well that we can’t rush labour of love – just like we can’t rush love itself. Remember this, it’ll serve you well.

It’s also important that you don’t suck the fun out of the process. Yes, building a life is an incredibly serious thing. However, it doesn’t have to be dour, dire, or even remotely boring or depressing. Start with celebrating the fact that you have reached the point to begin with life-building. Celebrations and treating ourselves with positive reinforcement allows us to grow oh so much more than criticism and deprivation.

Pisces January 2022 Horoscope

Pisces 2022 Horoscope

Dear Pisces, ‘The Universe’, wants you to know that no matter how choppy and turbulent the waters may be, you have the power and the ability to sail (or should I say, swim?) through and get to the other side. However, the path you must navigate through may be quite a tricky one – causing numerous mental and emotional triggers of sorts. However, rest assured that with patience, you shall persevere, and will eventually thrive.

It’s so important for you to understand that you aren’t alone in this journey. There are many who not only are in the same boat as you but there are those in positions of power that are willing to lend a hand – provided you ask. Yes, it’s important you ask for help instead of hoping it comes along the way automatically. Your consent – especially your spiritual consent is important. It’s how ‘The Universe’ knows you’re ready to accept and process it in order to achieve future successes.

Weekly Horoscope: A tarot reading of January 10 – January 16, 2022

Zorian Cross specialises in eastern and western schools of mysticism and philosophy, and over the past 15 years, has established himself as a respected tarot reader, astrologer, numerologist, and psychic channel. Also a certified ashtanga/vinyasa yoga instructor and a multi-award-winning theatre artiste, Cross’ 2019 TEDX Talk focused on how the transformative power of pain, when channelled through art, can make the world a better place. Follow him on Instagram: @ajnajog

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