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Weekly love horoscope: A tarot reading of October 2 – October 8, 2023

Being in love is a special type of feeling which makes our life brighter. All aspects of the relationship – the compatibility, the efforts, the problems all of us are plagued by – all these questions regarding our love life are meted out by this divination universally known as Tarot. With the help of our weekly love horoscope 2023 from October 2 – October 8, you’ll be able to understand your relationship and partner better.

Tarot is a pictorial system, with a divine message. It helps us to utilise the cosmic energies, and the energies around us to find answers to what we are looking for. Numerous energies are at play in the universe, which keep changing with the motion of the planets. Some make you fall in and out of love and some energy evokes extreme feelings of attachment, and affection, coaxing you towards commitments, while some gets you closer and some create a distance.

We cannot change our destiny, but we can refocus and redirect the paths of our life. With guidance we can bring clarity, honesty, and reassurance to a situation. There are a lot of factors we cannot change but a lot of factors influencing our lives can be controlled. Tarot card readings offer us a guidance to identify the obstacles in life and utilise the resources we have to overcome these obstacles.

Keeping a balance between your dreams and the reality will define the success of your relationship. Love requires effort, compromise, understanding and above all acceptance of imperfections of your partner. The need for love lies in the very foundation of human existence and life seems perfect, complete, exciting, and worthwhile if you have the right partner beside you.

Love quote for the week – “Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.” This weekly love horoscope will help you revaluate unresolved love issues and find solutions to all your romantic endeavours.

October love horoscope 2023 weekly prediction

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Aries love horoscope

Couples: Aries natives will see some disharmony with their partners this week. Do not ignore issues in your relationship and address them upfront. Let the bitterness not make each day a Groundhog Day. Good relationships are no accidents. You need to work towards them. Setting some basic rules in a relationship is a good step towards harmony. Try to spend more time with the family members as they might feel neglected.

Singles: Singles might be hesitant to start dating. You might be having some fear. Remember having loved and lost is better than not loving at all. Natives in love might be uncertain about their feelings towards their mates. The tarot advice is to be sure before any commitments. Do not be cajoled into something you do not want.

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Taurus love horoscope

Couples: Taurus sun sign natives might have a rocky relationship mainly due to a third party intervention. Maturity in a relationship is very important. Do not let a third person rock the boat. Give due respect to your mate, where there is enough love and trust, no one can ruin your happiness.

Singles: Singles might not be able to find someone of their choice. Socialise more and give some time and more opportunities to yourself. Do not force yourself to get into a relationship. Natives in love might not have it good. There are chances of postponement or even cancellation of celebrations you planned with your mate.

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Gemini love horoscope

Couples: Gemini sun sign natives will be hurting because of some remorse and guilt of the past. There is nothing you can do about the past except learn from it. The only moment you have is a gift called the present, so make the best of it. Family will be very supportive.

Singles: Singles will be remorseful and will want to rewind life and will be pinning for someone from the past. Learn from your mistakes. Do not ruminate on what is in the past. The advice is to heal completely before you get into another relationship. Natives in love would like to reset their equations, honesty, and frankness and it will work wonders.

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Cancer love horoscope

Couples: The natives of Cancer sun sign will be bored with the monotony of their relationship. The cards foretell you need to work towards adding spice in your life. Change your routine, do different things together, and above all work towards improving your sex life – that’s the best way to cultivate love and affection. You need to pay more attention towards the family members as they might feel neglected.

Singles: Singles might not be happy with their socialising and would want to broaden their friend circle. Do not keep your expectations very high. You cannot tailor make a person and everyone has their good qualities and flaws. Adjustments and compromises are what build a relation. Natives in love might be going through a tough time in their relationship. A breakup or some kind of emotional loss are big possibilities.

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Leo love horoscope

Couples: Leo sun sign natives will have an exciting love life this week. You will be full of excitement and energy and will be doing a lot of fun things together. Being childish and immature once in a while is great but this child like behaviour all the time can cause a rift with your mate. Your sex life will be satisfactory and stimulating and will blot out all the differences. Your family will love the attention and the fun and frolic they have with you.

Singles: Singles will be immature and not serious towards their relationship and will not be able to form a steady bond. It is good to enjoy your single status but be careful not to hurt people in the bargain. Natives in love will be fickle-minded and yo-yoing between yes and no. Take your time in matters of the heart.

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Virgo love horoscope

Couples: Virgo sun sign natives will be working towards improving their relationship with their mates. You might have had a rough patch lately. You and your partner will work towards achieving domestic harmony and you will enjoy a good relationship this week. You will enjoy carnal pleasures and your bonds are all set to strengthen.

Singles: Singles will be in a happy frame of mind and will be enjoying casual relationships and not wanting any commitments. Enjoy your singlehood as cupid strikes when you least expect it. Natives in love will want to get married and would want to propose. The advice is to wait for some time.

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Libra love horoscope

Couples: Couples will enjoy intimacy and harmony in bed and that will silence all the arguments and dissolve all strife as sex is a stark barometer to measure success in a relationship. Family bonding with all the members is all set to increase and improve as you will be spending pleasurable time with them.

Singles: Singles will want to find a partner but are not likely to find one at the moment. Wait for the energies to change and you will find your mate when the time is right for you. In the meantime, indulge yourself. Focus on self-care and increase your bonding with the family. Natives in love might want to propose but will be under-confident about the acceptance.

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Scorpio love horoscope

Couples: Scorpio sun sign natives might be facing neglect from their partners and feeling unloved and uncared for. Your relationship might be getting one-sided where you are doing all the adjustments and compromises. Family will be caring and loving. You need to reciprocate more and spend more time with your near and dear ones.

Singles: Singles will be unhappy with the way their relationship is moving ahead. If you are having too many breakups, you need to introspect and work on yourself. You should give some time before rushing into a new association. Natives in love will be insecure and confused. A frank and open conversation is the solution to all the problems.

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Sagittarius love horoscope

Couples: Sagittarius sun sign natives will be facing dissatisfaction in relationships. Sometimes this card can indicate infidelity also. This card can also mean staying away from your partner for different reasons. Being healthy alone is always a better option than being sick together. Work towards improving and nurturing your bonding with your family members. They might feel neglected and may want more time and attention.

Singles: Singles will be standing at the crossroads and confused which way should they go. The advice is not to rush and let time decide for you. Natives might be under pressure to tie the knot but the advice is to listen to your heart and say I do only when you are absolutely ready.

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Capricorn love horoscope

Couples: The natives of Capricorn sun sign will be making efforts to improve their relationship. Changing your attitude can improve your relationship. Your relationship is all set to improve and flourish. Work on improving your sex life as well. Family relationships will be average.

Singles: Singles might be recovering from a breakup and clinging to past memories. You should not think of getting into a relationship till you get rid of your past baggage. Try going out with friends and do not consciously look for someone. Natives in love will be in no hurry for permanency.

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Aquarius love horoscope

Couples: Natives of this sun sign will experience improved relationship. Your efforts will make a positive change and your bonding will get better. Keep an honest and positive communication with your mate. Familial bonds will remain average.

Singles: Singles will be desirous of finding someone special to share their lives. Cupid strikes when it has to. Increase your social circle and meet more like-minded people. Natives in love might be facing some relationship issues. They might be yo-yoing between yes and no. Give it some time.

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Pisces love horoscope

Couples: Natives of Pisces sun sign will be facing emotional outbursts and immature behaviour from their partner. You can sort this out by proper communication and by laying some basic ground rules. Familial bonds will be average. You need to be more tolerant and considerate towards family. You will bond well with youngsters in the family.

Singles: Singles will face some rejection from the person they are interested in. Relationship is a two-way street, and you need to focus on someone who reciprocates and values your feeling. Natives in love might not be happy in their relationship and might consider moving on. The tarot advice is to give some time and space and wait for the energies to change.


Weekly love horoscope: A tarot reading of October 2 – October 8, 2023

Deepa is a practising tarot card reader and an astrologer. A science graduate, and Jyotish post Visharad from the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS), she taught tarot and astrology at her alma mater for six years, and now teaches students online in India and globally. She enjoys playing golf and travelling.

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