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Weekly love horoscope: A tarot reading of September 18 – September 24, 2023

There is no fixed definition of love. It is an interpersonal relationship. It is being happy in the happiness of the partner. Passionate affection, intimacy, physical attraction, and romantic overtures form the basis of romantic love. With the help of our weekly love horoscope 2023 from September 18 – September 24, you’ll be able to understand your relationship and partner better.

Every week brings new hopes and beginnings. Married people look forward to harmony and security, people in love want to blossom and grow their relationship, and singles are hopeful of finding their dream partners. Everyone seeks love and understanding from their families and their mates. Numerous energies are at play in the universe, and with the transit and motion of planets, they keep changing. Some energy make you fall in love while some make you fall out of love. Some energies evoke extreme feelings of attachment, and affection, coaxing you towards commitments, while some get you closer and some create a distance.

Be mindful of unrealistic expectations or fantasies. Keep a balance between your dreams and the reality of relationships. Love requires effort, compromise, understanding and above all acceptance of imperfections of your partner. The need for love lies in the very foundation of human existence and life seems perfect, complete, exciting, and worthwhile if you have the right partner besides you. Thus, our weekly love horoscope from September 18 – September 24, 2023, will help you navigate better.

Love quote for the week  – ‘Happily ever after is not a fairytale, it’s a choice’.

September love horoscope 2023 weekly prediction

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Aries love horoscope

Couples: Aries sun sign natives might have a disharmonious relationship this week. Your wavelengths will be totally different and you will be emotionally stressed out. You might have grown apart, but you will enjoy compatibility in your sex life. Communicate well to clear all misunderstandings. Family members might be upset with you on certain issues. Try to be understanding and kind towards your family they are the life jackets in the stormy sea of life.

Singles: Singles might be only interested in casual relationship which is fine as long as you make your intentions clear. Cupid strikes when you least want and expect it, so go with the flow and see how things progresses. Natives in love will be facing some difficult situations in their relationship. Wait and watch is the advice.

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Taurus love horoscope

Couples: Taurus sun sign natives are likely to have a tough time relationship wise. Change your attitude, let go off your ego, improve your conduct and work towards a satisfying sex life. If the pleasure of being together is less than the problems you face in the relationship, a lot of effort will be required from both the partners to get it on track again. Family might be reeling under some displeasure caused by your brashness and aloofness. You need to offer them your care and love and work towards harmony.

Singles: Singles might be recovering from heartbreak and the advice is to heel fully before you get into a new relationship. Let this not spoil your future. Learn from your past mistakes and move ahead positively. Natives in love might be at crossroads regarding their relationship. You need to decide if being healthy alone is better than being sick together.

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Gemini love horoscope

Couples: Gemini sun sign natives value their peace and you will be willing to put in your best. Your relationship might have had its lows and highs but your endeavour now is to move ahead with improved ties. Your efforts towards achieving harmony will yield good results and your bonhomie with your mate is all set to improve. Family will be appreciative of your efforts and more than willing to meet you half-way to restore peace and harmony.

Singles: Single native of Gemini sun sign will be making full efforts to find the mate of their choice. Do not be in a hurry to lose your single status. Natives in love will be grappling to find their peace and understanding with their mates. The advice is to be sure before committing.

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Cancer love horoscope

Couples: The natives of Cancer sun sign need to break the monotony in their life. The cards indicate a stable relationship, but you are leading a very regimented and regulated life. Loosen up and add spice to your relationship. Work on improving your sex life. Family life will be average. You might be a little dominating towards the family members. Introspect and try to change your attitude. Some fun and frolic with the family might improve the ties and get the families closer.

Singles: If you are having frequent break-ups you need to work on yourself. The cards foretell a dominating attitude. You need to discard that. A positive attitude can change your destiny. Natives in love need to be more adaptable and considerate. A relationship is about two people giving equal importance to your partners’ likes and dislikes.

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Leo love horoscope

Couples: Leo sun sign natives might be facing an emotional struggle this month relating to certain issues at home. Do not be blind towards the problems. Instead of brushing them under the carpet, address them frankly and openly. There is no wisdom like frankness, and it might just solve your pressing issues. With family certain issues need to be straightened. Do not hold grudges of the past but just find amicable solutions.

Singles: Singles need to be honest with their dates. Boasting and exaggeration of any kind are the biggest deterrent in a relationship. Do not try to be what you are not. If the foundation of your relationship is weak, it will not last. Natives in love need to make more effort to spend time together. Know your mate well before you think of permanency.

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Virgo love horoscope

Couples: Virgo sun sign natives will be struggling to maintain a balance in their relationship. It takes two to tango and for any relation to prosper both partners have to make an effort. Respecting each other is as important as loving. Time and effort are required for a relationship to grow. You need to find it. You need to spend more time with your family even though they will respect your commitments and be understanding.

Singles: Singles will want to spend more time socialising and might feel infuriated with the lack to do so. It is advised to focus on work, self-care, and other commitments. A balance in life is very important. Natives in love will try to spend maximum time with each other. The advice is not to neglect your work and try to strike the right balance.

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Libra love horoscope

Couples: Libra sun sign natives are likely to be extra-caring and passionate this week and your partner will love it. A good bonding with your mate is indicated. Try not to be mawkish this week and keep your emotions in check. Familial bonds will be good, and all the members will enjoy the extra attention from your side. Children will be a source of joy. It’s a good time to plan for a baby if you so desire.

Singles: Singles will have a good time with lots of options and are likely to find their soulmate. Do not be in a rush. Let the relationship grow and bloom and take your time to decide. Natives in love will be satisfied with their relationship and would like to propose. It’s a good time for marriage for Librans.

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Scorpio love horoscope

Couples: Scorpio natives will enjoy commitment and stability in their relationship. Domestic front will be perfect with peace and harmony prevailing. The only thing lacking this week is the physical side of your relationship. Work on increasing your libido for betterment of your sex life. Familial bonds will be good. You are likely to spend some quality time with your family.

Singles: Singles will be enjoying their single status and will be in no hurry to pair up. It is always wise to test the waters and be sure. Natives in love will want to propose but will be hesitant. This is a good time to propose. Your proposal will be accepted so get the ring ready.

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Sagittarius love horoscope

Couples: Sagittarius natives will enjoy stability in their relationship. You need to let your guard down sometimes. A disciplined life can be monotonous and drab. A regimented lifestyle is good for health but detrimental for relationships. Try to be demonstrative with your partner sometimes at least. The pleasures in between the sheets can escalate if coupled by mushiness. Family will be happy and satisfied with your commitment toward them.

Singles: Singles will be happy with their single status and not very inclined to get in a relationship. Enjoy your single status till cupid strikes. Spend time with family and friends and work towards your well-being in the meantime. Natives in love will be in two minds about their relationship.

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Capricorn love horoscope

Couples: Capricorn sun sign natives need to keep their emotions at bay. A mawkish sentimentality can be detrimental to your relationship. If you are insecure about something, have a frank discussion with your mate. Family will be supportive and caring but you and only you are responsible for your life.

Singles: Singles might not be ready for a relationship yet. You could be reeling with the effects of a breakup and the advice is to take your time to heel first. Do not get into a relationship with any baggage of the past. Natives in love might be facing some emotional crisis because of some personal traumatic experience. It is best to share it with your mate.

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Aquarius love horoscope

Couples: Aquarius sun sign natives are going through a vile phase in their relationship. But do not lose heart as things are all set to get better. You require all the effort and patience to get your equations on track. Some feud with family members might cause unrest and stress. Address the issues and sort things out for your own sanity.

Singles: Singles will be lonely and unable to find someone of their choice. Time and patience are the best weapons. Wait for the energies to favour your romantic endeavours. In the meantime, spend quality time with family and friends and self-care. Natives in love will be oscillating between yes and no. Time is the best warrior for you, let it be the guiding force.

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Pisces love horoscope

Couples: Pisces sun sign natives will go through an inconsistent relationship. There are ego clashes and imbalance in your relationship, and it oscillates from the best to the worst. You need to work on it. Set some rules and work toward amicability. More focus on your sex life is needed. Familial bonds will be good.

Singles: Singles need to work on being more adaptable and adjustable in their outlook. Natives in love need to remember the three C’s – communication, compromise, and commitment are the mantra to a successful relationship.

Weekly love horoscope: A tarot reading of September 18 – September 24, 2023

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