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Every Chinese zodiac has a power colour, here’s yours!

Colours can elevate our mood and help exude a positive aura. They are endowed with lucky meanings and so, it’s essential to embrace colours that fall in harmony with our Chinese zodiac sign. If we choose the right tones and shades based on our sign, the chances of attracting good energy increase manifold.

Each Chinese zodiac sign has its set of lucky colours. So, making the best use of the colours can steer our path to success. Wearing our power colour can help bring the best in us whether it’s an outfit for a job interview or dressing to impress a potential love interest.

In a conversation with Reader’s Digest, astrologer Guadalupe Terrones echoes a similar sentiment about power colours. According to Terrones, they “help amplify your inherent nature and grant you the confidence to express it more freely.”

While red, yellow and green are the most auspicious colours in China, there’s a wide palette that caters to each zodiac sign. Not sure which is your Chinese zodiac lucky colour? Read on to update your wardrobe and home based on your lucky colour.

Power colours according to your Chinese zodiac sign

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Rat zodiac sign

Lucky colour: blue, gold, green

Unlucky colour: yellow, brown

Rat is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac cycle, and they are considered to be intelligent and sociable. People often seek the advice of those born in the year of the Rat as they have an excellent understanding of human nature.

Their lucky colour blue represents trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and intelligence. On the other hand, gold screams luxury, success and royalty and also possesses the power to bring happiness and positivity. Lastly, green symbolises freshness, renewal and hope.

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Ox zodiac sign

Lucky colour: white, yellow, green

Unlucky colour: blue

Honesty and patience are the two main traits associated with people born in the year of the Ox. They’re very resolute, so it’s hard to change their mind once they’ve made a decision. While they’re usually calm, it doesn’t take them much time to unleash violence if you test their limits.

Their lucky colour white stands for purity and simplicity, representing everything good and right. Yellow is the colour of the sun and exudes hope, positivity and fun. Yellow is also believed to instil optimism.

Another lucky colour for Ox is green. The colour is associated with nature, representing peace, abundance and even wealth.

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Tiger zodiac sign

Lucky colour: blue, grey, orange

Unlucky colour: brown

Just like the zodiac animal, people born in the year of the Tiger have a powerful aura and come across as extremely confident. They are honest, determined, generous as well as stubborn and aggressive at times.

Their lucky colour blue stands for loyalty, reliability as well as authority. You’ll find many brands choose blue in their logos and branding as it instils a sense of trust.

Some people may associate grey with feelings of sadness and loneliness, but the right shade of this colour can actually be very calming.

Finally, the vibrant orange hue screams enthusiasm and excitement. A blend of yellow and red, this colour imbues its wearer with positivity.

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Rabbit zodiac sign

Lucky colour: red, pink, purple, blue

Unlucky colour: brown

Rabbit is believed to be the luckiest sign in the Chinese zodiac structure. People belonging to this sign are intelligent, gentle, and affectionate. However, they can be very demanding and complicated to deal with at times. Therefore, one has to work their way to happily co-exist with them.

Red is the most popular colour in China, widely used in festivals or auspicious ceremonies like weddings. It’s associated with good luck, beauty, passion, and good fortune. On the other hand, pink is linked to love and romance and makes an individual more likeable.

Purple denotes luxury, royalty, independence, and dignity along with an air of mystery. Finally, blue is a non-threatening colour that stands for trust and loyalty.

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Dragon zodiac sign

Lucky colour: gold, silver

Unlucky colour: blue, green

People born in the year of the Dragon strive for excellence in whatever they undertake. It’s considered the most powerful and promising sign in the Chinese zodiac. They’re ambitious, energetic and prove to be great leaders. However, their hot-headed temperament and brazen behaviour can be too much to handle at times.

Their lucky colour gold attracts happiness and positivity and is linked with success and opulence. On the other hand, silver is a graceful and elegant colour that symbolises feminine power, modernity and sophistication. It also helps in overcoming mental, intellectual and emotional turmoil.

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Snake zodiac sign

Lucky colour: black, red, yellow

Unlucky colour: brown, gold, white

The sign may appear nonchalant but is filled with enthusiasm. They’re wise, eloquent and extremely intuitive. One can always count on them in times of need.

Their lucky colour black is associated with many sentiments. It reflects authority, power, strength and status. Black is also a symbol of death and rebirth, which brings about the quality of letting go and starting afresh.

Red is an eye-grabbing tint that represents health, vigour, desire and sexuality. Lastly, yellow is all about warmth, joy and happiness. It brings positivity, clarity of thought and optimism.

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Horse zodiac sign

Lucky colour: yellow, green

Unlucky colour: blue, white

People belonging to this sign are loved by others due to their high-spirited and enthusiastic nature. Hence, they’re likely to garner all the attention at social gatherings. Those born in the year of the Horse enjoy independence and freedom and it’s difficult for them to alter their schedule for someone else. Their sharp and quick mind also helps them navigate the other person’s psyche.

The Chinese connotation attached to yellow is of royalty and in Chinese Buddhism, the colour symbolises emancipation from the material world. It’s also a great colour to uplift mood.

Meanwhile, green reflects purity and puts one in a state of tranquillity due to its soothing aura.

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Goat zodiac sign

Lucky colour: brown, red, purple

Unlucky colour: blue and black

The Goat sign is usually peaceful, kind, and trustworthy, however, they also come across as clingy and someone who is not open to change. Their sympathetic and amicable nature makes them likeable.

The organic hue of brown elicits feelings of warmth, security, and stability. It’s the colour of growth and fertility.

Again, red is one of the most visible colours in the colour spectrum that screams passion. As for purple, it induces a ‘fantasy-like’ feeling along with representing grandeur, pride, and wisdom.

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Monkey zodiac sign

Lucky colour: white, blue, gold

Unlucky colour: red, pink

People born in the year of the Monkey are mischievous, smart, clever, and lively. Because of their playful and eccentric personality, others tend to have trust issues with them. What works the best for this sign is their communication skills, which impress almost everyone they encounter.

White is associated with completion, fresh beginnings and clarity. It is the colour of perfection.

Blue screams trust and loyalty and has a calming effect. Finally, gold boosts confidence and helps the wearer reach their best potential.

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Rooster zodiac sign

Lucky colour: gold, brown and yellow

Unlucky colour: red

Always amusing, skilful and outgoing, the Rooster sign is popular among the crowd. People belonging to this zodiac sign are frank, loyal, and warm-hearted. They have a keen sense of self and don’t rely on others to fulfil their needs.

The colour gold brings positive energy that enhances everything around it. It also represents accomplishment, success, and nobility. Brown colour helps its wearer to stay grounded and appreciate the simple pleasures of life.

Yellow helps in boosting memory and promotes interaction and communication. Being the colour of the sun, it’s linked to warmth and light.

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Dog zodiac sign

Lucky colour: red, green, purple

Unlucky colour: blue, white, gold

People belonging to this sign are honest and extremely loyal in addition to having a good sense of humour. They’ll go above and beyond for their close ones due to their strong sense of commitment. Communication is not their strong suit making it difficult to understand their thoughts.

The colour red represents heightened emotion and power. The colour stimulates the smell and taste buds, making people more sensitive to their surroundings. It’s the best colour to capture attention.

Green is relaxing yet energizing and represents balance. It positively affects relationships and mental health and further helps in healing.

Purple is known to boost creativity by invoking the senses. It also represents harmony and bravery.

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Pig zodiac sign

Lucky colour: yellow, grey, brown

Unlucky colour: red, blue, green

Those born in the year of the Pig are extremely focused on their goal and rarely seek help from others to achieve it. They are very gentle and compassionate and don’t mind compromising to settle things.

Yellow colour is linked to warmth, positivity as well as sunshine and uplifts the wearer’s mood.

The second colour grey is an amalgamation of black and white, acting as the ultimate negotiator. It brings balance and calmness. Last but not least, the colour brown symbolises reliability and stability and allows a person to live in the moment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What are the Chinese lucky colours?

Answer: While red, yellow, and green are the most auspicious colours in China, there's a wide palette that caters to each zodiac sign

Question: What is the lucky colour for 2023?

Answer: Forest green is the lucky colour for 2023 based on Chinese zodiac. You can also wear green, pink, red or blue to attract positive energy.

Every Chinese zodiac has a power colour, here’s yours!

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