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Ryan Gosling’s birth chart proves that the Hollywood heartthrob is truly Ken-tastic!

What makes Barbie’s plastic life even more fantastic? Our very own gorgeous Ken aka Ryan Gosling! While Gosling’s drool-worthy character was created to just observe the ‘awesomeness’ of Margot Robbie’s Barbie, it’s safe to say that he (almost) managed to steal her thunder by channelling his magnetic Kenergy! The actor has established himself as quite the charmer on-screen with films like The Notebook, La La Land and Crazy Stupid Love, but does he hold the same charisma in reality? Well, Ryan’s cosmic stars scream YES! Gosling is hands-down one of the coolest celebrities on the planet, having an irresistible personality powered by his zodiac sign! Whether it’s his successful career, personal relationships, finances or well-being – the actor seems to be blessed by the stars. If you’re curious about what astrology and the stars have to say about Ryan Gosling’s life trajectory, let’s break down his birth chart for you!

Ryan Gosling birth chart: What’s his zodiac sign?

Born on November 12, 1980, the actor is an enigmatic Scorpio – a sign known for its intensity and charisma. Ruled by the planet of transformation and destruction, Pluto, Scorpios usually live in extremes. On a good day, you’ll find their energy ambitious and enticing, while on a bad day, the sign can be very fearless and controlling. Scorpios have an air of mystery around them, which adds to their overall seductive and beguiling appeal.

Owing to their incredible passion and power, Scorpio is often mistaken for a fire sign when in fact it’s a water sign. As a water sign, Scorpios never shy away from engaging in the deep and heavy aspects of life, a quality Ryan Gosling definitely has that makes his performance so credible and convincing. Overall, Scorpio’s a big, bad leader of the water sign family (which includes Cancer and Pisces) who you dare not mess with. The deadly Scorpion’s sting can be fatal, folks!

Understanding Ryan Gosling’s Scorpio personality

ryan gosling
image credit: ryangoslinguk/ Instagram

An incredibly versatile star

Being a Scorpio, Gosling is very comfortable with transformation and change, which is reflected in his versatile performances. From being a mysterious biker riding inside globes of death in The Place Beyond the Pines, getting into the skin of American astronaut Neil Armstrong in the biopic First Man or making our hearts flutter with his boy-next-door charm in The Notebook – Ryan melts into his characters beautifully.

A go-getter with a focused vision

Moreover, Scorpio is a fixed sign, having their goals and ambitions perfectly aligned and diving into them headfirst. They won’t do anything half-heartedly! This go-getting nature is reflected in Ryan’s acting journey, which started at the age of 13 with Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club and other kids’ entertainment programs like Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Goosebumps. The actor persistently tried to ace every role until he finally landed the 2004 romantic drama The Notebook which catapulted him to massive stardom. Gosling has been one of Hollywood’s beloved leading men since.

No time for drama!

Have you seen Ryan Gosling embroiled in a sensational tinsel town drama or scandal? Absolutely not! Being a Scorpio, Ryan Gosling is sensitive about his personal relationships and likes to keep them out of tabloids. Additionally, the actor has a Capricorn moon which instils feelings of detachment and distance, further contributing to his extremely private personality. Ryan’s moon sign steers him clear of Hollywood gossip and petty drama! The actor doesn’t have an active social media presence that can meddle with his private affairs.

Romantic and sensual

While Ryan’s filmography spans many genres, his romantic movies are the ones we can’t stop gushing over. After all, it’s impossible to resist his magnetic and jaw-dropping charm. Gosling seems to be a hardcore romantic, who simply loves love! He’s the man who can bring fire to the romance and spice things up with his intensity.

Not only has Ryan captured the hearts of millions as a stubborn yet lovable leading man on screen but aced his role as a father and husband with his ladylove life Eva Mendes in real life. We’re all channelling Ryan Gosling in our lives as well!

Passionate (read controlling)

Whether it’s his fascination with love and romance or a quest to build his legacy – Gosling’s always brimming with passion to fulfil his desires. Being dedicated to his career since childhood, Ryan attains personal fulfilment through his work as an entertainer. Films act as a creative outlet for his overpowering emotions, which, if left unchecked, can catapult into aggression and controlling behaviour.

Scorpios’ passion is evident in their intense romantic encounters as well. When a Scorpio’s into you, they’ll want to know everything you do, think or believe. However, you won’t have the same access to their privacy! This fuelling desire often causes them to become very protective and they start exercising control. While you might like their passionate side for a while, sometimes it can get a bit (too) much.

Ryan Gosling’s love compatibility: Who does he fit best with?

Moving onto another aspect of Ryan Gosling’s birth chart, let’s break down his love compatibility. While Gosling has had an extensive dating history, forging relationships with Hollywood queens like Rachel McAdams and Olivia Wilde, he finally settled down with the stunning Eva Mendes. But out of all his flames, who’s most astrologically compatible with him? Let’s find out.

While Rachel McAdams is also a Scorpio, Wilde and Mendes are both Pisces. This makes it clear that Gosling’s clearly into Water-sign women! Water signs collide well with each other owing to their similar emotional and intuitive abilities. Being a passionately romantic and sensitive guy, Ryan has always needed a woman capable of matching this intensity.

Ryan Reynolds and Rachel McAdams

ryan gosling rachel mcadams
Image credit: IMDb

When it comes to Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, do we even need to justify their chemistry? For those of you who haven’t watched The Notebook, the duo aced it with their dreamy romance which trickled into real life. The duo started dating after the release of Notebook, with Ryan even gushing that he was thankful to the film for introducing him to ‘one of the great loves of my life’. However, they parted ways after dating for almost 2-3 years. While their intense chemistry might’ve ignited the excitement initially, it also likely led to major power struggles, intense arguments and eventual fallout. They’re both feisty Scorpios after all!

Ryan Reynolds and Olivia Wilde

ryan gosling olivia wilde
Image credit: Oliviawilde/ ryangoslinguk/ Instagram

While neither of the stars confirmed their romance, the duo was rumoured to be dating sometime in 2011. This was a more short-lived encounter following which Gosling found his now partner Eva Mendes. Coming to Ryan and Olivia, both these energetic signs likely dived into an intense romance initially, but with lesser drama. But with the ‘honeymoon phase’ dying down quickly, the connection fizzled out and it reached its end.

Ryan Reynolds and Eva Mendes

ryan gosling eva mendes
Image credit: gosling.mendes/ Instagram

Coming to the Barbie star and the love of his life, Eva Mendes, their relationship seems to be the most stable and least chaotic of the three. Seems like Eva caught Ryan’s fancy at the right time and when you’re lucky enough to lure a Scorpio, be ready for the most incredible romance of your life! Ryan and Eva are each other’s biggest cheerleaders, always rooting for each other in various interviews and social media.

After first sparking dating rumours in 2011 while filming The Place Beyond the Pines, the couple has been going strong for more than a decade. The duo also shares two daughters together – Esmeralda Amada and Amada Lee. Eva has also been championing her beau for his latest blockbuster hit, Barbie, and proudly mentioned on social media ‘That’s my ken’. Ryan and Eva’s is an enviable love story we’re all yearning for! Isn’t it?

Ryan and Eva’s relationship seems to be a perfect balance of passion and compassion as well as excitement and maturity rather than quickly erupting like a volcano only to die down rapidly like his earlier romances.

Ryan Gosling’s career

Born to rule and excel, Scorpios are always climbing the career ladder. They are always learning and upskilling in some capacity. Don’t expect this zodiac sign to get into the politics of the workplace as all they’re concerned with is fulfilling their targets in peace. Similarly, Ryan is also an early worm who gets the bird as he’s only concerned about acting rather than playing into the diplomacy of the industry.

Gosling takes a more philosophical and spiritual approach to his career. Being a naturally talented actor, he always manages to keep things interesting by bringing fresh perspectives to each role. His earnestness and discipline towards his craft encourage people to genuinely support and feel happy for him.

Despite all the successes, Ryan continues to be humble and grounded. He hasn’t let fame consume his sensibility in any way. Scorpios are all about loving yourself first and exuding immense confidence, not in an arrogant way but ‘I’m comfortable in my own skin’ way. Gosling’s self-confidence is what empowered him to take many strategic career risks over the years that catapulted him into the star we know today.

Ryan Gosling’s fortune

Another aspect of Ryan Gosling’s birth chart is his finances and fortune. Scorpios generally enjoy good financial and monetary status and Ryan’s massive net worth is proof. Given the success of his latest outings like Barbie and The Gray Man, Gosling’s net worth has reached a whopping USD 70 million as of July 2023, reports Celebrity Net Worth. Whether it’s his skyrocketing salaries for movies, brand ambassadorship roles for luxury biggies like Tag Heuer or Gucci, real estate investments, a fleet of luxury cars or his entrepreneur journey as a restauranteur – Gosling is at his A-game when it comes to handling wealth.

The Scorpio ruler, Pluto, plays a major role in helping this sign attain financial prowess. Scorpios are very cautious and honest in their professional endeavours and it’s very important for them to exhibit generosity to reach newer levels of financial prosperity. When this sign gets infatuated with materialistic offerings and starts seeing money as a means of exercising control, things come crashing down. So, they should always be prudent and calculative in financial matters!

Which of Ryan Gosling’s birth chart traits do you most relate to, Scorpios?

Hero image: Courtesy IMDb; Feature image: Courtesy ryangoslinguk/Instagram

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  • What is Ryan Gosling’s zodiac sign?

Born on November 12, 1980, Ryan Gosling is an enigmatic Scorpio.

Ryan Gosling’s birth chart proves that the Hollywood heartthrob is truly Ken-tastic!

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