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Aries, Sagittarius or Scorpio: Who is the prettiest zodiac of them all?

Beauty is only skin deep. It is not just one’s physical appearance but also personality that defines how attractive an individual is. One way to discern an individual’s character traits, life path, family life, health and finances is through astrology, which gives an insight into their appearance and character. So, let’s find out the prettiest zodiac signs, according to their star and planet placements.

Astrology helps us decode the unique physical attributes of different sun signs. Additionally, our birth charts and ruling planets dictate the various departments in which we are destined to shine.

How your zodiac sign indicates your beauty

While the sun signs are most commonly referred to while checking a horoscope, they can paint a much more nuanced picture of a personality when considered along with one’s moon sign as well as the rising or ascendant sign in their birth chart. All these components make astrology a holistic subject.

The rising sign can be determined using the exact birth time, place and date of a person. It is simply the zodiac sign of the rising degree on the eastern horizon at the time of one’s birth. It is the first of 12 houses in the birth chart and is considered the most important to deduce factors like life choices, motivation, core nature and health.

It also sheds light on a person’s physical appearance. Further analysis of the rising sign can provide more insight into smaller details related to all aspects of the anatomy and physiology of one’s body.

If you want to find out which zodiacs are likely to be the prettiest, you must study their ruling planets and elements to know what they symbolise about the external appearance of an individual.

Find out which are the prettiest zodiacs and what are their special attributes


which zodiac sign is the prettiest
Image: Courtesy of Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Not surprisingly, Libra is considered the most attractive zodiac sign. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, this cardinal sign is ruled by the planet of love and beauty, Venus and secondly, it is symbolised by the weighing scales, which indicate balance and perfect proportion in every aspect of their personality, including their looks. They are connoisseurs and lovers of everything beautiful. And things like appreciating art come naturally to them.

Being an air sign, they are very intelligent and sociable. Hence, they are blessed with easy charm to please anyone at the drop of their hats. Their physique is often tall and slender with well-formed, attractive features and a disarming smile.

Celebrities: Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, Cardi B, Will Smith, Ranbir Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan


prettiest zodiac sign
Image: Courtesy of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan/Instagram

This intense water sign, symbolised by a scorpion, is known for its passionate, sensual and intuitive qualities. They are deep souls attuned to their inner emotions and possess elements of physical beauty. Indeed, their nature may not be as likeable to everyone as other zodiacs, yet their mysterious charm and sex appeal are undeniable.

Ruled by the planet Pluto, they are inspired by transformation and showcase a slightly dark predicament from time to time. Their piercing and seductive gaze is one of their strongest features coupled with their intelligence and magnetic disposition.

Celebrities: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Reynolds, Drake, Katy Perry. Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.


Image: Courtesy of Ariana Grande/Instagram

Another water sign, Cancer is the most sentimental sign on the zodiac wheel. Symbolised by the crab and ruled by the moon, this romantic sign ranks high on the list of the prettiest zodiacs inside and out. This crustacean displays a beautiful soul with an equally alluring exterior. Loyal to a fault and extremely possessive about their loved ones, they make lasting bonds and other zodiacs find them attractive mostly for their deep set of gorgeous eyes and calming vibe.

Celebrities: Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Chris Pratt, Khloe Kardashian, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Priyanka Chopra.


prettiest zodiac sign
Image: Courtesy of U.S. Department of State/Wikimedia Commons

Ruled by Venus, this earth sign is denoted by the bull. In astrology, Taureans are considered symbols of strength and endurance — both physical and mental. Hence, they are generally blessed with a well-built physique which works in their favour.

Devoted to their partner and job, they are blessed with dependability and an earthy sensuality, which is irresistible and sustainable. They love to indulge in luxurious experiences and maintaining their figures is their hobby.

Celebrities: Cher, George Clooney, Gigi Hadid, Gal Godot, Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma


Image: Courtesy of Daniel Radcliffe/Instagram

The king of the zodiac, this sign is symbolised by the lion. Regal, majestic and big-hearted, this fixed fire sign is characterised by gorgeous tresses and charismatic behaviour. Although their beautiful hair is their characteristic feature, their real beauty lies in their gregarious laughter and expressive, kind eyes.

Leo is ruled by the sun and is, hence, extremely optimistic, exuding happy, positive vibes — something other zodiacs tend to find quite attractive.

Celebrities: Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, Demi Lovato, Meghan Markle and Saif Ali Khan.


prettiest zodiac sign
Image: Courtesy of Sam Shaw/WikimediaCommons

This air sign is symbolised by The Twins known for their brilliant ideas and curious minds. Ruled by the planet Mercury, they are master communicators. They love to mingle and are always the ones with the busiest social calendars. They are blessed with intelligent eyes, a genuine smile and a beautiful complexion. Those born under the sign are regarded for their naturally attractive demeanour and delicate beauty by the other zodiacs.

Celebrities: Angelina Jolie, Kanye West, Natalie Portman, Johnny Depp, Marilyn Munroe and R Madhavan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– Which zodiac sign is the prettiest?
Libra could be hailed as the conventionally prettiest zodiac sign.

– Which zodiac has pretty eyes?
Gemini and Cancer have beautiful eyes.

– What zodiac signs like luxury?
Taureans are known for their love of all things luxurious.

– Which zodiac sign loves beauty?
Libra and Taurus are two zodiac signs known to love beauty.

(Hero and featured image:  Courtesy of Mathew Hamilton/Unsplash)

Aries, Sagittarius or Scorpio: Who is the prettiest zodiac of them all?

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