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Aahana Kumra chose red. What’ll you pick from Wella’s Color Fresh CREATE range? 

If you don’t know this already, embracing your individuality is the raging zeitgeist. And it has been for some time. From loving who you are to expressing it in every which way possible, being comfortable in your skin is the overarching idea that everyone’s talking about. And Aahana Kumra is an actress who understands that.

The star of movies like ‘Lipstick Under My Burkha’ and ‘The Blueberry Hunt’ admits to living her life colourfully, be it through her work or her life choices. In keeping with that, Kumra recently changed her look, colouring her hair red with Wella India’s newest collection, Color Fresh CREATE.

A cool hair colouring product, the Color Fresh CREATE series comes with a palette of more than 10 semi-permanent and intermixable shades that allow one to create any hue for one’s hair. From bouncy reds to flashy greens and calming blues, there’s a colour for everyone and every mood.

Kumra says that she chose red because it’s her signature hue and defines her as a person and as an actress.“I’ve always been a bold person, and I have always chosen experimental roles to play. And it [the colour] is bold, it’s confident, and oozes strength – the three qualities that define me,” says Kumra.

Expression through hair is big right now. From unusual shades to inspiring hair ideas to outstanding hair styles, there’s a visible change in the way people are looking at hair care and hair love these days. And Wella knows how to tap into this zeitgeist, offering products for women and men who like to take their individuality up a notch and wear it like an armour.


The Color Fresh CREATE range therefore comprises an unconventional palette of dazzling semi-permanent shades. There’s also a clear shade for those looking to stay safe but stylish at every step. Statement hair is the trend du jour and Color Fresh CREATE has a finish that’s both healthy and effortless. The collection also facilities creativity that knows no limits – you can mix a few shades and create a hue that’s entirely your own. The clincher? The Color Fresh CREATE shades contain carefully-selected dyes that pastelise over time, for a true-to-tone fade that lasts up to 20 washes.

The uniqueness of these shades comes from the team of nine Global Creative Artists that helped co-create the Color Fresh CREATE line. There’s the legendary OPI Founder Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, whose penchant for showcasing show-stopping shades culminated in a cool and expressive collection of yellows, corals, pinks, blues, and greens. Then, there is the Wella Professionals Global Brand Ambassador, Sophie Turner who knows a thing or two about styling bold colours, including pink. So if your hair speaks volumes about who you are, it’s best to go with a shade that’s bolder, bigger, and invincible.  

And if you still want to be inspired more, here’s what Kumra thinks about her signature red, and the new range.

It’s truly is the time to be bolder and braver with your hair, and let your personality shine through. 

Latha Sunadh
Deputy Editor
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