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Indian influencers who went candid on Instagram about their cosmetic procedures

As designer Marc Jacobs pulls up the veil on facelifts and other cosmetic procedures, we introduce you to Indian influencers who have been open about their own experiments — good and bad, big and small.

The news that truly broke the internet or perhaps lifted it was that of Marc Jacobs’s recent facelift. The 58-year-old designer took to Instagram to reveal to his 1.6M followers the news of his plastic surgery. In a world where cosmetic procedures are kept under wraps and spoken in hushed tones, ripping the bandage off from this tabooed process is recently a daring and novel approach. Marc Jacobs shared the big news with a selfie of his bandaged face with a caption, #LiveLoveLift. He also shared his journey against ‘gravity’ on the platform from a bandaged face, recovery process and the final facelift. Marc Jacobs openness about his cutting-edge cosmetic procedures has opened Pandora’s box on going under the knife with conversations revolving around social stigmas, bad results and personal choice flowing freely.

As Marc Jacobs’ endorsement generates interest, we find Indian influencers who have openly shared their own personal experiences with facelifts, Botox, fillers, laser and other cosmetic procedures. In our humble opinion, choosing a procedure is secondary to choosing acceptance. In a bid to support influencers who influence with honesty, we draw up a list of those who have opted for cosmetic procedures with acceptance and shared their experiences the same way they would review a new lipstick or face oil. The list isn’t crafted to shame, mock or suggest that one should get treatments, it’s simply a collation of beauty bloggers who have braved stigmas to share their journeys.

Aanam C

Aanam C Instagram Cosmetic Procedures
Image: Courtesy Aanam C Instagram

Sharing your insecurities on the Internet is a daunting task. So when a beauty blogger recently shared the details of her lip filler procedure, you had to acknowledge her boldness. In her recent vlog on Youtube, she talks about how she always wanted to match the plumpness of her upper and lower lip and her decision to get lip fillers. A temporary dissolvable treatment that gives you the appearance of a fuller lip. She’s gotten her treatment from the renowned cosmetic physician, Dr Jamuna Pai at Skin Lab and is a comprehensive look at the dos and don’ts of the cosmetic procedure.

Anupa Sahu

Anupa Sahu Instagram
Image: Courtesy Anupa Sahu Instagram

While we all want to drink from the fountain of youth, botox, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Dermal fillers are a non-invasive technique that essentially fills this gap. Beauty blogger Anupa Sahu decides to get this simple and effective procedure done to brighten her under eye and have a more hydrated skin texture. Dermal fillers are basically injecting Hyaluronic Acid or other gel-like substances beneath the skin to restore lost volume and fill smooth lines or creases. Anupa opted for this simple cosmetic procedure from Kosmoderma that took about 15-30 minutes and shared her experience and difference in her vlog.

Srishti S Bhatia

Srishti S Bhatia
Image: Courtesy Srishti S Bhatia Instagram

Another beauty and fashion blogger that shared her lip filler journey with utmost transparency is Delhi-based Srishti S Bhatia. While many questioned her decision to plump her already full lips, Srishti shared that it was done simply to even out the size difference between the two. Done by Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi at MedLinks Aesthetics, Srishti in her IGTV video shares her complete journey. Everything from her consultation, prior experience, painless procedure to final results is documented here, and she also answered a lot of queries from her followers about it. This approach is helpful in diminishing myths, hesitations and negative comments about the procedure.

Aayushi Bangur

Aayushi Bangar
Image: Courtesy Aayushi Bangar Instagram

If you’ve always wondered about the pouty lips, perfect hair, and groomed eyebrows your favourite star or influencers sports. It’s important to understand that permanent makeup options are often an easy way to achieve that perfection. A while back, fashion influencer Aayushi Bangur shared her experience of getting her eyebrows nano-bladed. Done at the White Door Salon, nanoblading is a treatment that uses ultra-fine needles to mimic the natural bushiness of your brow. A simple procedure, Aayushi shared minute details in a bid to educate the audience about the two sitting procedures — how much it hurts, how long they last, the cost of the procedure, and more.

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