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Celebrate World Chocolate Day with these chocolate-infused beauty products

Chocolate-infused beauty products are the next best thing if you want to get the benefits of cocoa without consuming calories.

A hard day at work, a bad hair day, or any slight inconvenience, there’s nothing chocolate can’t fix. There is simply no food like it. The feeling of the rich sweet treat melting in our mouth might just be the best feeling ever. It is one of our favourite indulgences. Not only is the flavour unmatched, but psychologically chocolate is supposed to have a positive effect on our brain. Sadly, as much as we love chocolates, overconsumption can lead to some pretty terrible health conditions. It is high in sugar and fat and the addictive nature of chocolate can end up making us consume way more calories than we need. So, this World Chocolate Day, indulge in your love for chocolate in a healthier way, by incorporating these chocolate-infused beauty products into your regime routines!

Chocolate has a high cocoa content that is rich in flavonoids, these ensure glowy and bright skin. They prevent our skin from sun damage, improve blood flow to the skin, and increase skin density and hydration. Cocoa also helps heal scars as it is rich in omega-6 fatty acids which are known to assist skin healing at the cellular level. The Vitamin C and magnesium present can help prevent ageing and help calm redness. All these benefits are enough to make us want to eat more chocolate but maybe it is time we add it into our beauty routines.

The world of beauty is constantly coming up with new innovations, we have had coffee body scrubs, and snail serums and now chocolate-infused beauty products are becoming popular. Here are some of our favourite chocolate-infused beauty products.

Brownie Lip Scrub

If you mistakenly end up eating your lip products, this chocolate lip scrub is perfect for you. Although not edible, this product by The June Shop is called Mudpie Lip Scrub, it is an exfoliating lip scrub that helps you get rid of dead skin and chapped lips. It is made with natural ingredients and leaves your lips soft and supple – and tastes like brownies!

Repair Lip Balm

From one lip product to another, The Lip Balm Company makes The Chocolate Co which is a repair-oriented lip mask. The Lip Balm Company uses the psychological effects of chocolate in their product, “The chocolate is here to motivate your brain into thinking about happiness and goodness, all of which fight the sensitivity creating stress hormones.” The calendula oil present in this balm is proven to help with the healing of chapped lips, it is made from natural ingredients and plumps and lifts the lips.

Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow

One of the most well-known chocolate products has to be Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar Eye Palette which is loved by makeup artists. It is a pigmented 16-shade eyeshadow palette that has both matte as well as shimmer colours. This palette got so much love that Too Faced released another limited edition chocolate-flavoured palette called ‘Better Than Chocolate’. It is a chocolate-inspired palette that has a high colour payoff and the shades have names like ‘bite me’ and ‘brownie points’.

If you like these palettes but have a smaller spending budget, Makeup Revolution, The British-owned brand that is available on Nykaa also has a similar eye shadow palette. It only retails for INR 1550 as compared to Too Faced’s palette which is priced at INR 4500. This palette also has 16 shades that range from light to dark and are creamy and rich, just like chocolate. And to make it even better, the packaging resembles a chocolate bar. Makeup revolution has the ‘I Heart Chocolate Light and Glow palette’ as well, which is a highlighter palette with two shades. This palette is also available in a bronzer version. The prices of these products are cheap but Makeup Revolution does not comprise with the quality of products

Chocolate Mousse Face Mask

Dot & Key, one of India’s recent obsessions has invested in creating chocolate skincare as well. They have launched a chocolate mousse face mask that is made with artisanal cocoa powder, this mask stimulates collagen production and leaves your skin glowy and nourished.

Chocolate Combo

The Beauty Co. Chocolate Coffee Combo is a six-piece skin revitalising kit which includes a face wash for acne-prone skin, a face scrub that is supposed to leave your skin soft and glowing and a mask as well nourishes your face. The pack also includes these products for your body.

Ice Cream Bathing Soap

chocolate soap
Laviche Bath Essential

Laviche Bath Essentials has a chocolate-chip ice cream soap but for your skin, it is perfectly moulded into the shape of an ice cream. This soap has chocolate oil and cocoa powder infused in it that nourishes the skin.

Ice Cream Nail Enamel

chocolate ice cream nail polish

Although eating nail polish seems like a cardinal sin, beauty brand Nails.INC collaborated with Ice Cream Brand Magnum to release 6 chocolate scented nail polishes.

Dark Chocolate Nail Polish Remover

colorbar nail polish remover

If there can be chocolate scented nail polish, there has to be a chocolate scented nail polish remover too, right? Colorbar has a dark chocolate nail enamel remover. Though it doesn’t have any cocoa-related benefits, it smells divine, because it smells like dark chocolate. “It does the job so well, and it has a pleasant smell of chocolate that will linger on your fingers upto 4 days.” One customer wrote.

On the 7th of July each year, the world celebrates chocolate. This World Chocolate Day harnesses the benefits of cocoa and include it in your beauty routine.

All Images: Courtesy Brands. 

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