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Celebrity buzz cuts to get inspired from for a new quarantine crop

Thinking of getting buzzed for your new quarantine crop? Here are some celebrity-approved buzz cut styles to help you get it right at home. 

There are only two reasons why you’re thinking of getting a haircut at home. First and obviously, you can’t reach a barber right now and second, the summer heat is getting too much to handle with that grizzly overgrow on your head. 

With barbershops closed due to COVID-19, we reckon men would take these extra weeks to let their hair grow grizzly. Instead, they’re taking all the weight off, leaving back merely a quarter of an inch of hair. With military-inspired buzz cut styles stealing the spotlight this summer, here are seven celebrities rocking the crop. 

David Beckham

It’s a well known that Beckham is a true messiah on-field and has the same reputation when it comes to his hairstyles as well. Staying home in the lockdown, he took his hairstyling in his own hands and scaled his trimmer down to a .5 or a . Going hassle-free. This length is actually called the ‘induction’ in the books of buzz cut styles, as used by the military to groom every new soldier.

Nick Jonas

Before Jonas was dating Priyanka Chopra and rocking the undercut, as he has today, he had a buzz phase. This one stretches a bit more than the length of the induction cut, with the trimmer set at one. However, we’d advise this style for men with the rectangular face shape. It creates the illusion of sharper corners if you trim your beard the right length to match it.


Believe it or not, it’s rare to spot Drake when he’s not sporting a beanie, a snapback or covering his head with a hoodie. But under that is a faded buzz cut. He gets his hair texture from his ethnicity, but besides that, it’s how he maintains a clean flat hairline rather than a conventional V. For men who have thick and healthy growth, this is a great way of showing off a well-defined hairline.


Zayn has always been an inspiration to young men and hairstyles. He mastered the art of fading an undercut, growing out an 80s-inspired slick-back, and now a buzz cut. His length though, being a bit longer than the quintessential, helps add texture. Of course, given that, there’s some maintenance and vigilant duties you should follow.

Hardik Pandya

As far as homegrown heroes are concerned, here’s Hardik Pandya and his quarantine cut is an undercut. But before it evolved into that, he started with a rather unique buzz cut style. While the sides start off at a mere .5, it transitions into a 3 on its way up, creating a blend of a buzz cut and an undercut. Something we should definitely try during this summer.

Ryan Renolds

Back in his Wade Wilson days, Reynolds sported one of the coolest buzz cut styles for men of all ages. It requires low maintenance, embraces the salt and pepper aesthetic, plays with texture, and hides receding hairlines. Though only if you have a long face like Ryan. To create a slight quiff, he’s allowed the front to grow a bit longer than the rest.

Eden Hazard

We highlighted Eden’s buzz cut not because it’s unique but the way his beard compliments it, creating a fuller and more structured look. The combination of a fade and the matching length between the top and his beard makes it look like it comes with the same package. It also shows the importance of how impactful a beard is when it comes to making a great buzz cut impression.

All images: Respective Instagram profiles

Celebrity buzz cuts to get inspired from for a new quarantine crop

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