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Choppy to curtain: Make your next haircut a makeover with this guide to bangs

Scores of dramatic anecdotes and haircut-horror videos on YouTube can leave the most spontaneous of people apprehensive about sporting bangs. That said, with a few facts up your sleeve, you can transform the way you look without having to reach for a box of tissues. Here’s a quick guide to bangs for your next haircut appointment.

Whether it’s an impulsive post-breakup decision or a well-researched endeavor – hopping on the fringe train has gained considerable steam in the fashion world over the past few months. And for good reason. The right cut and length can add that oomph to any look, sans accessories or bold outfits. Don’t believe us? BlackPink’s Lisa, Taylor Swift, and Dakota Johnson might just change your mind.

That said, your vision for Korean-style wispy bangs or a runway-ready choppy fringe could go from trendy to straight disaster if you don’t consider factors like hair length, face shape, everyday styling requirements, and more! In fact, when it comes to all things bangs – your mileage may vary. Before you whip out those scissors or make an appointment with your stylist, take a peek at our guide to sporting a haircut with bangs.

A quick guide to bangs: Types and what’s best for your face shape

Classic Bangs


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As the name suggests, this one’s a fool-proof look – featuring straight-across bangs. They look best with naturally straight hair but work well with most hair types. All you need to do is ask your stylist to trim the fringe just above your eyebrows. Best part? Once they grow a bit you could part them in the middle, sweep them to the side, pin them off the face, or even tousle them for a messy look. The only catch? You might have to go back for a trim every other week or learn how to do it yourself. Blow dry them when damp using a boar-bristle, rounded brush; avoid adding products to keep them from being weighed down.

Best suited to: Oval-shaped faces
Celebrities who’ve sported this look: Lisa Manoban, Taylor Swift, Zooey Deschanel

Curtain Bangs


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Currently one of the most popular styles – perhaps due to its low-maintenance nature – curtain bangs are a great option for when you want bangs without the commitment. These are a soft version of traditional fringes and frame your forehead like a curtain. Whether feathered or layered – the style adds volume to your tresses and pairs well with long or medium-length hair. You could wear it pushed to the side, parted down the middle, or tousled. Better yet, you don’t need to go back to your stylist for a trim. That’s a win in our books. To style them, part your hair down the middle and blow dry away from your face using a round brush. Texturising sprays work well to make them hold their shape and add further volume.

Best suited to: Most face shapes but specifically round-shaped faces, since they accentuate the cheekbones.
Celebrities who’ve sported this look: Dakota Johnson, Priyanka Chopra, Katy Perry, Kaley Cuoco

Side Bangs

A touch longer than straight-across bangs – side-swept bangs are as retro as they come. They could be short and swept to the side, grazing your brows just above the opposite eye, slicked or bouncy at the top like a 70s movie. All you need to style them is a boar bristle brush, hairspray, and a vision of how you’d like them to sit. Like curtain bangs, these are easy on the upkeep and quite versatile. They, however, work best with shorter hairstyles, especially pixie cuts. Wrap your bangs around a ceramic brush and blow dry away from your face to style them. Gel works well for cleaner, more sleek updos. Forget the Gen–Z stigmatisation of side parts, this style is here to stay.

Best suited to: Rectangular- and round-shaped faces
Celebrities who’ve sported this look: Dakota Johnson, Katrina Kaif, Disha Patani, Emma Stone

Wispy Bangs


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The softer, more breezy cousin of blunt bangs – wispy bangs fuse short, long, blunt, and feathered strands that sit across your forehead. They elongate your face from the forehead down, while shaping your chin and softening your jawline. When cut on thicker, textured hair, they add brevity and bounce, while on thinner hair they add shape. Besides, wispy bangs bring a sassy spirit and movement to any hairdo, while working well to disguise a large forehead. They’re also low-maintenance. After blow drying your bangs, arrange them with your fingers just so to give them a natural look. Keep dry shampoo handy for when things get sticky and heavy.

Best suited to: Heart-shaped faces
Celebrities who’ve sported this look: Perrie Edwards, Selena Gomez, Elizabeth Olsen, Camila Cabello

Choppy Bangs


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If you like your haircuts with a chic, dangerous edge – these are for you. Choppy bangs feature a textured fringe, with varying lengths and angles. Broken ends and wispy texture, they spotlight the eyes and complement most haircuts. They also work well with textured or wavy hair. You could ask your stylist to have them just about graze your eyebrows for a classic look or cut them short for something more edgy. Style them with a straightener for a clean look or blow dry and curl around your fingers for a textured finish.

Best suited to: Round-shaped faces
Celebrities who’ve sported this look: Priyanka Chopra, Cara Delevigne, Emily Ratajkowski, Jennifer Lopez

Curly Bangs


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For girls with ringlets, fringes often equate to curly bangs. These refer to bangs that are naturally curled. Choppy, curtain, and long-blunt styles work best for this hair texture. Style them as you would your normal hair and tousle them to give them a messy, natural look. Best part? These look great whether you wear your hair up or down.

Best suited to: All face shapes
Celebrities who’ve sported this look: Zendaya, Rihanna, Lizzo, Sandra Oh

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Choppy to curtain: Make your next haircut a makeover with this guide to bangs

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