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Curtain bangs— the banging trend of 2022 and celebrities that rocked the style

A hairstyle that continues to enter the new year with a bang is the curtain bangs. Curtain bangs trended last year, and they’re back again in 2022. What are they, and which are the celebrities that rocked the curtain bangs style?

Curtain bangs were first made famous in the ’60s and the ’70s, allegedly and practically invented by Brigette Bardot, a ’60s celebrity that rocked the curtain bangs style. Curtain Bangs are a type of bang that frames both sides of the face. The best part about this style is that it works for all face shapes with its versatility and the ways you can tweak it as per your mood. They are somewhat messy yet effortless, framing your face like a curtain frames a window, hence the name.

Image Courtesy: Bangs Vintage Instagram

Curtain bangs will be a trend of 2022, too. We will see several indulging in this trend and rocking it, no doubt. Curtain bangs can be kept in the front or swept aside, whatever pleases your mind, and that way, it wouldn’t keep coming in your face or eyes. While the look continues to trend, check out some curtain bangs looks that celebrities rocked. Not only do they look great on long hair but, it also fits perfectly with any other length.

Celebrities that rocked the curtain bangs style:

Janhvi Kapoor

Image Courtesy: Janhvi Kapoor Instagram

Janhvi Kapoor has gorgeous hair, and she can pull off any hairstyle she tries seamlessly. So, when she posted these stunning pictures of herself, dawning curtain bangs and highlights, no doubt the look was bookmarked for inspiration. She certainly is a celebrity that rocked the curtain bangs style, and she knows it. The bangs with her messy, wavy hair complete the look just right.

Priyanka Chopra

Image Courtesy: Priyanka Chopra Instagram

We’ve seen Priyanka Chopra in long hair, short hair, in a sleek look, with a bob cut and is a celebrity that rocked the curtain bangs style, too. We have seen it all, and we aren’t complaining. It shows that any hairstyle looks great on this desi girl. She has adorned the curtain bangs several times in various manners. Whether it was with loose curls or a bun, she looked incredible both ways.

Katrina Kaif

Image Courtesy: Katrina Kaif Instagram

Katrina Kaif looks absolutely adorable with her hair tied up and the messy curtain bangs. It really shows that even a little unkempt look can appear cute. She is a celebrity that rocked the curtain bangs style in style, and we can’t wait to try this look out someday.

Ananya Panday

Image Courtesy: Ananya Panday Instagram

Curtain bangs can be subtle and blend in with your hair, too. Like with one of the looks of Ananya Panday, the style is not too evident but is seen subtly. Ananya Pandey is a celebrity that rocked the curtain bangs style with space buns, too, showcasing her fun personality. Both look so different, yet she pulled it off without any effort.

Shanaya Kapoor

Image Courtesy: Shanaya Kapoor Instagram

The loved by all and an inspiration for many— a Gen Z celebrity that rocked the curtain bangs style is Shanaya Kapoor. Any image that she uploads ticks off all we aspire our feed to look like, whether fashion or aesthetics. Her wavy tresses and the curtain bangs are giving a super chic vibe, and we are here for it. We are living for her outfit and sparkly purse, too.

Disha Patani

Image Courtesy: Disha Patani Instagram

Disha Patani is serving killer looks with her light brown locks and curtain bangs. If you are ever looking to get your hair coloured and planning to spice it up with some curtain bangs, this image will be the perfect inspiration you can share with your hairstylist. We undoubtedly want to know the secret behind this celebrity that rocked the curtain bangs style without even trying.

Neha Sharma

Image Courtesy: Neha Sharma Instagram

Neha Sharma is a celebrity that rocked the curtain bangs style in two ways— her hair left open and also a pin-up look. Curtain bangs can really be styled in many different ways, making you look put together at all times, framing your face and letting your features peek out. The bangs with her highlights suit her and her face shape perfectly.

Kirti Kulhari

Image Courtesy: Kirti Kulhari Instagram

Kirti Kulhari is another celebrity that showed us how to flaunt curtain bangs with the hair tied up and even open. Although these aren’t the long-length ones, she is a celebrity that has rocked the curtain bangs style in a short-length absolutely flawlessly. It shows that even short-length curtain bangs look great if styled right.

Hero Image Courtesy: Priyanka Chopra and Janhvi Kapoor Instagram; Featured Image Courtesy: Katrina Kaif Instagram


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