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Everything you need to know about brows: Shape, style, best products & more

Eyebrows have got to be the most complicated part of a beauty ritual. The shaping, brushing and drawing are the most difficult yet the most assuring part of a makeup routine. Lessons on how to shape your brows and how to make them look effortlessly chic. 

With Covid-19, salons are the last thing on our minds. So, how does a good brow routine work? We decided to give you a little nudge with brow expert Umang Vanshika at Benefit India. Owing to her simple makeup tutorials and easy hacks, Vanshika has a great eye for picking out products that work well on Indian skin tones. Here are all the questions on brows, answered by the star herself. 

Can you shape your brows at home? How and what are the tools we can use? 

Of course, we can groom our brows at home. It’s imperative that we have a really good pair of tweezers and a spoolie brush. You can brush your hair up and identify the hair you want to pluck out. Don’t over-tweeze, just pluck the extra or excessive hair that is growing out of your natural brow shape. 

How can one get lush brows?

By definitely maintaining a good diet. What you eat internally, shows up externally. Make sure you eat a lot of greens, keep hydrated, and try to de-stress. The one tip I can give you is to add castor oil into your night-time routine. It helps deep condition the brow hair and strengthen the roots so they grow strength to strength. 

What’s the best shape you think works for brows these days?

Brow shapes are personal. It depends on your face shape, face structure, your personality and style. But, one I would recommend is a nice thick arched brow, it’s a winner. Soft arches and a full-thick brow works on practically everyone. 

What does one do if one has over-plucked their brows?

You have to give it time for it to grow back into its full strength. Always go to a proper professional. Go to a person who you know is good with face shapes and understands brows well. I have trained a few brow experts at Benefit counters so do try and see them once to get your brows into a perfect shape. 

How does one draw brows in without them looking fake – what’s the hack or trick?

Practice makes perfect. If you are a beginner, go for a broad-tip pencil or an eyeshadow. Invest in a good brow powder, you can also try using a deep brown-grey eyeshadow to fill your brows. MAC Cosmetics makes some great eyeshadows that suit Indian brow hair colour. The best hack to make them look really natural: Brush your brow hair from the root to the tip with a spoolie brush, this way, you will distribute the brow powder evenly and your brows will look natural. 

The best brow makeup essentials one must own? 

A spoolie brush that comes with any good quality eyebrow pencil these days is a wonderful addition to any makeup bag. My favourite is Precisely, My Brow Pencil from Benefit Cosmetics

What’s best, waxing, threading or tweezing?

All three work very well. Anything that pulls the hair from the root works. I personally love waxing, it’s definitely more hygienic, it’s kinder on the skin in the sense that it’s less painful and it doesn’t give you undergrowth. I will always prefer waxing over threading and tweezing only if I’m not able to go to a salon. 

How should one choose a brow colour when it comes to buying products?

It’s a simple formula. Always look at your hair colour first – is it light, deep or dark? Also, look at the undertone – cool, warm or neutral. If you have red highlights, you have a warmer undertone and if you have blonde highlights, it’s a cooler undertone and if you have a mix of both with a medium tone, then it’s neutral. Look at the strength of the colour and the undertone – that’s how you decide. 

How often should one shape their brows?

It’s a personal thing – once a month or once in three weeks depending on your hair. 

A trick to make your brows look awesome that you learned on the job?

The one thing I learned is the importance of using a clear brow gel. It makes any brow look amazing, giving it a full, crisp look. It pushes the hair up and makes them look more fluffy and put together. The natural-looking brow will then look stylish and effortless. Choose from: Benefit Cosmetics 24 Hour Brow Setter Shaping & Setting Gel, Maybelline New York Great Lash Clear Mascara, and Brow Set Clear Gel from MAC Cosmetics.

How to create the perfect brow arch?

Map your brows first. To determine where your arch should naturally sit, always use a pencil from the corner of your nose, cutting straight through your pupil and going straight up to your brow. That’s where your brow should naturally arch. Start with a pencil and brush it out so you are not messing it up. 

A mistake most people make when it comes to their brows?

Over-plucking and over-tweezing is a  big no-no. Not letting your brows come to their full strength before they can groom it. Never shape them without letting them come to their full, natural strength. 

How does one work with sparse brows?

Use a good micro-tip pencil, use one that is so thin and fine that it lets you draw each hair perfectly and helps fill in sparse spaces well. If you mess up, you can always use the spoolie to brush them out and make them look beautiful and fluffy. 

Everything you need to know about brows: Shape, style, best products & more

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