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Good vibes only: A step-by-step route to creating a calm, relaxing bedroom 

Self-care is the backbone of survival in today’s fast-paced world. With short deadlines and busy social lives, everyone craves a calming space they can retire to at the end of the day. A space that’s soothing, healing, and at the same time reflects one’s personality and lifestyle. For most, this is the bedroom. And helping create this calming mood is Iris, a label known for its exquisite home fragrances and aesthetic fragrance delivery systems.

IRIS home fragrances from Ripple, the spatial fragrance division of the 70-year-old NR Group, renowned for cycle pure agarbathies is the world largest incense stick brand. Not only does the brand create aroma products, but also makes in-house blends with perfumes through NESSO, a global market leader in tuberose and jasmine extracts. With a stronghold such as this in the aroma industry, Iris home fragrances’ repertoire includes reed diffusers, vaporizers, ultrasonic misters, potpourri, aromatic candles, and ultrasonic misters.

What makes Iris home fragrances work? The fact that they are infused with pure and natural aromatic oils, with each aroma carefully chosen to reflect unique personas, tastes, and moods. The choices are varied and versatile – there is apple cinnamon, lavender, lemongrass, orange blossom, amber rose, marigold, sandal cinnamon, tuberose, citronella, patchouli, and more – all geared to give your room and home a great vibe. If you are looking to elevate the senses and create a pleasant atmosphere, all you need is a mix of ideas and products that can give you a complete sensory experience. It is said that one spends about a third of one’s day in the bedroom; it only makes sense then to put in time and effort to make your inner sanctum a more mindful, warm retreat. Here’s how we suggest you do it.

Add tasteful lighting 


Aromatic candles are a great way to add mood lighting to the room – pick from Iris’ Green Tea, Pina Colada, Dewberry, and more. Such unique fragrances add a certain charm and vibe to the room. If you want more variety, opt for versions in glass jars, colourful votive, or rose-shaped ones that double up as floating candles.

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Reed diffusers add a calming effect 


Nothing spells calm like a reed diffuser in the corner of a room. The idea is simple: Reeds, which are porous and excellent for diffusion, are partially immersed in a bottle of fragrant oil. The fragrance travels up the reeds and floats around the room. Harnessing their aromacological properties, pick up fragrances like lavender (great for good sleep, soothes and relaxes you, giving you a sense of calm) and lemongrass (re-energizes and perks you up). One can also try fragrance vaporizers, where you can add a few drops of essential oil to a bowl of water with a heated tea light candle.

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Stack your favourite books and create a reading nook

Iris home fragrances

Creating a book shelf that boasts your favourite titles is a way to encourage night-time reading – a habit most of us have long forgotten thanks to our cellphones and Instagram. So recreating the right vibe can help you get back to this healthy habit, and more importantly, add books that are inspiring so you wake up with a positive frame of mind. A signature wingback or an accent chair is a great investment for any room. Add a comfy throw with the right thread count and a cosy cushion to elevate the space. Now imagine cuddling up with your favourite book and a fragrance vaporizer that adds the right mood. While the flickering light from the candle or vaporizer enhances the ambience of the room, a choice of fragrance like lemongrass help one concentrate or Lavender that gives you a peaceful sleep.

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Use fuss-free plants or potpourri in vintage bowls


Greenery gives every room life, and that means you can choose from tiny potted cacti to succulents, both low maintenance items. If you don’t like the hassle of a potted plant, dry flowers in the form of potpourri can help get the feel right so use them liberally at home and at your workstation. Choose scented potpourri – we personally love fragrances like Jasmine, Apple Cinnamon and Lavender.

We love: Iris Potpourri

Try white sheets and white decor

Iris home fragrances 

White is right when it comes to bedding. We truly believe that white creates a mellow and soft ambience. Add accents in a bright color to build depth. Throw in a cozy rug and you are set. What you can add to this is a great, innovative product called the Ultrasonic Mister, that emits an eco-friendly cool mist that is a result of ultrasonic vibrations that actually that convert water-based fragrance into a fine mist without either heat or smoke. What more do you need for blissful sleep? Just one spritz gives you uninterrupted sleep with beautiful dreams.

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