The trick to looking sharp and spiffy is to follow a regular grooming ritual.

Unlike women, whose beauty rituals can be both elaborate and expensive, men don’t have to spend hours and fortunes on skincare and haircare products. If you are unable to follow the daily grooming routine to the T, there are reasons to get proactive and schedule monthly appointments at your salon. We spoke to industry experts, who are responsible for grooming some of the fittest and fabulous men, about five key in-salon services.

Manicure-pedicure are not just for ladies

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Luxury salons across India have curated mani-pedi services specially for gentlemen

This tops the list of must-do grooming services recommended by Savio John Pereira, a celebrity stylist. “A basic manicure-pedicure is a must for men. It’s not uncommon to come across men at the salon who shy away from getting mani-pedis because they think it’s too feminine, but that’s not true at all,” asserts Pereira, who also runs his eponymous salons. According to him, a manicure-pedicure is a basic hygiene service. “Men do wear more closed shoes, smell more, and have a lot more dead skin. A mani-pedi will help get rid of all that,” he adds. You can opt for the basic or even try out the specialised treatments available. Samir Srivastav CEO, Jean Claude Biguine Spa and Salon for whom manicured nails and clean feet are non-negotiable, recommends the Bespoke Pedicure & Manicure by Footlogix as a must-try at JCB. “Not only does a good mani-pedi session improve hand/feet heath, but it also prevents pesky ingrowths and releases stress.”
If you want something even fancier, then book yourself a Royal Mani-Pedi at Truefitt & Hill. The hands are dipped into the ‘Tea Tree Antiseptic soak’ for about 40-60 seconds, and then scrubbed thoroughly; there’s even a hydrating earth mask.

Get regular clean ups

grooming services
With intense pollution and a hyper-urban lifestyle, our skin needs cleansing and refreshment

A clean up includes cleansing, exfoliation, steam (sometimes), removal of blackheads and whiteheads, and a soothing face pack. With the rising levels of pollution, a simple wash and scrub in the shower doesn’t cut it anymore, believes Srivastav who recommends regular organic facials to men. Imperial Spa and Salon, New Delhi, which has an exclusive treatment menu, just for men, features a range of facials to address different skin concerns. Their Casanova Facial comes as a highly recommended result-driven treatment that counteracts stress, under-eye circles, and dull lifeless skin.
If not a facial, then definitely get clean-ups once every 45 days. If you have reservations booking an in-salon facial, try a sheet mask at home. Sol Malik, President- LuxaDerme New York, which specialises in botanical-based sheet masks, roots for BioCellulose Brightening Mask and BioCellulose Firming Mask. “Using sheet masks after shaving not only hydrates, soothes, and nourishes a freshly shaved face but also helps in reducing razor burns.”

Schedule monthly scalp detox sessions

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A detox we all take for granted

To avoid hair loss, dandruff, and an itchy scalp, get a professional scalp detox every month. This regenerates the scalp from within and repairs the scalp barrier leaving it clean and nourished. Men’s scalps are more sensitive yet most men don’t choose their hair care products consciously. “They just end up using whatever is available at home and this may not be the best practice,” Pereira points out. “Scalp detox controls excess sebum accumulation in the scalp due to sweating or styling products, which can clog the pores or cause dandruff.”

Manage the eyebrow fuzz

Neatly groomed eyebrows can make a great impression

“While you may have made it without touching your precious brows for the first few decades of your life, ignoring that shaggy brow in your late twenties and thirties is just not attractive,” says Srivastav.  This doesn’t mean trimming it down drastically, but threading them just enough for a neater appearance. “It not only gives a better definition to the face but also keeps you away from angry-looking unibrows,” he adds.

Deep Tissue Massage

Take time off and squeeze out the stress

For men who workout, a deep tissue massage is a necessity. “When you lift weights, the muscles get tight and a deep tissue massage helps to relieve stressed muscles. This is helpful with blood circulation as well,” adds Pereira. As one of the most neglected grooming services, it’s actually a necessity in today’s hyper-urban lifestyle.

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