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5 uncomplicated yet cool hairstyles for those working from home

There are bigger things to worry about than hair when you are stuck in a pandemic. That said, there’s always a Zoom meeting or an MS Teams call lurking in the corner for work-from-home professionals. While that might not mean a clean shirt or makeup, but it does demand a swift run of the comb through the hair. Thanks to IGTV tutorials and Instagram hacks, our hair is in a safe place. We picked out 5 exciting and easy DIY hairstyles one can sport to look put-together 24/7.


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A post shared by Heather (@_thefab3) on Feb 25, 2017 at 11:09pm PST

Seen as the top trend on Instagram currently according to beauty website, Byrdie, this bun is the “Parisian-girl equivalent to the ponytail”. We’re intrigued because it’s just a twist of your bun into a messier but strangely banana-shaped bun. It’s a low-bun, so there’s no need to go all out on your forehead and let the wispy hair run along. What we see is a messier version of a French bun, so all you need to do is to roll up your hair, pin loose ends with bobby pins or slides and let it stay vertical — the longer, the better, it need not be a perfect round bun. Just add a bit of shine spray and it stays in shape. You can also add a bit of dry shampoo to give these DIY hairstyles some hold.

Style 2: Sock hair


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A post shared by justine marjan (@justinemarjan) on Apr 13, 2020 at 12:32pm PDT

Where did we first see it? Hairstylist and beauty expert Justine Marjan tied her hair with socks and slept with it and lo behold, by morning, you have salon-like beach waves that are just rightly tousled. We even had beauty blogger Natasha Patel try it out to perfection, and we’re sold. It seems like an easy, doable trend for those staying at home. Just comb it out, and you have beautiful waves that will make you the envy of the zoom room. If not, you can always try these cute DIY salon curls by the girls at Imagecode — so fun. 

Style 3: Easy Topknot


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A post shared by Priyanka Borkar (@priyanka.s.borkar) on Apr 19, 2020 at 4:39am PDT

We’re big fans of Bollywood’s favourite hairstylist Priyanka Borkar who has styled the likes of Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif, and Priyanka Chopra. She’s been using her time in lockdown to give tips on how to try on a variety of hairstyles. By far, one of the best ones we saw is the Easy Peasy Top Knot that Borkar demonstrates on her blond hair.

The style takes just about 5 minutes, and it’s a half-bun. So let your hair stay and only try this tiny knot on the top part of your hair — very Taylor Swift and oh-so-bohemian. For those looking at a more complicated but fun style with time to kill, her braided ponytail tutorial another of our favourite DIY hairstyles is a winner on all counts. 

Style 4: Summer Scarf Bun


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A post shared by Anushka Mulchandani Tata (@anushkamulchandani) on Mar 31, 2019 at 9:38am PDT

Our friendly hair and fashion blogger Anushka Mulchandani is the perfect person to reach out to for fun, easy hair tutorials this summer. The star blogger experiments with her hair endlessly, coming out with cool hacks that not only are easy to create but fun too. Her Instagram series, #Pocketdoeshair, is a good way to find these tutorials. As for us, a scarf hairstyle seems like the best option to try — little chic but also adds a twist to a normal bun. All you need is a way to braid your hair messy, add in a scarf of your choice, and tie it up in a neat low-bun.

Style 5: Pencil Bun for Money Heist fans

Our favourite by far because Rachel Murillo from ‘Money Heist’ is the poster child for this. In the series, she constantly uses her pencil to tie her hair up, and that has now become her signature style (how easy is that?). Also, it gives a ringside view of easy hair tutorial for the ambitious, no-nonsense women in business.

We found a few interesting tutorials that use a pencil to hold hair up in an unconventional yet effortless way. First up, Debasree, our favourite blogger who gave us a fun trick. Take a look and twist your hair, add in a pencil, and rule the world. Here’s one more, if you are dealing with slightly shorter hair. And for long hair, these DIY hairstyles are quite something.

Featured image by Priyanka Borkar Instagram. Hero image by Edith and June

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