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Washington Sundar, currently under the spotlight at the India-Australia test matches. Why? For getting under the skin of Aussie bowlers and having a solid 123-run partnership with Shardul Thakur. But off pitch, the man’s quite a trend-setter too. Being a young sportsman and a soon-to-become fashion icon like his fellow teammates, Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul, he already has a few key pointers we could learn from. Here are 8 rules of suave you can learn from Washington Sundar.

Lessons of suave every man must learn from Washington Sundar

Pick your sneakers smart.

Falling in love with a particular sneaker is one story, it’s another for it to work with every look. Washington strikes it right with a vibrant rainbow-hued pair of kicks that compliment his white pullover. Keeping it simple, yet true to the rules. Try matching your sneakers smart with torso-wear, always creates a great contrast.

When in doubt, go monochrome

We surfed through Sundar’s IG and one thing was prominent, the man loves his monochrome fits. We’ll it’s certainly a safe bet and whenever we’re in doubt, we simply throw on a black tee and jeans. Here, Sundar wear’s a Balencia black tee with a vertically stripped trousers creating a really interesting contrast to the eye. We’d drop a like on this.

Never underestimate the good ol’ tie-dye

Guess who jumped on the bandwagon? In 2020, one of the cooler style trends that emerged were these retro, domestic tie-dies. If you’re someone who’s unafraid of flaunting some colour and a vibrant flow of abstracts, you should certainly own a tie-dye tee. Incase you’re wondering how you can accomplish this at home, we have a guide to help you.

Tradition-wear can be fun too

As he spends some time at this motherland, Chennai, Sundar posted a cool picture of himself wearing a lungi and a cosmic purple tee. Which simply proves, that if we can go traditional, we can also have a bit of fun. We’d also like to style a lungi with abstract printed tees and t-shirts, mostly designs of Indian origin.

Going oversized?

One of the trends we’re thankful of right now, is oversized tees. It takes the worry off of having perfectly fitted tees and sharp cuts, this is so much more casual and cool. Washington Sundar was spotted sporting one recently and he looks cool as a cucumber. Also cool detail, his watch, a gold Rolex.

Well guys, man-scaping is important

It’s something we all think of, but well, never always end up doing. Manscaping is important, as much as we run away from it. Sundar, being a sportsman who takes care of his body, agrees. While you want 6-pack abs and great muscles, you also need to have a hygiene level to match that flair.

Velveteen winters FTW

Truly an understated fabric that we all desire but never really end up owning. This season, instead of a woolen, try a velvet cardigan or sweater. It brings an unmatchable level of suave with a feel. Washington Sundar agrees, as he poses for a selfie with his sister. We’d advice going for minimal designs for this fabric, too much detail could drown its sheen.

You need to always smell good, even while you’re working out

As our dedication to fitness grows stronger, so much our dedication to hygiene. One core rule which all elite sportsmen follow, including Washington Sundar, is wearing a good scent while working out. It doesn’t have to well, smell like you’re going on a date, just good enough to coat the sweat. Something alot of us men take for granted when we work out.

All images: Courtesy IG/washisundar555

Mikhail Gomes
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