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A step by step guide on how to have a healthy hair routine

We might have resisted our grandmother’s weekly hair massages, but as an adult, we know it’s essential for healthy hair. If you’re looking for lush, shampoo-ad like hair, here is everything you need to do and keep in mind. Building a healthy hair routine goes beyond the oil, wash and condition rituals. It’s about imbibing healthy lifestyle habits and correct hair choices. Our step-by-step guide is sure to tread you in the right direction.

Know your hair

Knowing and understanding your hair type is the first step in establishing a good hair routine. Start by a simple analysis of your hair to check the diameter (thickness of a single strand), density (amount of hair), oil content (dry or oily) and texture (straight, wavy or curly). Once you’ve established the type, picking products becomes easier. Here’s a Youtube tutorial by New York-based hairstylist, Brad Mondo to help you figure out the same.

Keep it clean

Keeping your hair clean is crucial when it comes to having a healthy hair routine. Irr

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espective of your hair type, a good ol shampoo is a must (unless you are on the No Poo bandwagon). However, it is important to use one that is suited to your scalp and hair needs. For dry hair pick a hydrating shampoo, for oily turn to a purifying one and for normal hair, any gentle shampoo should do the trick. The key to the process isn’t simply picking the right product but using it correctly. Never shampoo with hot water as it can drain out your natural moisture and essential oils from your hair. Also, focus on massaging and shampooing the scalp instead of the whole hair length. On average washing your hair three times a week is recommended.
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Give it nourishment

Often sold as a package, shampoos and conditioners are like gin and tonic with the latter enhancing the experience. The sole purpose of hair conditioners is to provide nourishment to the outer layer of the hair or the cuticles and they do so by adding shine and softness. Meanwhile, a hair mask penetrates deeper into the hair and nourishes the cortex and enhances the overall texture and strength of the hair. Both the products are equally crucial in enhancing your hair quality and is recommended for a healthy hair routine.
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Oil massage for your hair

It’s time to pay heed to your grandmother’s sage advice and include oiling into your haircare routine. However, proceed with a word of caution as oil left in for a long time can cause a reaction to sensitive skin so it should be done judiciously and with the right oil. A warm oil massage is extremely beneficial as it absorbs better and provides nutrients to hair follicles.
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Dry it with caution

Gently air dry your hair with a towel till it’s 70 percent dry before you proceed with a hair styling tool. Avoid applying force and opt for a micro-fibre towel. If you’re looking to style your hair, do so on medium heat and ideally with a tool that causes minimal hair damage. If heating tools are a part of your regular routine, opt for heat protectants before you use them.
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Comb it well

Combing or brushing your hair might not seem like a big deal but it contributes to significant hair damage. A wide-toothed comb and a boar bristle brush are advised for all hair types as they ensure proper combing without extra hair breakage.
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