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5 key grooming habits you need to develop in your 20s

For all men, the endless march of aging can be a cruel and truly exasperating one. Being pre-accustomed by traditional grooming habits that were carried forward through generations, we often forget that a modern lifestyle demands us to develop a personal grooming etiquette to tackle not just aging, but pollution and hygiene.

In our twenties, we can get away with a lot of pre-adulting shenanigans. But if we aren’t considerate enough, all those boozy-nights and pizzas-binges could take a toll on our health and skin. After the age of 20, the body’s production of collagen (essentially the scaffolding of your skin) declines at a rate of around 1.5 per cent every year, plunging us further onto a path of early again. For anyone willing to put in the work  here are the five key grooming habits to build in your 20s to ensure healthier skin in your thirties. Your face will thank you for it.

Developing a strict night-time skin regimen 

Most men maintain a baseline grooming routine that comes with a morning and a night-time routine and they both involve basic cleansing. It’s sustainable for a daily routine if you actually stay committed to it. But we often emphisize more on our morning routine and forget that night-time is the best time to rebuild and repair our skin. In order to develop a nighttime routine, we can start by dividing it into internal care and external care. For internal, take your vitamins, preferably Omega 369, Vitamin C, Zinc or D3. And for external, aside from a complete body scrub, focus on your face and use a facial cleanser for this so that we don’t sleep with oils and dirt on our face. Make it a point to wash off all hair product, so that it doesn’t stay in and harm your hair through your long hours of sleep. And of-course, dental care is mandatory.

Investing in a good trimmer 

Truth be told, we take our grooming tools for granted and it’s a true sin in the grooming books. If you don’t already have one, look out for trimmers with a rotatable axis, for better movement around corners. The Phillips Aqua Touch series would be a great place to begin with.

We’d suggest investing in a kit with different blade sizes so you can trim according to your preferred length. Braun comes with great trimming sets that’re perfect for beard care and its trimming. Most importantly, if you keep your grooming kit clean and well taken care of, it will take care of you.

Understanding your skin and what product it needs

We may be blindsided by the endless lines of creams and lotions for our skin, and neglect internal care. Before we indulge into products, we must first understand your skin type and its related issues. For oily skin, Tea Tree products work great, for its anti microbial properties. For dry skin, lotion-based moisturizers and shea butter certainly helps a lot. Pick the right ingredients for your skin, whether it’s oil-free moisturisers or water-based cleansers. This might seem like a general grooming tip, but developing this as a habit eliminates dry skin patches that could develop over time and leave marks.

Developing a relationship with your barber

Make it a point to visit the barbershop at least once in three to four weeks, depending on your hairstyle. And while doing so, make it a point to repeatedly visit the same barber. Our of all the grooming habits to build in your 20s, this one might seem rather odd. But in order to attain consistency between good haircuts, only your barber will know best. We tried out the American Crew Mastercut which helped my barber and I to develop a great understanding of my hair and what it needs outside of mainstream treatments. In the long term, your barber will know exactly what your hair needs and how you can expand on the hairstyling horizon.

Indulging in the right perfumes

Basic hygiene cannot be ignored at any cost. And why a perfume over a deodorant? Quality and more natural scents, that’s why. You don’t need to completely switch from deodorants to perfumes, but you should create a preference of EDP (Eau De Parfum) over EDT (Eau De Toilette). Reason why, is because EDPs are crafted from more natural and raw ingredients and last alot longer than EDTs, they might come with a higher price-tag, but its quality certainly matches up to it. This could be one of the more important grooming habits to build in your 20s that a lot of young men aren’t familiar with. Based on the EDT-EDP jargon, we’ve curated a list of summer scents you might want to consider.

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