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Let’s face it men, we can’t win them all, especially in the affairs of hairstyles and grooming. When it comes to the art of grooming, taking inspiration from men on billboards, cricket and movies works only if you’re blessed with the same facial features and hair type. Sadly, we are not all the same and texture of hair isn’t the same either – there needs to be a mandate on customising hair according to the individual. Taking a step back and reflecting on the plethora of hairstyles presented to us by pop-culture and current trends, these are five overdue but trending hairstyles that need to retire.

Dyed up-top and a prominent undercut divide
Dyed & Divided Undercut

This is a classic case of pop culture influences gone wrong. The hairstyling spectrum today is quite experimental and appreciates diversity, but unfortunately this particular silhouette seems to be edging towards the weird end of it. Strangely, this blends a bowl cut and an undercut and comes with splashes of colour. Since, the hairstyle is odd, people usually use brighter colours to dose down the weirdness of it. Unfortunately, a bad hairstyle is a bad hairstyle, no matter what. Instead of such a hard division between towards the side, try a fade or go mono-length, stick to classics.

The Ponytail or ‘Man-bun’
The Ponytail

The Ponytail and the ‘Man Bun’ were 2015’s biggest men’s hairstyle trends alongside the undercut. It was fun while it lasted before someone realized that its vitality and frivolous use had actually caused a major grooming epidemic. Usually someone who understands how lengthy hair is meant to be taken care of and of course, someone who has the right type of hair to pull it off. Rip that band-aid off now, you’ll thank us later.

Slicked-back or messy top with an shaved side
The Hard Shave (Aggressive Undercut)

We’d say artists like Macklemore began this major grooming stride. It isn’t clear as to why the hard shave would be a part of the Undercut family. The appeal of an undercut comes from the beauty of its fade and length variation, I’m not sure how that’s accomplished with no hair at all. A variation of this is having a slick back instead of a messy side fall, which is equally bad if not worse. Embrace the fade, trim it down to .5 on the length scale if you’re really into short hair.

The ‘All-In-One’ – Messy extended undercut and partial shave
The Mix-match

This was Zac Effron’s hairstyle from Baywatch which strangely turned into an icon a few years ago. If we deconstruct this, it’s simply a standard undercut with an extended Mohawk-like top and a dye. Quite similar to the first one on this list. Being a total mix up, the hairstyle looses its sense of character. We’d suggest going ditching the extended maw hawk part of this, you can still rock the dyed undercut.

Isn’t particularly a style, but more of a bad trait
The Messy Undercut

The messy undercut is a great haircut only and especially for those who have artistic jobs or are still in college. This is an absolute no-go for any corporate indulgence and it’s pretty clear why. The messy undercut was actually iconic in high fashion and runways. Across the world, models popularized this messy hairstyles which complimented their chiseled jawlines and long faces. Obviously, this isn’t a facial feature most men possess.

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Mikhail Gomes
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