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Cop these incredible foot peels for the softest feet this sandal season

Face masks may have reigned supreme as the ideal self-care product in the past, but foot peels are ready to take over. These slip-on, leave-on treatments are exactly what they sound like, powerful treatments designed to exfoliate the thick, calloused layers of skin on your feet. Not only will they make them soft and smooth, but you’ll also be able to witness the layers of dead skin slough off in the days after the peel. So, get ready for sandal season with these incredible options below.

These foot peels will give you the softest feet ever


Do foot peels genuinely work?

If you’ve never heard of foot peels, haven’t seen the results on TikTok or Instagram, or haven’t tried one yourself, let us explain. A foot peel is a baggie containing exfoliants (typically glycolic, alpha hydroxy, or lactic acids) that you put on your foot. After you’ve allowed it to absorb, you remove it, clean it, and…nothing happens. Initially.

Five to seven days after using a foot peel, the outer layer of your skin—usually the dead, desiccated layer that causes rough and dry patches—begins to peel away in satisfying sheets, revealing smoother, softer feet.

Are they safe?

They are completely safe, according to experts, unless your feet have any current wounds or sores. However, because of the potency of the acidic mixtures you’re working with, it’s also critical to strictly adhere to the directions. Do not apply them to other parts of your body or keep them on for longer than recommended.

Are they worth it?

The procedure is pretty gross, and it may take up to two weeks for all of the skin to peel away, so if you’re seeking something that will instantly transform your feet, this isn’t for you. However, after around 10 days, it helps in the removal of hard skin and leaves you with extremely soft soles.

A three-acid blend—glycolic, lactic, and salicylic—comes in its packet, which you squeeze into plastic socks. The footies tie up effortlessly, so you don’t risk leaking, and the outcome is dramatic after five to seven days, even on the toughest foot fissures.

Rs 1,099

This foot peel formula contains 35 botanical ingredients that will soften, soothe, and revitalise your feet. Without going to the spa, you can get rid of rough patches, calluses, and dry, cracked skin.

Rs 1,075

This OG foot peel combines glycolic and lactic acid to create a safe and effective treatment. Because it contains a veritable cornucopia of plant extracts, the exfoliating properties are intense but mild, with no stinging or odour.

Rs 2,729

Pour yourself a glass of wine and put on these foot masks for a night of complete self. Instead of exfoliating acids (no peeling here), the sheet masks hydrate and repair dry, rough skin with oat and shea butter.

Rs 260

These Sephora Collection foot masks are enriched with plant extracts. Their pretty, leakproof socks contain a gel that provides a full treatment shot in only 20 minutes! The nourishing, hydrating, and restorative masks are exactly what dry or fatigued feet require and provide an instant sense of relief. Cactus, which is recognised for its hydrating characteristics, is ideal for “waking up” tired feet!

Rs 420

Two cotton-lined foot peels come with a baby food-like bag containing glycolic, salicylic, lactic, and citric acids for a more elevated take on a sometimes unappealing procedure. Some reviewers commented about the peeling process’s duration—two weeks, at most—but that’s a good thing if you’re looking for deep softening.

Rs 1,528

Instead of scrubbing your feet with a pumice stone for days, use this foot wrap and relax. This formula of 33 plant extracts and AHAs will work its magic on your feet in an hour and a half, delivering soft, smooth skin.

Rs 764

This foot peel, which contains over 17 Botanical and Fruit Extracts in each pair of socks, simply smoothes feet while providing antibacterial action. You wear the socks for the specified amount of time, and the therapy encourages the peeling of dead skin for one week after application.

Rs 592

This foot mask is a convenient and instant pampering session for your feet. The disposable sock is infused with a rich blend of natural botanicals like shea butter, tea tree and peppermint oil which provides deep exfoliation, softened callus and relieves tired soles. In 20 minutes, you get clean, smooth and baby soft feet.

Rs 299

This special care mask from Innisfree makes your feet look healthy by moisturising and nourishing the skin. It keeps the skin of your feet soft and supple throughout the day. It also promotes even skin tone. This essential is a must-have in your skincare collection.

Rs 180

A special, intensive, and easy-to-use moisture mask features a sock-type design that envelopes the whole foot. The innovative rejuvenating formula guarantees deep and intensive regeneration and hydration of dry patches on feet and heels. The natural paraffin comes in hygienic packs and is ready for immediate use. Warm in the microwave or take it out from the cold beauty fridge to use. Infused with aloe vera, coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, this is a complete foot hydration therapy.

Rs 1,299

The foot mask from The Face Shop comes with shea butter, urea, collagen and peppermint oil that leaves your feet feeling smooth and with a pleasant odour in just a single use. It is paraben-free, natural, vegan, sulfate-free, dermatologically-tested, mineral oil-free and cruelty-free.

All Images: Courtesy Unsplash

Rs 300
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