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Best hair towels and wraps for healthy and smooth locks

It’s time to swap out a traditional towel for a hair towel in your routine. If you’re still using a bath towel to dry your body and locks, it’s time to start using some hair towels, often known as hair turbans or wraps. You might be wondering if you really need to add another step to our hair-care routine. Yes, at least if you want to keep your locks as healthy as possible. Read on to learn more and get your hands on our top picks.

Everything to know about hair towels and wraps


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Microfiber hair towels are one of the finest, most game-changing additions you can make to your haircare routine—especially if you have curly, damaged, or hair that is prone to frizz and flyaways. Regular bath towels include small nubs that rough up the cuticle of your locks as it dries, resulting in knots, flyaways, and less-than-healthy strands over time. Microfiber towels, on the other hand, absorb excess moisture to reduce drying time while also reducing friction.

The end result? Smoother hair and more defined curls, which will provide a better foundation for your styling routine, whether you’re air-drying, diffusing, or blowing it out.

Best hair towels for healthier, shinier hair

While these appear to be extremely similar, they all offer various functions for different hair needs. Some contain little loops for hands-free drying, while others are made of jersey cotton and are designed for colour-treated hair. Whatever your hair needs are, we guarantee there is one for every hair type. Continue reading to find the best picks for the healthiest hair you’ve ever had.

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Kitsch’s Eco-Friendly Hair Towel is a wet-hair game changer. These luxuriously soft and absorbent hair towels are consciously created from organic cotton and bamboo making them kind on the environment and gentle on your skin and hair. Made to suit frizzy, curly and straight hair of all lengths, this nifty towel is quick-drying and light on your neck. And don’t be fooled – this towel is not like any you’ve felt before (we know the feeling!), it’s irresistibly soft and gentle on both your skin and your hair.

Rs 1,619 (approx.)

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Dry curls and reduce frizz hands-free. The smooth, microfiber fabric is hypoallergenic, absorbent, and soft and enhances curls without roughing them up. Its roomy crescent shape is great for all curl types and securely fastens so you can do other things while your curls dry.

Rs 2,000 (approx.)

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This hair towel absorbs water much faster than an ordinary towel and treats every strand of your hair with extra care. The microfibers in the towel feels super soft on the hair cuticles and prevents split ends or hair breakage. It has a snug fit too, which means no more dripping water from wet hair onto your clothes. Say goodbye to your post shower blow-dry days and let the hair wrap work its magic.

Rs 499

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Their design teams developed this hair towel for swimmers and all other athletes who want to dry themselves effectively. Highly absorbent for effective drying. Are you looking for something specifically for your hair? The shape of this towel wraps around your hair and has a button to keep it in place on your head.

Rs 399

Ultra-soft and super-absorbent, the Coco & Eve Microfibre Towel Wrap is the hair essential you need. The absorbent, microfibre material dries the hair quickly and easily, straight out of the shower, reducing your blow dry time. This hair wrap differs from normal towels by combating frizz, friction, and fly-aways, and can also be used as a sleep-wrap to keep your hair in place overnight.

Rs 1,737 (approx.)

6 /8

This highly absorbent towel is made from luxurious, super-soft microfibre, that quickly absorbs moisture, speeds up drying time and helps to reduce static and breakage. Regular towels have rough fibres which can enhance friction but this super fine microfibre battles frizz and fly-always at the source, for a happy and healthy result. FYI, the elasticated edges and button closure offer a secure and comfortable fit, making it perfect for everyone.

Rs 875

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The best part about this hair towel is that it has a super-thick elastic band to keep the ends of the towel (and your hair) snugly in place, without falling off.

Rs 1,838 (approx.)

8 /8

Evolatree‘s microfibre is so soft that it may prevent breakage and split ends while also relaxing frizzy strands. How? Because it absorbs moisture rapidly after a shower, it requires less time drying your hair, exposing it to intense, potentially damaging heat.


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Rs 2,029 (approx.)
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