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7 of the top clinics in India to check out for laser hair removal treatment

We’re all a little furry, and while that’s perfectly OK and normal, some people aren’t particularly into that life. While some may gladly relish in what mother nature has given them, others would prefer if she weren’t so kind with some of her gifts, such as body hair. And so, we prefer laser hair reduction (or laser hair removal) technology, which can help us keep all that excess fuzz to a minimum. 

Here’s everything to know about laser hair removal

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to the social constructs that surround beauty choices, but one thing is certain: body hair is nothing to be ashamed of. Permanent beauty procedures, like laser, are an extremely personal choice and are not for everyone.

Sick of the expense of monthly waxes and feeling ready to finally check an item off your to-do list? Here’s everything you need to know before you decide that it’s time to take the plunge.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is one of the most efficient methods for removing unwanted body and facial hair. According to experts, it works by sending light at a specific wavelength that targets melanin, the pigment that colours hair, to a depth sufficient to act on the hair bulb. The desired result, hair removal, is resulted by thermal injury to the hair bulb caused by the energy in the light being absorbed by the pigment located there.

It is important to consult with a specialist prior to treatment to establish which wavelength will be utilised based on the patient’s skin colour and type. Skin can be burnt if skin colour and laser settings are not accurately accounted for (i.e. focused enough).

Don’t expect instant results

This isn’t a one-and-done deal, folks. If you’re looking to eliminate the hair in a certain part of your body, it’s going to take a few visits to the dermatologist (and there’s no guarantee that it’ll be gone forever, but more on that later). According to experts, it takes six to eight sessions to remove at least 90% of the hair in an area. The number of sessions required may also differ depending on the location being treated.

How much does it cost?

How much you’ll shell out for your treatments depends on what you’re getting lasered, where you’re getting lasered, and what types of tools the dermatologist is using.

Total and permanent hairlessness is not guaranteed

Nothing in life is certain, and laser hair removal is no exception. When the therapy was approved, a significant reduction in hair in the treated area was characterised as “permanent hair removal.” Not all treated hair is permanently removed. We’re mammals, as previously stated, and we grow hair! So you could notice some errant strands appear between sessions, or you might notice new growth after all of your sessions are completed. You could use a razor if it’s really bothering you.

“Because the laser only addresses the hair you have today, not the hair you will grow later, additional sessions throughout the years are helpful,” specialists say. “Also, hormonal changes, such as PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) or perimenopause, can often cause additional hair growth and should be controlled to keep the hair away.”

Here are some of the top laser hair removal clinics in India to consider.

Oliva Skin & Hair Clinic

Oliva is a medico-aesthetic clinic that focuses on leveraging ad­vances in medicine to make you look more beautiful and youthful. Oliva has created an ad­vanced facility that has qualified dermatologists and trichologists, skin and hair thera­pists, and advanced equipment that brings to you the best of what aesthetic medicine has to offer.

Kaya Skin Clinic


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Kaya’s expertise offers dermatologically approved and scientifically advanced solutions to enhance the healthy radiance of your skin and hair. Today, they cater to skin and hair care needs with a range of fully-equipped clinics & products across India and the Middle East. The services that one can redeem at Kaya Clinic include a range from personalised skincare consultations to unique customized solutions. Their team of expert dermatologists guides each customer on their journey of skin health.

Garekars MD Dermatology Clinic

At Garekars M.D. Dermatology Clinic, they believe in the age-old concept of a patient placing his full trust in the hands of the physician. Both the doctors are qualified with extensive experience in clinical as well as cosmetic dermatology. The staff at the Garekar clinic has been handpicked to aid in the smooth deliverance of the therapies and provide the patients with a warm and courteous atmosphere at the clinic.

Right from the time of inception, our skin clinic in Gurgaon has been equipped with only the state of the art technology like the ALMA Soprano PRO laser machine. This holds true to our notion that the skin clinic would adhere to strict quality guidelines from day one and no compromises would be made in patient care.

Dr Rashmi Shetty

Dr Rashmi Shetty is a celebrity dermatologist, industry pioneer, author and leading expert in aesthetic medicine. Regarded as one of the best dermatologists in India, she has over 20 years of experience in beautifying people of various ethnicities. Her aesthetic magic has been the silent reason behind the captivating beauty of several enigmatic personalities. She’s enhanced and perfected thousands of beautiful faces and alluring tresses and helped her clients discover the best of their natural beauty.

Dr Rashmi is most renowned for her sharp eye for facial aesthetics and par excellence injector skills and is at the forefront of surgical & non-surgical cosmetic medicine.

Clinic Dermatech

Clinic Dermatech, India’s first technology-based chain of cosmetic dermatology clinics are creating a paradigm shift in the industry with their range of innovative solutions. It was conceptualised with the intention of creating India’s first state-of-the-art skin clinics by introducing the world’s best aesthetic technology.

Musk Clinic


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A state of the art multispeciality skin & cosmetic clinic promising world-class treatments done by highly specialized professionals in environs that assure optimum care and comfort for each of their clients is what defines Musk Clinic, the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Ahmedabad.



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Dr Rohit Batra’s DermaWorld Skin Clinic is a world-class Dermatology clinic in Delhi that provides both laser and aesthetic skincare treatments. Dr Rohit Batra is one of the most reputed dermatologists in India and the most visited skin specialist in Delhi (West Delhi, Rajouri Garden), an expert in both clinical as well as cosmetic dermatology and uses the “Gold Standard” technology for every procedure and all skin types.

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7 of the top clinics in India to check out for laser hair removal treatment

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