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Grooming for the modern man requires a lot more care than we realise. We’re not talking fancy creams or high-performance shaving equipment, were talking simple fare that needs to be in every man’s grooming cabinet. Take a look at all the grooming tools you should be looking at, this year.

Using pre-shave oils are as important as aftershaves

When it comes to a good shaving routine, we think of three tools: Shaving cream, razors, and finally an aftershave balm (in that order). However, we tend to forget that our skin needs to be comforted not just after a shave but before one as well.

Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort Pre-shave Oil

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We’ve picked out a Truefitt & Hill pre-shave oil to serve this very purpose. In a nutshell, it contains ten essential natural oils to moisturise, heal, and condition a gent’s beard and skin, and prepare it for a shave. Moreover, it softens the beard if you’re using a trimmer.

Price: Rs 2,600

Available at Truefitt & Hill online.

Electric toothbrushes for professional hygiene

We have smartphones, smart TVs, and ample gadgets that come with a certain level of intelligence and self-sufficiency. It’s about time it expands to oral hygiene as well. Sure, the toothbrush can clean but if you’d like to get the extra edge in dental care, an electric toothbrush is always a great investment.

Oral-B Pro 2

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Top of our list when it comes to electric toothbrushes is the Oral-B Pro 2. Why this e-brush? It boasts of a slightly larger frame for 360-degree cleaning. Moreover, it comes with a minute marker and a pressure sensor to let you know if you’ve brushed enough and if you’re brushing right.

Price: Rs 4,199

Available at Electric Toothbrushes Online.

Using nasal hygiene tools

Nobody wants to be the guy with a few strands of hair poking out of their nose. It’s gross and an unforgivable men’s grooming sin. Most men ignore this aspect of hair trimming without realising how big an impact it makes.

Philips 1000 NT1150 Trimmer

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Here’s a trimmer that works for both your nose and ear. The Philips 1000 NT1150 Trimmer is quite particular about safety and ease-of-use. It doesn’t pull but simply snips. It also comes with a guard system and is completely washable.

Price: Rs 1,145

Available at TataCliQ.

Exfoliation for deeper cleansing

There’s no doubt that the urban gentleman needs a trustworthy skincare routine. We can’t rely on a simple fash wash anymore, which is why we highly advocate the dedication towards exfoliation and deep scrubbing. Go the extra mile and ensure that your skin looks its best.

Clinique Face Scrub Exfoliant Visage Charcoal Cleanser

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Why exfoliate? Simply because it not only rids your skin of oil and dirt but also dead-skin. It helps you repair and build your skin’s health, and even reduces hair ingrowths. We’d suggest using this right before a shave as it softens and nourishes your skin.

Price: Rs 2,700

Available at Clinique India’s online store and select outlets.

Using the right tools to shape your beard

Growing a beard comes with some serious commitment and dedication. It needs to be clean, healthy and groomed to perfection. To help you with the grooming and styling, we’ve picked out a comb and a shaper.

Beardo Boomerang Beard Comb

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This unique styling tool has two different edges that help in styling your beard neatly and giving it an accurate shape while trimming. You can now sport various beard styles at home using this brush that allows you to wax your beard the right way.

Price: Rs 399

Available at Nykaa.

Going beneath the surface with nose strips

It’s high-time men learn a few tricks from the women’s beauty manual. While men must take care of the nails with special mani-pedi’s for men, they must also use facemasks and nose strips. An oily and spotted nose is a serious men’s grooming irk and there’s only so much a face scrub can do. However, a good nose strip can always be trusted for deeper blackhead cleansing.

Sephora Nose Strips For Men & Women

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Use a nose strip once a week or between ten days. It’s a perfect anti-blackhead treatment that’s also great for unclogging your pores. It digs out dirt and oil that accumulates underneath. However, it’s important to use the nose strip procedure right for best results, so do read the instructions well before use. It’s an incredibly understated men’s grooming tool in this age.

Price: Rs 250

Available at Sephora.nnnow

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