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Glass nail files: A healthier option for your nails (plus, the best buys)

Tired of using traditional cardboard nail files that peel and get dull super fast? Introducing Glass Nail Files. They are not just fancier versions of the traditional ones; they are an upgrade. They are not only a more sustainable option, but they are also healthier for your nails due to their super-fine grit. Continue reading to learn more and get yours now.

Why you should opt for glass nail files?

A glass nail file is a gentler, more durable, and way prettier option for filing your nails. Glass nail files, unlike foam and paper nail files that dull after just one or two uses, remain sharp forever. That means you can shape, file, and mend your nails multiple times. They’re also very simple to clean (just disinfect with soap and water after each use.) They are extremely gentle on fragile nails. They keep your manicure immaculate for weeks by preventing chipping, breaking, and cracking.

So, if your nails are in need of an upgrade, keep reading for all you need to know about this sustainable nail file, as well as the best ones to try right now.

What is a glass nail file?

Glass/crystal nail files aren’t pieces of glass that stab and cut your fingers when you file. They’re chemically treated and tempered glass, which means the entire piece is heated up until it’s sturdy and smooth, so it feels like a dense piece of plastic in your hands rather than a delicate strip of glass.

How are they better than the traditional nail files?

If you’ve ever used an emery or paper nail file, you know how harsh they can be on your nails. The super-gritty texture of the cardboard or plastic can shred, rip, and tear the edges of your nails, even though they appear smooth, leaving them vulnerable to flaking and cracks later on.

While glass files still include grit, they are far softer than emery boards since they are firm yet smooth rather than rough and brittle. The grit of glass files has been precisely sanded down, allowing you to produce a clean, smooth, “sealed” edge on your nails rather than a jagged, ripped edge, resulting in less peeling and chipping for your manicure.

Whether you use emery or a glass file is entirely up to you and your nail preferences. Glass nail files, on the other hand, are the way to go if you’re concerned about your nail health, and want your manicure to last longer, or want a more sustainable option. The only catch? It may take some time to get used to the sound which has been described by others as “similar to nails on a chalkboard.”

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