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Grooming guide: What’s a beard neckline? Why does it matter? How do I trim it?

This puts the ‘grooming’ in beard grooming. Your beard neckline. The fine line that separates discerning gents from cavemen. Here’s how to trim your beard neckline the right way.

When it comes to the beard department, we’ve always thought about three fundamentals: Trimming, hygiene, and styling. For the common folk, this pretty much does the trick. But there’s one important page in this grooming manual that we’re skipping over. We’re talking about the beard neckline. If you’re wondering what it is, this is the line that separates pristine barber etiquettes from sloppy, at-home craftsmanship. Today, we’re going to talk about this neglected affair and tell you what’s the fix here. Here’s our guide on how to keep it trimmed without the help of your barber.

Grooming guide: How to trim your beard neckline at home

beard neckline

Before we begin, let’s understand what it is and why it matters. The ‘neckbeard’ can be pretty messy if it isn’t regularly attended to. It’s usually around this area where the density of hair becomes sporadic, often making it look ungroomed. Just like how it’s important to maintain a clean and clear cut beard line on your cheeks, it’s equally important to do this on your neck.

Now that you have an understanding of the issue at hand, let’s talk about the fix. Your first step is to identify this line and where it’s supposed to be. You can’t be going too high and neither can you go too low. Going higher makes it look like you’ve just arrived from MTV’s Jersey Shore and too low, doesn’t really make any progress.

beard neckline

The easiest way to find the correct place for this line is this – With your index and middle finger together, place this just above the bulge of your Adam’s apple. If you need a pencil to make a mark there, go ahead, or you could use a trimmer. But it’s important to remember where this line is. Once this is done, you need to move sideways, perpendicular to your jaw. This will usually be at a slight angle and never perfectly square. There you have it. That’s your beard line, everything above it needs to be groomed and everything below needs to go.

To complement this better, we’d also suggest you trim your cheek beard-line. This too requires some geometrical guidance so here it is. First, place your finger behind your ears, you’ll notice a slight bony bulge. From there, you imagine a straight line to the corner of your lips. That’s the line. Same rule, everything above needs to go, everything below needs to be groomed. The best tools to use here are shaving blades or trimmers. Doing this with a razor can be tricky. This is the easiest way of accomplishing beard grooming and upkeep without a professional barber. More so, it makes your shrub look better shaped, denser and simply better kept. The fourth rule of beard grooming.

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