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Interview: Ishwak Singh’s basics and essentials of grooming and style

We caught up with actor Ishwak Singh talking about the ABCs of his personal grooming, style, and post-pandemic life.

“I’m gonna start with today, right now, I’ve had a long day. Ever since we’ve gotten back to work, there’s so much going on as we’re shooting pretty much every single day. I’ve also been training and travelling a lot. I could say I’m a bit drained, but now, I’m getting my energy back as I’m talking to you”, Ishwak said, giving us a quick life update.

Ishwak Singh on grooming, personal style, and life post-lockdown

Lockdown or not, while grooming and style will always remain life’s constants, we also spoke about H&M’s new festive-special, Brighter Than Ever campaign which emphasizes ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’, which kept us going through the last few dire months. Hence, it was only fitting that we ask Ishwak Singh about life during the pandemic and what kept him grounded during this time.

He tells us, “I’ll have to say it definitely worked. Also, during this lockdown, I got to go back to a lot of things I did as a kid. I got back to playing sports, fitness, you know. However, when it started getting difficult during these months, I think what saved me, was my work and I pretty much emerged myself in it. I was fortunate that I had something to hold on to and work on while working with my team. So, I didn’t quite feel left out or left alone, I had some sense of normalcy. I think that’s what helped me stay grounded.”

Ishwak Singh

In your opinion, what’s the most underrated garment in a man’s wardrobe today?

I recently gave this some thought you know, and I have to say, it’s a humble pair of jeans. During my school days, engineering, while doing street theatre, going for boardroom meetings, wherever you go, the one thing in common, is always a pair of blue jeans. Can’t get any more versatile than that

Any fashion trends that caught your eye off late?

I think something classic and simple, I can’t get enough of black and white. While so, I’m all for the quirky and cool trends as I’m also constantly experimenting and switching up my wardrobe but I can’t really zone into a specific area of interest right now.

Where do you think Indian men goof up the most when it comes to fashion?

I think they try a little too hard to get it right, does that make sense? I’ve seen so many Indian men try to make a fashion statement because someone else did. I always believed that one should find the clothes that suit themselves. At the end of the day, it does down to comfort and functionality, upon which comes aesthetics. That’s the advice I give myself, I want to find my own aesthetic, comfort zone with my clothing, and what works for me.

Ishwak Singh

When travelling for work, what’s usually in your grooming pouch?

Well, it’s actually very basic. I got this advice to literally just wash your face through the day to keep yourself looking fresh. In terms of my pouch, I don’t have any fancy products, it’s just a moisturizer, sunscreen, and yeah. Just the essentials, they do the trick.

You’ve managed to ace the clean-shaven as well as the bearded look, what’s the secret?

I used to have a beard for a very long time but for the past four years, I’ve been clean-shaven, because of well, work. That’s what my character is, clean-shaven. Back in the day, I was just focusing on keeping my face and beard clean, your hygiene habits really do matter. But the one thing I’d highly recommend is using beard oil. There are a few really cool beard oils guys should use, it works the same way you apply oil in your head for good nourishment. It works like a miracle, truly.

Ishwak Singh

As a celebrity, how did your grooming change/evolve?

I guess at some point if you want it to, paying attention to your grooming just becomes a part of your life. You know, while working around professionals and stylists, I actually made a conscious effort to learn and get an understanding of personal grooming and styling. I think at this point, I’ve collected an arsenal of information on how to stay well-groomed. It’s just little details and tricks you pick up and learn along the way that I take back home and practice myself. I even cut my hair during the lockdown.

Ishwak Singh

What’s the one role you’ve always wanted to play as an actor?

All I can say is that I really wanna play a superhero. That might just happen. Playing the role of a superhero has literally been a childhood dream, that’s actually been the reason I got into acting.

What’s on your bucket list for 2022?

So many things I want to do, I want to get back to the sports I play, martial arts and essentially pick up on fitness again. It’s actually something I’m going to be a bit more particular about because you know how shoot schedules work. Sometimes it’s too late, too early, or just on odd days, and I don’t want to compromise on fitness. And I don’t mean just throwing some weights around at the gym but also getting a trainer and a concrete routine. Also, I’m a big foodie, I really want to get out there and try out something exotic.

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